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Arcane Council

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Arcane Council

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The Arcane Council (Asuran: Asuran alphabet A.pngAsuran alphabet R.pngAsuran alphabet C.pngAsuran alphabet A.pngAsuran alphabet N.pngAsuran alphabet E.pngAsuran alphabet C.pngAsuran alphabet O.pngAsuran alphabet U.pngAsuran alphabet N.pngAsuran alphabet C.pngAsuran alphabet I.pngAsuran alphabet L.png) is the main governing body for the asura. They reside within the Council Level of Rata Sum where they hold their meetings, and are currently lead by High Councillor Flax. Members that are inducted into the council include prestigious inventors, well-known diplomats, and the deans of each of the three asuran colleges. They regulate the laws and racial projects of the asura, though their influence doesn't stretch much further than Soren Draa.

Induction into the Arcane Council is generally avoided by potential candidates―personal preference is given to working on their own inventions, than to assist in bureaucratic matters. This can sometimes lead to potential candidates tricking others into joining the Arcane Council in their place, as well as member of the Arcane Council trying to replace themselves. On top of this, the Arcane Council seems to have a regular dosage of espionage amongst its members, such as when Councillor Haia attempted to kill off the rest of the Arcane Council.

The Arcane Council openly accepts the Inquest and their invention, even having a member of the Inquest on the Arcane Council. The Inquest is used to regulate undesired but needed projects so that members of the Arcane Council can busy themselves with their own projects. The Arcane Council also protects the Inquest against claims (truthful or not) of the Inquest stealing other krewes' works. However, openly at least, the Arcane Council will use other krewes and inventions if they are more cost effective or equally productive than the Inquest's own versions.

The Arcane Council utilize the Peacemakers as their open police, but also have a secret service organization that works directly under them known as the Arcane Eye.

Getting there[edit]

Access to the instance is in the center of Creator's Commons.


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