Fort Salma

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Fort Salma

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Fort Salma map.jpg
Map of Fort Salma

Fort Salma locator.svg
Location within Kessex Hills

Kessex Hills
Connects to
Greyhoof Meadows (E)
Queensdale (NE)
Halacon Cataracts (S)

Fort Salma.jpg
Fort Salma

Named after Queen Salma, Fort Salma is the southernmost fort of Kryta, placed within Kessex Hills. It is constantly attacked by the Harathi centaurs, preventing them from pushing into Queensdale and threatening Claypool. After the Tower of Nightmares was built and Viathan Lake became toxic, a group of quaggans sought refuge here. It was subsequently destroyed in an attack by the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Fort Salma Waypoint —
Vista.png Fort Salma Vista —





Weaponsmith (map icon).png Reld
Merchant (map icon).png Tristana


Ambient creature


Historical ambient dialogue[edit]

Seraph Soldier (1): The roof leaks over my cot.
Seraph Soldier (2): Saves you time washing in the morning.
Toosioo: Are you feeling better? Quaggan was so worried.
Keekeesh: Better, yes, but not all goood. Quaggan's head is aching.
Toosioo: Booooo...
Keekeesh: Quaggan wants to go home.
Toosioo: But the lake, it's ruined. Quaggans may never be able to go home.
Keekeesh: (sigh) Why does live have to be so hard?
Lyasa: ♪Chickens peck, and chickens munch,♪
Lyasa: ♪Chickens cluck, and chickens crunch,♪
Lyasa: ♪Chickens flap, and chickens croon,♪
Lyasa: ♪Chickens on the table soon.♪
Nellie: I found the most interesting rock, today. You should come see it.
Caden: A rock. Right. No thanks.
Nellie: No, really! It's all silvery on the outside, and the center's a swirling purple.
Caden: Nellie, I wouldn't go over there for the most impressive rock in the world. Not after last time.
Nellie: Drat!

Historical NPCs[edit]


Historical services[edit]

Armorsmith (map icon).png Milly
Merchant (map icon).png Plingg
Repairs (map icon).png Klemp
Scout (map icon).png Seraph Soldier Buck


Above where a well has fallen into the collapsed ground, there is a circle of water now floating inside a tree.
  • Prior to Living World Season 2 the fort was completely accessible from both sides. After its destruction, the waypoint, merchants, and nearby vista were moved outside of the actual fort, and both of its previous entrances were closed. The fort can now be entered by traversing through the decimated ruins, or by ascending the fort's walls on a mount.