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The Only One

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The Only One

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
The Only One
The Jade Whirl
(Dragon's End)
Harvest Complex
(Dragon's End)
Preceded by
Extraction Point
Followed by
The Cycle, Reborn

The Only One loading screen.png

Loading screen.

The Only One is the fourteenth chapter of the End of Dragons story.


Purge the Void.
  • Regroup with your allies near the Harvest Temple.
  • Head to the main extractor.
  • Drain Soo-Won.
  • (Defeat the Void minions.)
  • Void
    Event bar empty green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Form a plan.
  • Defend Joon and Taimi.
  • Test out your power.
  • Check on Kuunavang.
Defeat the Dragonvoid.
  • Save Gorrik and Rama.
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Jormag
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Save Canach and Sayida.
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Primordus
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Save Ayumi and Ivan.
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Kralkatorrik
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Save Marjory and Kasmeer.
  • Revive Kasmeer.
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Mordremoth
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Save Caithe and Logan.
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Zhaitan
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Finish this!
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of Soo-Won
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Absorb the Dragonvoid champions
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Cleanse the Heart of the Dragonvoid
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Purify the Dragonvoid.
Bring the Dragon Cycle to an end.
  • Assess the situation.
  • Check in with your allies.
  • Go to Soo-Won.
  • Say good-bye to Soo-Won.


Replaying the story chapter
As any End of Dragons elite specialization


The first half of this mission comprises a stand against impossible odds whilst Taimi and Joon fix the first Extractor. If you hold out for three minutes without being downed, you will earn the A Real Hero achievement. There's no requirement to win this fight.

When you inevitably die, Aurene revives you (plus your allies), and imbues you with her power. You now have five long range dodges, incredibly high personal stats, plus the special action key jump skill. Your allies dissipate through Kasmeer's portals to setup other Extractors. Defeat void creatures and then use your special action key when directed to move to the next platform.

At each platform, focus on killing the champions whilst ignoring the void dragon minions. After each set of champions is dead, use the Extractor to deliver a powerful blow, and then destroy the heart of the various dragons. Dodge the telegraphed attacks from the defeated dragons. Repeat for each platform. At Kasmeer's platform, revive her with a pulse from the special action key.

Reaching the final platform awards the Rapid Ascent and Undeterred achievements (climbed within 14 minutes, and without dying respectively).

At the last platform, there are multiple champions to clear from the platform. Take care not to be downed as this will cause you to lose eligibility for the Cancel the Apocalypse and Unconquered achievements (complete the fight within 5 minutes, and without dying respectively). Defeat the Heart of the Dragonvoid when it appears. A cinematic ensues following its defeat, with further dialogue from your allies.

Completing the instance awards the The Only One achievement.


This achievement rewards items. The Only One End of Dragons: Act 5 End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Have a climactic battle.Journal: The Only One Completed
Reward: Stash of Crimson Skull Coins.pngStash of Crimson Skull Coins
The Only One Completed 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
A Real Hero End of Dragons: Act 5 1Achievement points
Stand strong against the waves of Void. Stood against the Waves of Void for as Long as Possible 1Achievement points
Rapid Ascent End of Dragons: Act 5 1Achievement points
Reached the top of the tower in the allotted time. Reached the Top of the Tower in the Allotted Time 1Achievement points
  • Climb the platforms to the final battle in 14 minutes.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Rapid Ascent effect.
Undeterred End of Dragons: Act 5 1Achievement points
Reach the final phase without being downed. Reached the Top of the Temple without Being Downed 1Achievement points
Cancel the Apocalypse End of Dragons: Act 5 1Achievement points
Complete your final stand in the allotted time. Took out the Dragonvoid in the Allotted Time 1Achievement points
Unconquered End of Dragons: Act 5 1Achievement points
Make your final stand without being downed. Defeated the Dragonvoid without Being Downed 1Achievement points
  • Complete the final battle against the Void without being downed.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Unconquered effect.



