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War Eternal (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see War Eternal.

War Eternal is an achievement category for the achievements earned during the War Eternal story and within Dragonfall.

"War Eternal" Mastery

War Eternal.png
War Eternal (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 61 Path of Fire mastery point 238Achievement points

Skyscale Acquisition[edit]

These achievements lead to the acquisition of the Skyscale mount.

Skyscale Acquisition achievements

Newborn Skyscales[edit]

Saving Skyscales[edit]

Raising Skyscales[edit]

Troublesome Skyscales[edit]

Riding Skyscales[edit]


  1. ^ Burning Forest Slayer: Only counts the mobs that are indigenous to this region. For example, slaying Branded will not earn you achievement progress, no matter which part of the map you slay them in. Conversely, Nightmare enemies found in other maps such as Abyssals, Shadow Monks, Shadow Warriors, etc. during Purge Lyhr's corruption will progress the achievement.
  2. ^ Celebrity Sighting: Be standing near Aurene when she joins in during events in Dragonfall. Her appearance is random.
  3. ^ Eternally Yours: If the eternal ember charge hits several targets, each is credited to the achievement.
  4. ^ How to Feed Your Skyscale: Volatile Magic motes generated by Rift Repair do not count towards this achievement.
  5. ^ Melandru's Lost Domain Slayer: Only counts the mobs that are indigenous to this region.
  6. ^ Show Some Restraint: There are several events that allow you to activate the Use Soul Binder skill. Using this skill advances this achievement.
  7. ^ Sniper's Nest: Zafirah will randomly assist in events, similar to Aurene. She will talk to you on the communicator when she snipes, triggering the achievement.
  8. ^ Underworld Slayer: Only counts the mobs that are indigenous to this region. Summoned mobs from the Arbiter of the Dead event also count toward the achievement.