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Disambig icon.png This article is about the lore role of the player in the story. For the mastery, see Pact Commander Mastery. For the mechanical aspects of the player's character, see Character.

The hero sought to save the world. "If I keep trying, I'll be able to win," the hero thought. But the harder the hero fought, the further the world seemed to tumble away.

The Sword Regrown

The Pact Commander is the player's character. Initially given different titles depending on story progress, the player character eventually becomes widely known as the Commander, the second-in-command of the Pact under Marshal Trahearne. Along with this role of leadership in the Pact, the player is a member of the reformed Destiny's Edge and de facto leader of the Dragon's Watch guild, as well as a high ranking member of their chosen Order, a member of the Shining Blade's inner circle,[1] Aurene's champion, and one of two present-day Wayfinders of the Astral Ward.

The Commander is still referred to by their equivalent racial or Order rank on occasion.


Personal story
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The hero who would come to be known as the Pact Commander initially rose to fame early on in 1325 AE among members of their own race, accomplishing a heroic feat which gave them their first title or rank: Hero of Shaemoor for humans, Legionnaire for charr, Slayer of Issormir for norn, Snaff Savant for asura, or Valiant for sylvari. Following this early triumph, the hero continued fighting against threats to their race and worked alongside their race's authority figure who was also a member of the famous adventurer's guild Destiny's Edge: Logan Thackeray for humans, Rytlock Brimstone for charr, Eir Stegalkin for norn, Zojja for asura, or Caithe for sylvari.

As the hero's fame spread, they were eventually persuaded to join one of the three Orders of Tyria called the Durmand Priory, the Order of Whispers and the Vigil where they rapidly rose through the ranks while going on missions alongside their chosen Order's mentor: the sylvari Magister Sieran for the Priory, the charr Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw for the Order of Whispers, or the norn Warmaster Forgal Kernsson for the Vigil. The hero and the mentor assisted other races—grawl, hylek, ogres, quaggan and skritt—against minions of the Elder Dragons while gaining valuable allies in the process.

The missions for the Orders eventually led the hero and their mentor to learn of the threat that Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon of Shadow and Death, and its Risen minions posed to the hub city of Lion's Arch as well as the three Orders' headquarters. The Risen's attempted invasion led to the Battle of Claw Island during which the mentor perished. The hero, their allies from the Order and the defenders of Lion's Arch defended their Order's headquarters and eventually reclaimed Claw Island from Zhaitan's champion, Blightghast the Plaguebringer, pushing the Risen back.

With the Risen becoming a bigger threat to all of Tyria, the hero began working with the sylvari scholar Trahearne, who had specialized in Zhaitan and the dragon's domain in the Ruins of Orr, and became close friends with him. Trahearne and the hero managed to convince all three bickering Orders to form an alliance known as the Pact so they could take the fight to Zhaitan and end its threat before its army would become unstoppable. After proving his worth with the hero's help, Trahearne became the Marshal of the Pact while the hero became his second-in-command, the Pact Commander. A vision provided by the Pale Tree, the mother of the sylvari who was opposed to the Elder Dragons, further proved how important it was for Trahearne to lead the Pact and reclaim Orr from Zhaitan but that all of Destiny's Edge would need to stand united as well for the campaign to succeed.

While Trahearne prepared the Pact for an all-out invasion of Orr, the Commander took the time to help out members of Destiny's Edge in their respective missions in various dungeons with hopes of reuniting all the five bickering heroes so they could lend their assistance in the war against Zhaitan. After many tries, the Commander succeeded in persuading them to work together while also foiling the schemes of many villainous factions of various races such as bandits and Separatists, Flame Legion, Inquest, Nightmare Court, and Sons of Svanir along the way.

The Commander also had to confront their greatest fear which led to their darkest hour that tested their character and integrity. Despite losing friends and facing many dangers along the way, the Commander overcame their fears and became more motivated than ever to stop Zhaitan.

With the might of the Pact behind them, Trahearne and the Commander pushed deep into Orr, using the respective strengths of the three Orders to devise ways to weaken Zhaitan's army and the dragon itself. The Commander assisted in turning the tide in the war by helping Trahearne purify Zhaitan's main source of magic sustenance, the Source of Orr, right before the final assault on the Elder Dragon itself.

The Commander, assisted by the reunited Destiny's Edge, faced Zhaitan in aerial combat above the skies of Arah, the fallen capital of Orr, aboard the Pact's flagship named The Glory of Tyria. After a fierce battle, the Pact defeated Zhaitan, marking the first known victory over an Elder Dragon throughout Tyria's history, which acted as proof that the rest of the Elder Dragons could be stopped one day as well. A victory celebration was held afterwards, and Tyria faced a brighter future.

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