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Sayida's airship

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Sayida's airship


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Sayida's Airship (map icon).png Sayida's airship is an unnamed airship belonging to Sayida the Sly and her Sly Crew. In Dragonfall, it can be found flying around the island. Originally, it was an Aetherblade ship that got lost while the Aetherblades were fleeing from Kralkatorrik in the Mists.[1]


Path of the airship (dotted line) and Crystal Wing (red area)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Sayida the Sly: Target portside!
Sayida the Sly: Fire to port!
Taimi: Aye-aye, Captain!

Related achievements[edit]

  • War Eternal.png War Eternal: Friends in High PlacesSpeak with Sayida or Taimi on the airship. (1Achievement points)
    • The airship flies in a large circuit around the perimeter of the map (takes approximately 12 minutes). The top of Crystal Wing is high enough to glide or fly towards the ship as it passes by.
    • Alternatively, some of the Thermal Tubes in Umbral Battlegrounds will send you high enough; you can start gliding at the top of the arc and then reach the ship from there by mounting a Griffon or Skyscale in midair (with the appropriate Masteries unlocked).



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