Elder Dragons


Void (Branded)
Void (Destroyers)
Void (Icebrood)
Void (Mordrem)
Void (Risen)


Upon instance entry
Caithe: We've subdued the Void inside Soo-Won. She's regained control of herself—for now.
Navan: She'll be in her sanctuary. It's where she feels safe.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: How're we going to draw her in range of the extractors?
Aurene: Leave that to me. I'll meet you there with Soo-Won.
<Character name>: Let's move into position.
Approaching the main extractor
<Character name>: Everything ready?
Taimi: Extractors are primed. These ley-energy readings... They're...they're impossible!
Joon: Science is the art of finding possibility in the impossible. This will work.
Aurene: Are you ready?
Soo-Won: I am.
Navan: There's truly no other way?
Soo-Won: You know the answer to that question. Please, don't cry for me, old friend.
Taimi: It's time then.
Soo-Won: Let it begin, little one.
Using the main extractor
Taimi: Alchemy! It's working!
Joon: Of course it is.
Taimi: Wait, something strange is happening... Power fluctuations all over the place!
The Dragonvoid: The cycle ends... We are truly awake.
Gorrik: Wh-what is that?
The Dragonvoid: We are time, we are space.
Cinematic where your allies across the world encounter the void seeping through into reality
Joon: It can't be...
Crecia: Rytlock.
Crecia: Look out!
Rytlock Brimstone: The hell is that?
Braham Eirsson: Oh, Spirits...
Zafirah: Gather the Zaishen.
Post cinematic
Rytlock: Commander, whatever mess you've gotten yourself into has turned into a real clusterf—(static) for us over here.
Braham: Same in Hoelbrak. Something—it's something huge!
Rox: Whatever it is... It's here too.
Aurene: I'll do my best to contain its spread, but we need to strike it down. Quickly.
<Character name>: What do you say, everyone? Up for slaying one final dragon?
Braham: Always.
Caithe: Always.
Rytlock: Politics was a real snoozefest anyway.
Rox: Didn't make it this far to just sit back and die quietly.
Navan: Watcher and Protector.
Aurene: Scion and Champion.
Ayumi: Commander, looks like things haven't quite gone to plan.
Detective Rama: Thought you could use some backup.
Canach: We're with you 'til the end... Which may be very soon.
Logan Thackeray: Unfortunately, we're all you get. Everyone else is fighting Void outbreaks.
Logan Thackeray: It's spreading rapidly, overwhelming our forces.
Ivan: We gotta do this quick and messy. Luckily, that's Ivan's style!
Forming a plan with your allies after fighting the first waves of void
Taimi: Commander, I've got some good news: the storm pulled all the extractors to the tower. And they're still intact!
Taimi: If we can get everything running again, we can siphon off some of the Dragonvoid's energy.
Taimi: Cut it down to size.
Joon: Yes, that could work. Though I don't think the extractors'll hold it long.
<Character name>: If it gives us time to reach a more permanent solution, that's good enough.
<Character name>: Navan, you stay here with me. We'll protect Taimi and Joon while they work.
<Character name>: The rest of you, fan out and defend the extractors.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Follow me! Through the portals!
Logan Thackeray: You got my back, Caithe?
Caithe: Just like old times.
Detective Rama: Better keep up then!
Gorrik: I'm with you, Detective!
Canach: If I don't make it, the club is yours.
Sayida the Sly: Well, if I don't make it, the ship's still mine.
Ayumi: I've got this one!
Ivan: Ivan's not letting you go alone, miss!
Navan: It can sense what we're doing. I have a cold feeling it will send everything it can.
<Character name>: Then we'll be ready to meet it. Soldiers! To arms!
Navan: Given the threat we face, this form is no longer appropriate.
During the next waves of void, after your allies have dispersed into Kasmeer's portals, when Kuunavang is downed
Kuunavang: (roar of pain)
<Character name>: Kuunavang!
As the void overwhelms your allies
Joon: Commander, please tell me you have things under control. This isn't over. It can't be over.
Taimi: Commander!
<Character name>: I... I'm sorry. I don't think I can hold out much longer.
Post-fight audience with Aurene
<Character name>: Aurene? Am I dead? Again?
Aurene: Not yet. Though you did get very close.
<Character name>: Are we back in Soo-Won's mind?
Aurene: My mind, actually. I seem to be able to do this now. Must have learned it from her.
Aurene: I could've learned so much more, if only we'd had time...
<Character name>: Aurene, what are we going to do? Were we fools to fight the inevitable?
Aurene: Champion, you of all people should know nothing is inevitable.
Aurene: I'm going to lend you my power. We can't fight it separately, but together, we are enough.
Returning to the main extractor
Joon: This can't be it... I can't... Sung, I failed. I failed you...
