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Taimi's Machine

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Taimi's Machine is a machine created by Taimi utilizing critical parts of Omadd's Machine. The machine was designed to access The All to manipulate the energies of the Elder Dragons, to quickly destroy them without need of armies. Its first purpose, specifically, was to collide Primordus' and Jormag's energies against each other. However, before small-scaled testing with simple dragon minions could occur, Balthazar, under guise as Lazarus, had appeared and stole the machine. He then took the machine to the caldera of Titan's Throat, where Primordus had recently taken up residence, and joined with the machine to manipulate the flow of dragon magic.

In conflict between Balthazar and the Pact Commander, the machine was overloaded, reducing Primordus' energy levels to a pre-awakening state, supposedly doing the same to Jormag, and seemingly destroying Balthazar in the process.

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