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Detective Rama

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Detective Rama is a bladesworn who has a mentee-mentor relationship with Minister Li in the Ministry of Security.[1] As a Kurzick descendant he comes from humble beginnings and wants the best for Cantha, but his unorthodox methods and snarky attitude often make him butt heads with authorities.


Early years[edit]

Rama spent his youth in the dilapidated streets of Grub Lane with his father and grandmother, growing up alongside Cho Min. While he and Min remain close, his relationship with his father appears estranged, with Rama describing him as being "a bit much" and preferring to avoid him. He shared a better relation with his grandmother who would often tell him stories about their ancestral roots as the Kurzick zu Heltzers, although he dismissed them as tall tales.

He later joined the Ministry of Security and found a mentor in Minister Li, who recognized his merits despite his sordid background. During his training, he also became acquainted with Technician Mogi, whom he continues to have skirmishes with today.

End of Dragons[edit]

Act I[edit]

Old Friends[edit]

After the Pact Commander crashed with Mai Trin's aetherblade fleet into Seitung Province, Detective Rama discovered the Commander's unconscious body washed up on a beach. With Gorrik in tow, the Commander was brought to Seitung Prison to be nursed back to health.

Once the Commander regained consciousness in prison, Rama freed them and Gorrik from custody after their release had been negotiated by Tyrian ambassadors. The detective claimed that the Commander washing up on the shore had left him with a "crap-ton of paperwork", which he was disgruntled about.

The two outsiders were made to sign release forms and their equipment was returned to them before Rama informed them that they were in Cantha, and that the Krytan ambassador was waiting for them in the prison courtyard. As the prisoners were being escorted, Gorrik expressed curiosity at the sight of a jade security mech, and Rama admitted that he himself struggled to keep up with all of the new technology that modern Cantha produces.

In the prison courtyard, Rama was approached by Minister Li after their conversation with the Commander. The Minister enquired about Rama's assigned investigation into the aetherblade terrorists on the island, to which the detective informed him that he had been forced to neglect the case to handle their "guest of honor". Rama assured the Minister that he would refocus on the case as soon as his current responsibilities were concluded.


Before the Commander and Gorrik could be fully released from custody, they needed to have medical forms signed by Rama once they had proved that they were physically healthy enough to survive on their own. At the monastery training grounds, Rama oversaw the completion of a series of training exercises to be undertaken by the outsiders.

The detective was pleased once the Commander and Gorrik passed their training; expressing relief that he was finally free to continue his investigation into the aetherblade terrorists. The Commander informed him that they also shared an interest in stopping the aetherblades, and attempted to solicit the detective to share any information that he had gathered. Rama denied the request, bluntly announcing that he was not authorised to share classified documents, and that if the Commander desired access to them, they would require approval from a much higher jurisdiction than himself.

Your Kind of People[edit]

Once the Commander had obtained authorization from Empress Ihn to investigate the aetherblades, Detective Rama interrupted the communications call between the Dragon's Watch members to inform them that they had permission to access whatever information they needed at his MinSec office. When the guild members expressed surprise at the detective having access to what they thought was a secure call, he informed them that their primitive communications frequency was open and unprotected in Cantha.

The classified information obtained from browsing the files in Rama's office proved to be crucial to the Commander's efforts in finding the Zen Daijun aetherblade hideout and apprehending Mai Trin, as it detailed identifying symbols that the aetherblades use to mark their hideout locations.

Act II[edit]

The Scenic Route[edit]

Detective Rama provided further aid to the Commander by assisting them through the turmoil of Cantha's bureaucratic system. In order to travel to New Kaineng and continue their pursuit of the aetherblades, the Commander was forced to apply for and wait for approval on transit papers to avoid further upsetting the Canthan government.

Presented with an indeterminate document processing time, the Commander decided to contact Detective Rama on their communicator and ask if there was anything they could do to assist around Shing Jea while they waited. Rama was taken aback by their offer, and expressed appreciation for their assistance.

While the Commander helped around the island, Rama used his social connections within the Ministry of Transport in order to expedite the paperwork process; allowing the Commander to quickly resume their journey to New Kaineng.

Act III[edit]

Act IV[edit]

Act V[edit]

Story involvement[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Swift Cut Swift Cut - Chain. Slash your foe.
    • Redirect Arrow.png Steel Divide Steel Divide - Chain. Strike your foe again.
      • Redirect Arrow.png Explosive Thrust Explosive Thrust - Chain. Hit your foe with a final, brutal stab, and fire a shot that causes a secondary explosion.
  • Cyclone Trigger Cyclone Trigger - Spin and block enemy projectiles. Strikes all foes in melee range, then fires shots at foes out of melee range.
  • Break Step Break Step - Lunge forward with explosive force, damaging enemies at your starting position.
  • Dragon Slash—Force Dragon Slash—Force - Burst. Slash foes in front of you, ending Dragon Trigger. This attack consumes all charges to deal more damage.
  • Dragon Slash—Reach Dragon Slash—Reach - Burst. Slash to create a blade of air that strikes foes in a line in front of you, ending Dragon Trigger. This attack consumes all charges to deal more damage.


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