Taimi: We did everything we could, Joon. It just...wasn't enough this time.
Taimi: Commander! Commander, you're alive!'re glowing!
Joon: We thought you were dead. We thought it was over.
<Character name>: I thought so too. But it isn't.
Checking on Kuunavang
<Character name>: Kuunavang? Can you hear me?
Kuunavang: I can. I'm here. How did you...
Kuunavang: Ah. I see. Scion and Champion have become one.
<Character name>: Yes. It's the only reason we're all alive.
Communicating with your other allies
Taimi: Commander, we managed to get the main terminal back online, but... The Dragonvoid's swamped the rest.
<Character name>: Have we lost anyone?
Taimi: No, not yet, but it isn't looking good out there. They need your help.
Platform one (saving Gorrik and Rama)
The Dragonvoid: Your efforts are futile. Join us. Be liberated from your fear.
Detective Rama: I hate to admit it, but that's[sic] thing's starting to make a lot of sense.
Gorrik: Jormag is the master of lies: don't listen to a thing it says!
The Dragonvoid: You wound us, master asura.
Gorrik: Good!
Gorrik: Commander! Oh, am I glad to see you!
Detective Rama: Something's different though. You change your hair?
<Character name>: Aurene lent me her power. We need to retake these extractors.
Platform one, defeating the first champion
<Character name>: What just happened? I feel...stronger.
Gorrik: Commander, you just...sucked Void straight through your skin!
Detective Rama: And you're glowing brighter.
Platform one, cleansing the Heart of Jormag
Gorrik: Commander, now seems like a good time to attack!
Gorrik: Well...that was certainly effective!
The Dragonvoid: Aren't you tired?
The Dragonvoid: I will set you free.
The Dragonvoid: A world free of strife.
Gorrik: One dragon down. Only four to go...
Detective Rama: And one big ball of nasty.
Platform one, readying the extractor
<Character name>: We need to get the Extractor turned on before it sends reinforcements this way.
<Character name>: Taimi, Joon, we've taken back the first platform.
Taimi: The Extractor needs to be powered back on manually.
Joon: You can do the honors, Commander.
Taimi: It's working!
Joon: But it will hit capacity in minutes. We need to get them all online.
<Character name>: The Dragonvoid will fight back. Gorrik, Rama, stay here and protect the extractor.
Platform two (saving Canach and Sayidra)
Canach: Sayida, I apologize.
Sayida the Sly: For what?
Canach: When I roped you into my venture, I didn't realize "preventing the end of the universe" was in the job description.
Sayida the Sly: Eh, when hasn't it been?
Canach: Touche.
Platform two, cleansing the Heart of Primordus
Canach: Ah, Commander, if you are available for a bit of dragon slaying, we wouldn't object.
Sayida the Sly: Attack the beast, Commander!
The Dragonvoid: (growls)
The Dragonvoid: (roars)
The Dragonvoid: (growls)
The Dragonvoid: (rumbles)
Canach: I can't believe I slayed a dragon and have nothing to show for it.
<Character name>: We all get out of this, I'll make you a ribbon.
Canach: You're so thoughtful, Commander.
Platform two, readying the extractor
<Character name>: Taimi, I'm ready to fire the second extractor.
Taimi: Good, 'cause the first one's nearly full!
Taimi: That's two, Commander!
Radio chatter
Braham: Commander, things are getting real weird around here. Just saw a tree turn...inside out.
Rytlock: Half the Blood Keep's floating upside down.
Platform three (saving Ayumi and Ivan)
Ivan: Ivan's not long for this world. I suppose I'll be seeing you again real soon, Captain Trin.
Ayumi: Wait, you're not giving up, are you? Don't give up! The commander's here!
Ivan: The commander? Why, it is you, Commander!
Ivan: Oh, now you're in for it! Now you're done for! I won't run from you again!
Platform three, cleansing the Heart of Kralkatorrik
Ivan: Unleash your fury, Commander!
The Dragonvoid: Blind! Lost!
The Dragonvoid: Your world ends!
The Dragonvoid: Anguish! Malignity!
Ivan: What did I say? Done for.
Ayumi: I seem to remember you were already saying your good-byes.
Ivan: I was trying to fool the enemy. Make 'em overconfident.
Ayumi: I'm sure.
Platform three, after firing the extractor
Joon: We're detecting a significant decrease in the Dragonvoid's ley energy.
Taimi: Keep doing what you're doing!
Platform four (saving Marjory and Kasmeer)
The Dragonvoid: Embrace oblivion.
Marjory Delaqua: I'll die before I let you take her from me too!
<Character name>: Jory! Kas! I'm here.
Marjory Delaqua: Commander! Kas exhausted herself getting us all over here. You have to help her. Please.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Thank you, Commander. I didn't realize I was in such a bad way...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Time to send this thing back to the oblivion it loves so much.
Platform four, cleansing the Heart of Mordremoth
Marjory Delaqua: Hit it, Commander!
