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"Taimi's Theme" is a recurring instrumental theme composed by Maclaine Diemer which musically represents Taimi. The theme made its debut during Living World Season 3.

Use in Guild Wars 2[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

"Taimi's Theme" makes its first appearance in the "Taimi's Theme" track which plays during the Out of the Shadows release when the Pact Commander arrives in the repurposed Rata Novus where Taimi has been making a breakthrough in her research of the Elder Dragons after the death of Mordremoth. The theme's syncopated, steady rhythm signifies the older Taimi's confidence and determination as the respected leader of her New Novus Krewe while the synth effects appearing in the latter half of the track root her in the scientifically advanced asuran tradition.

Living World Season 4[edit]

A major key version of Taimi's Theme appears in the "Taimi's Reunion" track in the A Bug in the System release as Taimi reconnects with her old college friends Blish and Gorrik after the brothers have been rescued from Rata Primus. The synths and the pulsating rhythm are joined by a light choir, brass and woodwinds as Taimi responds positively to Blish's new form as a golem much to the brothers' surprise.

Appearances of the Theme[edit]

Below is a chronological list of identified uses of "Taimi's Theme" from past releases: