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The All-Legion Rally is a charr rally to bring all four legion to a single location and bond together with festivities the charr way, with plenty of drinking and fighting. The rally of 1332 AE was located in the Blood Legion Homelands in Grothmar Valley. Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer hosted the event at the Blood Keep. The activities consisted of a demolition derby, fighting in the ooze pit, a burning effigy, Metal Legion concert, the exploration of the Doomlore Shrine, food and drinks and a race around Grothmar Valley.


Early history[edit]

The last time the charr held the All-Legion Rally was a long time ago.[1]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer of the Blood Legion organized the latest All-Legion Rally in 1332 AE to ostensibly celebrate not only the death of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik but the united strength of the charr High Legions, including an atoning Flame Legion splinter group led by Efram Greetsglory whom Bangar had allowed to join the festivities albeit at the cost of demanding Flame cubs to be raised in the Blood Legion's ways in the local fahrar.

The opening ceremony consisted of Bangar's speech which was addressed to all the legions to remind them of their strength and ferocity and how they had contributed to Kralkatorrik's downfall. The ceremony was to be concluded with the recently promoted Centurion Ryland Steelcatcher ritualistically slaying a captured Branded devourer as a display of the Blood Legion's strength, but the battle took an unexpected turn when more Branded led by a broodmother erupted from the ground and threatened the safety of the audience. Although the threat was contained quickly with help from the audience, Ryland was unable to finish off the broodmother when the newest Elder Dragon Aurene "purified" the last Branded in front of everyone and thus made some charr more uneasy about her and her intentions despite assurances from the Pact Commander that Aurene was an ally to the races of Tyria.

Violence escalated over the course of the festivities when various charr began deriding and ultimately attacking non-charr while promoting propaganda about "One Charr" which even featured in some of the songs played by the Metal Legion band. Warmongering charr extremists known as Renegades were discovered rousing charr cubs and teenagers into a frenzy of patriotism, and several charr from all the four Legions began arming themselves and sneaking away with entire warbands while most people were distracted by the festivities.

Investigations by the Pact Commander ultimately revealed that Bangar's true motives for the rally had been to gather all the four Legions in one place so he could reach out to any charr who shared his views on the future and safety of the charr in the changing world. According to Bangar's doctrine of symmetrical escalation, the charr needed an Elder Dragon of their own to counter the magic of Aurene whose loyalties Bangar claimed to lie solely with the Pact. Winning dozens of warbands and Renegades to his side and stealing Braham Eirsson's bow which had been enchanted with fire magic from an ancient jotun scroll, Bangar led the rogue warbands north beyond Bitter Horn towards Bjora Marches in order to locate the Elder Dragon Jormag who was believed to be recovering under ice from injuries caused by Taimi's Machine.



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