The Dragonvoid: Obey.
The Dragonvoid: You will all be consumed.
The Dragonvoid: You are a part of me, or you are nothing.
Marjory Delaqua: Kas? You're okay?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I'm okay. I'm okay.
Marjory Delaqua: When this is over, you and I are going somewhere boring. No one to answer to, nothing trying to kill us.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: That sounds perfect.
Platform four, after firing the extractor
Taimi: Just one left to go, Commander!
Platform five (saving Caithe and Logan)
Logan Thackeray: Commander, you're a welcome sight.
Caithe: There's...not much left of us, I'm afraid.
<Character name>: I'm going to need to ask for whatever is left. The extractors are working: the Dragonvoid's weakening.
<Character name>: But we need to retake this last one. It's our best chance to strike it down.
Logan Thackeray: Then let's strike it.
Caithe: We repelled the power of death once before. We can do it again.
Platform five, cleansing the Heart of Zhaitan
Logan Thackeray: For the queen! For Kryta!
Caithe: This is not our time!
Logan Thackeray: We will not go quietly!
Caithe: This is for Snaff ! And for Eir!
Caithe: We've done it... Logan!
Logan Thackeray: I, ah...
Caithe: Try not to speak. I'll get help.
Logan Thackeray: No... Go with the commander. You've still got a Dragonvoid to slay.
Platform five, after firing the final extractor
<Character name>: Taimi, we've done it. We've taken back the last platform.
Taimi: I know! Scanners are picking up the final influx of energy.
Caithe: Then there are no more preparations to be made. It's time.
Rytlock: Comm—(static)—ain't doing so—(sound of pain)—
Rox: Things aren't so good here either... The Olmakhan, we're overrun...
<Character name>: We almost have it. Don't surrender.
Final fight, arrival
The Dragonvoid: We are all. We are nothing.
The Dragonvoid: We are the thread that binds every eon.
The Dragonvoid: We cannot be undone.
Caithe: You keep saying that, yet your power's diminished and your army is falling.
Gorrik: You're no universal constant—you're an error! One we're going to fix.
<Character name>: I'll take on the Dragonvoid. The rest of you, hold off the shades.
Final fight, when the Heart of Soo-Won is exposed
The Dragonvoid: You will not succeed. What began as void shall return to it.
Aurene: Champion, I...I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
Final fight, as the Primordus themed void creatures appear
Canach: Did that dragon just turn into another dragon?
Sayida the Sly: So it would seem.
<Character name>: They're just echoes—the Dragonvoid taking whatever form it finds most convenient.
Final fight, as the Jormag themed void creatures appear
The Dragonvoid: We speak with one voice.
The Dragonvoid: This reality will end. You cannot stop it.
Final fight, last 20%
Aurene: I can feel it growing weaker. It's failing, Champion!
Final fight, before striking with one final massive attack
Aurene: Now's our chance! Finish it!
After defeating The Dragonvoid
Caithe: By the Pale Mother, it's done.
Detective Rama: Everyone alive?
Logan Thackeray: Mostly.
Taimi: You okay, Commander?
<Character name>: I think so. Little less mighty than I was a few seconds ago, but back to normal.
If charr:
<Character name>: I think so. Little less flashy than I was a few seconds ago, but back to normal.
Ayumi: You do this kind of thing all the time?
Marjory Delaqua: We usually don't fight the dragons all at once.
Canach: Am I the only one who saw the lady turn into a dragon? Are there any other secret dragons here?
Joon: Navan—where did she go?
Aurene: Kuunavang is at Soo-Won's side. I need to go there too.
Caithe: Only one more thing left to be done.
<Character name>: Rytlock? Zafirah? Has anyone heard from Braham?
Braham Eirsson: I'm here, Commander. Had my hands full of shadow monsters last time you called.
Braham Eirsson: But they're gone now. Vanished clean into thin air.
Rytlock Brimstone: Cleared out here too.
Rox: And here. Does that mean it's over?
<Character name>: Almost.
Dialogue upon approaching Soo-Won
Navan: ...I will help her watch after them. Please, rest now.
Soo-Won: I think I will do that...
Navan: Farewell, old friend.
Joon: Wait, please. Give me a moment.
Joon: I'm sorry, Soo-Won. I'm sorry for failing you.
Soo-Won: You did not fail. You made time. Time enough for everyone to come together. For a solution.
Soo-Won: Without your part, this world would be undone. Do not waste time with regret.
Joon: I'll... I'll try. Thank you.
Aurene: Soo-Won...
Soo-Won: Can I confess something, little one? I'm afraid to die.
Aurene: I don't... I don't want to be alone.
Soo-Won: I once thought loneliness was our burden. Then I met you.
Soo-Won: Your kinship with the mortals...cherish it.
Aurene: I do. I will.
Soo-Won: I'm...going to dream now...
Aurene: The cycle must end to be reborn.

