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Battle of Kodash Bazaar

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The Battle of Kodash Bazaar occurred at Kodash Bazaar in the Domain of Vabbi in 1330 AE as a three-way battle between an alliance comprised of Dragon's Watch and Palawa Joko's Awakened army led by the Pact Commander, the Forged army led by the rogue god Balthazar, and the Branded horde led by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. The battle ended with the death of Balthazar, and Kralkatorrik and the dragon Aurene absorbing the fallen god's power. As a result, the now empowered Kralkatorrik flew off, posing a greater threat to the Crystal Desert and Tyria than ever before.


After having captured Aurene and placing her inside a forged Warbeast as a power source, Balthazar invaded the Domain of Vabbi with his Forged army to take the fight to Kralkatorrik itself. Meanwhile the Pact Commander and Dragon's Watch used mesmer illusions to disguise themselves to walk among the Awakened. In Palawa Joko's absence, the Commander assumed the role of the slain Archon Iberu to order the Awakened army to rally their troops to stop Balthazar's advance at Kodash Bazaar where Kralkatorrik had been sighted in.


On the eve of battle, the Pact Commander met with the three Awakened generals Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko, Troopmarshal Olori Ogun and Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo at one of the entrances to Kodash Bazaar where the Awakened army was amassing. As Kodash had four entrances that the Forged could assault, the Commander sent the Dragon's Watch members Canach, Kasmeer Meade and Rytlock Brimstone to the other three entrances to coordinate the Awakened battalions standing watch there.

The Forged arrived soon after the departure of Dragon's Watch, assaulting the Commander's position. The Awakened marshals coordinated their respective troops and battled the Forged although they were unable to stop the advance of the unstoppable Warbeast which crashed through the walls of Kodash in its pursuit of the Elder Dragon. With the battle raging outside, the Commander gave chase to the Warbeast, battling both the Branded and Forged which were setting up pylons to create protective barriers throughout the bazaar.

The Commander eventually caught up to the Warbeast atop King Joko's Sky Garden and successfully dismantled it, freeing Aurene from within and subsequently allowing the injured Kralkatorrik to begin recovering its strength. Balthazar attacked the Commander who was assisted by Aurene while Kralkatorrik retaliated at everyone present with both magical attacks and Branded. Ultimately the Commander and Aurene defeated Balthazar with the help of Rytlock's lent sword Sohothin, causing the fallen god to explode. Both Kralkatorrik and Aurene absorbed the magic released from Balthazar before it could destabilize the bazaar and the surrounding countryside.


After absorbing Balthazar's magic, Kralkatorrik and Aurene flew off into horizon, leaving the Commander behind. The remaining Branded and Forged were mopped up afterwards, leading to the Awakened emerging victorious. A celebration was held afterwards in the Free City of Amnoon although it was overshadowed by a sudden Brandstorm caused by Kralkatorrik's flight south which affected areas as far north as Amnoon. Although Balthazar's campaign had been stopped, the empowered Kralkatorrik would now pose a greater threat to the Crystal Desert and Tyria as a whole than ever before, leaving the future uncertain.

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