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College of Synergetics

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Map of College of Synergetics

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Location within Rata Sum


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Banner of the College of Synergetics.

The College of Synergetics is an asuran scholarly society. The members of this college study magical metaphysics, cybernetic systems, and the theory of abstract structures. Their focus on the study of patterns and mystical complexities over the development of concrete applications leads other Asura to view this college as impractical and idealistic, if not downright muzzyheaded. However, they see themselves as providing the foundation for a more coherent and profound understanding of the Eternal Alchemy, the unifying system of the cosmos. While this college boasts fewer tangible, or at least less visible, products, their theories tie the numerous fields of asuran science and philosophy together.

Councillor Phlunt is the dean of the College of Synergetics.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Thamaturgic Calculus





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Synergetics Apprentice (1): The hullaballoo around this year's Snaff Prize is nothing compared to what occurred three years ago.
Synergetics Apprentice (2): Ooh. I was working at the Hydrone Unit that year. What happened?
Synergetics Apprentice (1): One entry literally melted, another was stolen, and a third disappeared into a temporal rift.
Synergetics Expert (1): I read your treatise on thaumaturgical properties of mundane materials. Intriguing.
Synergetics Expert (2): If my hypotheses bear out, it could revolutionize the entire power industry.
Synergetics Expert (1): There you go, dabbling in dynamics again. Your primary focus should be the Eternal Alchemy.
Synergetics Expert (1): May the inner machinations of the Eternal Alchemy be revealed to you. How go your calculations?
Synergetics Expert (2): I have defined all the variables and the data supports my conclusions.
Synergetics Expert (1): However?
Synergetics Expert (2): The calculations break down in the middle. I'm missing the linking mechanism.
Synergetics Researcher: So, blown anything up lately? An experiment? Your lab? A city block?
Dynamics Researcher: Nothing my fire-suppression golems couldn't handle. Create any unproveable theorems today?
Synergetics Researcher: Actually, we've been debating how many dynamics students it would take to fill the Mists.
Verri: I warned them. There is a vast difference between theory and practice.
Cadiff: It was pure hubris to assume they could control all the variables on such a grand scale.
Verri: The question now is can the damage caused by the explosion be reversed?


  • Jeff Grubb has compared the College of Synergetics to nuclear engineers.

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