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The annual Dragon Bash festival returns to Hoelbrak. Enjoy the terrifying dragon holograms, spectacular fireworks, and smorgasbord of dragon bashing activities (awful dragons only)

Official description.

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Dragon Bash is a summer festival celebrating resistance against (and victories over!) the Elder Dragons. Filled with fun games and activities to remind us of that which we fight for, one can compete for a variety of prizes, from delicious candy to holographic equipment. To enjoy this festival, be sure to pick up your Invitation to Dragon Bash.pngInvitation to Dragon Bash which will teleport you straight to the celebrations in Hoelbrak!

Originally celebrated in Lion's Arch and sponsored by the Captain's Council after the victory over Zhaitan, in 2019 it moved to the norn city Hoelbrak.



Current activities[edit]

Activity Description Possible rewards
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Piñatas Dragon Piñatas are found all around Hoelbrak and in smaller number in other cities. They grant 4-6 Piece of Zhaitaffy upon first 35 interactions, and after that only 1 per piñata. Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPiece of Zhaitaffy
Event star (tango icon).png Moa Racing An event where you can place bets on racing moas near Waypoint (map icon).png Legends Waypoint. The event restarts 5 minutes after the end of the previous round. Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPiece of Zhaitaffy
Dragon Bash Hologram Projector.png Hologram Stampede An event where you need to beat holographic minions in the zones around Hoelbrak. The event starts every 15 minutes and you can find the timer on this page. Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPiece of Zhaitaffy
Dragon Coffer.pngDragon Coffer
Dragon Bash.pngDungeon (map icon).png Dragon Arena A festive instance where you need to beat as many holographic minions, with a champion after every round, as fast as possible. Available either as public Dragon Bash Arena or private Dragon Arena Survival.
Speak to Halstein near near Waypoint (map icon).png Hero's Compass Waypoint to enter the public instance or enter the nearby portal for private instance.
Dragon Coffer.pngDragon Coffer
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial: Dragon Bash Rally A race adventure where you need to race through all the checkpoints as quickly as possible.
Talk to the Time Trial NPC right next to the Waypoint (map icon).png Trade Commons Waypoint to start it.
Adventure reward gold.pngDragon Racer: Gold
Adventure reward silver.pngDragon Racer: Silver
Adventure reward bronze.pngDragon Racer: Bronze
Event dialogue (map icon).png Dragon Bash Rally An event version of the race. Players without a mount can rent either the Raptor from Festival Mount Rental or the Roller Beetle from Roller Beetle Rental for 10 Silver coin. Dragon Coffer.pngDragon Coffer
Adventure (map icon).png Piñata Bashing An adventure where you need to destroy as many piñatas as possible during a time limit.
Talk to the Piñata Bashing NPC near Waypoint (map icon).png Upper Balcony Waypoint to start it.
Adventure reward gold.pngPiñata Bashing: Gold
Adventure reward silver.pngPiñata Bashing: Silver
Adventure reward bronze.pngPiñata Bashing: Bronze

Historical activities (2013)[edit]

  • In the original run, the Dragon Ball Arena was available. It has been reintroduced in Lunar New Year in 2015.
  • Dragon Effigies were available as well, granting boons upon interaction. Since 2019, few effigies can be found in Hoelbrak.
  • A firework finale to conclude the festivities.

Event schedule[edit]

The following schedule is for the Hologram Stampede activity.

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC



Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Weekly)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Weapons)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Prizes)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Potions)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Candy)
Dragon Bash.png Sparking Stone

Rewards and items[edit]

For list of all Dragon Bash rewards and items, see: Dragon Bash/items

NPCs and Dialogue[edit]

For list of Dragon Bash NPCs, events, dialogue and similar stuff: Dragon Bash/Festival content




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Dragon Bash
Track Title Length Composer Download
1 Bash The Dragon 2:24 Matthew Moore SoundCloud
2 Dragon Bash March 2:37 Matthew Moore SoundCloud
3 Bash The Dragon Instrumental 2:45 SoundCloud
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