Dragon Bash

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Dragon Bash banner.jpg

Dragon Bash is a summer festival.



Dragon Bash Availability
Hologram Projectors Dragon Ball Dragon Effigies Dragon Pinatas Moa Racing Firework Finale Hologram Stampede Dragon Arena Time Trial: Dragon Bash Rally Dragon Bash Rally Pinata Bashing
2013 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No
2019 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes


Dragon Bash
Track Title Length Composer Download
1 Bash The Dragon 2:24 Matthew Moore SoundCloud
2 Dragon Bash March 2:37 Matthew Moore SoundCloud
3 Bash The Dragon Instrumental 2:45 SoundCloud
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