The Grove

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The Grove

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The Grove map.jpg
Map of The Grove

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Loading screen

Pale Tree.jpg
The Pale Tree

Sylvari awaken in the Grove and consider it their home. The Pale Tree stands at its heart. Also known as the Mother Tree, she gives love and wise guidance to her sprouts.

— In-game description

The Grove is the sylvari capital located within the Tarnished Coast. It is situated at the base of the massive Pale Tree and is formed from her network of roots and branches.


Hundreds of years ago, the Grove was the site of a human village, amongst whom was a Shining Blade member by the name of Ronan. Ronan, a soldier and a warrior, went out to war, and in his travels came across a cavern full of seeds the size of a man's fist. With one of those seeds stowed away, Ronan arrived back home, only to find that the villagers, including his daughter and the rest of his kin, had been massacred by mursaat. In grief, Ronan made a vow of non-violence and planted that seed upon the graves of his family. It was this seed, tended by Ronan and the centaur Ventari in a small sanctuary until their passing, that would later become the Pale Tree that anchors the Grove today.


Area Area objectives
Caledon Path
Waypoint (tango icon).png Caledon Waypoint
Constellation Shelter
Point of interest.png Starbower Nursery
Dreamer's Terrace (home instance)
Point of interest.png The House of Riannoc
Envoy's Terrace
Garden of Dawn
Point of interest.png The House of Aife
Vista.png 1 Vista
Garden of Dusk
Point of interest.png The House of Kahedins
Vista.png 1 Vista
Garden of Night
Point of interest.png The House of Caithe (instance)
Point of interest.png The House of Malomedies
Garden of Noon
Point of interest.png The House of Niamh
Great Helix
Maker's Terrace
Point of interest.png The Maker's Path
Marshaling Field
Point of interest.png Warden's Watchgate
Vista.png 1 Vista
Asura gate (map icon).png Lion's Arch
Necrolith Bay
Vista.png 1 Vista
Nightshade Garden
Omphalos Chamber (instance)
Point of interest.png Ventari's Tablet
Point of interest.png The Soul of the Pale Tree
Order's Terrace
Point of interest.png Durmand Posting
Point of interest.png Gardenroot Tunnel
Point of interest.png The Hidden Shelter
Privet Gardens
Reckoner's Terrace
Waypoint (tango icon).png Reckoner's Waypoint
Ronan's Bower
Waypoint (tango icon).png Ronan's Waypoint
Vista.png 1 Vista
Scholar's Terrace
Point of interest.png Backroot Tunnel
Point of interest.png The Centaur's Path
Point of interest.png Vigil Shelter
Seawatcher's Ledge
Tender's Terrace
The Quester's Terrace
Point of interest.png The Envoy's Shelter
Vista.png 1 Vista
The Sea Rider's Gate
The Song Bower
Upper Commons
Waypoint (tango icon).png Upper Commons Waypoint
Point of interest.png Pale Tree's Circle

Interactive map[edit]


Juvenile Fern Hound
Juvenile Pink Moa


Concept arts


  • Although mechanically counting for the Maguuma Explorer, in lore it is part of the Tarnished Coast.


  • The Grove shares many parallels to Ventari's Refuge in that it was founded on values of peace and mercy, and that it is also the location of a gargantuan tree.

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