My story[edit]

The Only One loading screen.png

We successfully brought Soo-Won to the Harvest Temple and used the extractors to remove the Void from her body. Unfortunately, once the corrupted magic was out, it coalesced to form its own being and attacked us with its army. The Void's initial appearance created a shock wave that took the extractors off-line, but Taimi proposed that we could use them to contain some of the Void's power—provided we could get them back online.

As our other allies scattered to retake the outlying extractors from the Void's army, Kuunavang and I stayed to defend Taimi and Joon while they restored the primary extractor. The Void's forces overwhelmed us, and Kuunavang and I were momentarily overcome. Thankfully, Aurene pulled me from the jaws of death and infused me with some of her own power, which she instructed me to use to face the Void head-on. She didn't exaggerate its effectiveness—as I rejoined the battle, I somehow used a wave of her power to clear the entire main platform.


I moved on to help my allies retake the outlying extractors, facing a distinct Void manifestation on each Elder Dragon platform. Gorrik, Rama, and I defeated the manifestation of Jormag first, and then I moved on to help Canach and Sayida defeat Primordus. Then Ayumi, Ivan, and I vanquished Kralkatorrik. Again.

Around us, the threat of the Void rapidly went global. Calls from our allies around the world revealed the extent to which it had upended Hoelbrak, the Black Citadel, the Sandswept Isles, and more. Though we'd hoped to prevent that, hearing the voices of so many old friends fighting alongside us in their own parts of the world rallied my spirits.


After Kralkatorrik, I found Marjory fending off the shade of Mordremoth from Kasmeer's fallen body. Kas was alive, thankfully, just unconscious from giving too much of herself to get us here. When the shade was defeated, the two shared a tender moment, a celebration of still being alive.

Caithe and Logan stood at death's door in front of the final fallen dragon echo—Zhaitan. Together, we defeated the death dealer again, though Logan was wounded in the process. He convinced us to press on without him, as it was time to confront the Dragonvoid itself.


The Dragonvoid was so certain of its inevitability. But as Aurene reminded me, nothing is inevitable. Not even the Dragon Cycle. And in the end, we defeated it, ripping its tendrils out of Tyria and restoring the world to harmony.


With the Dragonvoid defeated, we had only one thing left to do—say good-bye to Soo-Won and finally bring an end to the Dragon Cycle. As Aurene absorbed the last of her magic, Soo-Won dissipated in a beautiful display. In that moment, it felt like the Dragon Cycle was truly over, and a new age had begun—the Age of Aurene.

Seeing Aurene step into her new role was bittersweet. I know that a chapter of our relationship has come to an end. She isn't going to need me in the same way anymore and will likely become inaccessible in some ways. I will have to get used to that, and I know it's a good thing, but I will also miss what we had.

My story