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This article is about lore regarding Golemancers. For the rune see Rune of the Golemancer.

Zojja is one of the greatest living golemancers of her age.

A golemancer is a specialist in golemancy; that is, the building, design, maintenance, and usage of golems. Golemancy is an exclusively asuran endeavor, and is represented among alumni of all three colleges.

List of notable golemancers[edit]

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Sought in the battle against the Great Destroyer for his knowledge of mystic energies. Gadd's golems have functioned for centuries without maintenance. He also built a containment field capable of restraining Elder Dragon minions.
Created a mobile spellworking platform for use against the Destroyers. Perfected the technique of necromantic golemancy, but guarded her secrets too well.
Apprentice of Oola and founder of Rata Novus and Rata Arcanum. As an asura with an entrepreneurial spirit, Zinn manufactured many golems for all sorts of clients, with little regard for their intended use; until one day when three of his golem creations turned on him. While being forced to augment these sinister creations against his will, Zinn also managed to develop his assistant M.O.X. to aid in his escape from their underground prison. He also conducted soul research, and attempted to build a golem that could protect against the mursaat's spectral agony (somehow incorporating the energies of a Seer) during the Krytan Civil War. Other innovations include the world's first dual-core golem.
Apprentice of Oola. Made great strides with necromantic golems, but is best known for the Golem's Eye.
Was only young when he assisted with the G.O.L.E.M. project, but later went on to be one of the greatest names in golemantic history.
His work with asura gates gave him expertise in handling etheric couplings.
A pioneer in the field of mind/golem interface. All his greatest inventions pushed that envelope. He believed a strong mind could make a strong golem even more effective. Before him, it was all joysticks and directional pads. Now piloting is as easy as thinking.
Apprentice of Snaff. Designed the MEGA-LIT cannon used to kill Zhaitan.