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Shadows Agent Kito

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and Living World Season 4.

Shadows Agent Kito is a member of the Order of Shadows who volunteered to be stationed at the Temple of Kormir. He helps the Pact Commander with the pursuit of Balthazar.


Path of Fire[edit]

Kito's origins remain as mysterious as he is except that he eventually became an agent of the Order of Shadows. His discreet missions led him to many locations in the desert, making even his fellow Shadows agents unsure what he was up to at a given time.[1]

When the rogue god Balthazar's army of Forged invaded the Crystal Desert in 1330 AE, Kito was observing events in the Temple of Kormir where he sought out the Pact Commander who was accompanied by Dragon's Watch members Canach, Kasmeer Meade and Rytlock Brimstone. Kito revealed his affiliation with the Order of Shadows to the party and hinted at Shadows origins as an offshoot from the Order of Whispers. He also claimed to know more about the Commander than just their title as well as the fact that the Commander was looking for the dragon Vlast whom Balthazar had set his sights on. The meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the Herald of Balthazar, who had come to conscript more souls to the Forged army as well as persuade the Commander to join Balthazar in the campaign against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. The Commander stopped the Herald and forced her to flee with Kito's help, however.

Kito pledged the Order of Shadows to the Commander's cause and told the party to meet him at Makali Outpost which was being assaulted by the Forged. Once the party had gotten there, Kito evacuated villagers from the war zone, but paused long enough to tell the party that Balthazar himself was nearby, closing in on Vlast. After saving whom he could from the outpost and learning about Vlast's sacrifice causing Balthazar to leave, Kito followed the Commander's trail to the Elon Riverlands. The agent learned that Balthazar had the Commander watched but did not intervene in time. He could only watch from the shadows as Balthazar not only ambushed and slew the Commander but also kidnapped the dragon Aurene who had hurried to the Commander's aid.

Believing the Commander to be gone forever, Kito traveled to the Bonestrand where he observed the Awakened and locals for some time. However, he was surprised to be reunited with the Commander who had somehow returned from the dead. Although he tried to inquire how the Commander had done the impossible, the Commander promised to tell him all about the supernatural experiences later in exchange for Kito's continued help. Intrigued, the agent agreed and listened to the Commander's plan to deceive the missing Palawa Joko's Awakened army to stop the advance of the Forged before Balthazar could get to Kralkatorrik.

Although skeptical at first, Kito soon realized the merits of the Commander disguising themselves as Archon Iberu to fool the Awakened marshals and gave his blessing to the plan to lure out the archon so he could be dealt with before the Commander began the ruse. After the Commander's departure, Kito stayed out of sight and did not participate in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar during which the Commander successfully ended Balthazar's life at the cost of empowering both Kralkatorrik and Aurene.

The agent eventually showed up at a victory celebration held in the Commander's honor in Amnoon. He congratulated the Commander and promised that the paths of the Order of Shadows and the Commander would cross again in the future. The festivities were ended abruptly by a sudden Brandstorm hitting the city, however.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Following the initial Brandstorm hitting Amnoon, Kito arranged a farm on the outskirts of the city to act as a low-profile meeting place for Dragon's Watch to keep them safe from Joko's agents who were none too pleased about the Pact Commander having commanded the Awakened army in the Battle of Kodash. Another Brandstorm hit the city soon after and brought with it Kralkatorrik's invading Branded horde, however, forcing Dragon's Watch and local defenders to face the dragon minions and save the civilians they could. Kito showed up soon after as well.

After the battle, Kito and Dragon's Watch briefly encountered the Commander's previously missing dragon ally Aurene who gave them a troubling vision about a Mysterious Figure leading an Awakened army to invade Central Tyria from an unknown city. Although Kito claimed to not know about the rest of the vision, he identified the seen location as Fahranur, an ancient city of the fallen Primeval Dynasty located on the Isle of Istan. He explained that the Istani branch of the Order of the Sunspears, who hid in the Astralarium, should know a way into the city. Kito booked an undercover voyage to the Domain of Istan for the Commander to avoid alerting Joko's minions while he decided to travel on a different boat as a safety measure.

At an unknown point in time before the Commander reached the Istani Sunspear Base, Kito had met with Spearmarshal Zaeim, the leader of the local Sunspears, as well as several Priests of Kormir and astronomers who were sympathetic to the Istani rebellion. While talking with these contacts, Kito spoke highly of the Commander and even let them believe that he had played an integral part in the Commander's campaign against Balthazar and the Elder Dragons Zhaitan and Mordremoth.[2]

When the Commander sought out the corsair Sayida the Sly to have her release Spearmarshal Zaeim whom the Sly Crew had captured, Kito observed the pair's exchange in the shadows aboard The Dark Leviathan. When it turned out that Sayida had already delivered Zaeim to the Mordant Crescent Great Hall to collect a bounty for capturing him, Kito made himself visible and helped the Commander persuade the corsair captain to help spring Zaeim free from the prison in exchange for the Sly coin which Sayida was after.

Sayida was annoyed by Kito's sporadic appearances and disappearances on her ship, however. Once the heavily intoxicating grog, which was needed to drug the Awakened guards for the prison break, had been brewed from the ingredients the Commander had gathered, the captain made it clear to kill Kito if the Shadows agent dared appear on her ship unannounced again. Before leaving, Kito promised to be stationed outside the great hall with the cavalry should the Commander need their assistance.

Although the cavalry consisting of Sunspears, Dragon's Watch members Canach and Rytlock Brimstone and the occasionally helping Aurene arrived to help the Commander, Zaeim and the Sly crew, Kito himself was absent. The Shadows agent also did not show up later to accompany the Commander's party to Fahranur.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png
Start dialogs between the Elonian factions (80)

Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png
Defend the Chantry's entrances against the Branded (80)

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Mist-Entangled Item.png Mist-Entangled Item Service FExotic
132 Volatile Magic.png
Mini Branded Riftcrawler.png Mini Branded Riftcrawler Miniature ERare 105,000 Karma.png + 
25 Lump of Mistonium.png
Slightly Smelly Slab of Steak.png Slightly Smelly Slab of Steak Consumable DMasterwork 4,900 Karma.png + 
Lump of Mistonium.png
Lump of Mistonium.png Lump of Mistonium Consumable FExotic 455 Karma.png
Crude Salvage Kit.png Crude Salvage Kit Salvage kit BBasic
Volatile Magic.png
Basic Salvage Kit.png Basic Salvage Kit Salvage kit BBasic
11 Volatile Magic.png
Fine Salvage Kit.png Fine Salvage Kit Salvage kit CFine
36 Volatile Magic.png
Journeyman's Salvage Kit.png Journeyman's Salvage Kit Salvage kit DMasterwork
400 Volatile Magic.png
Master's Salvage Kit.png Master's Salvage Kit Salvage kit ERare
800 Volatile Magic.png


Inside the Temple of Kormir
Sorry, I'm a bit busy with all these sick and injured.
Talk more option tango.png
What's the Order of Shadows doing here at the temple?
I asked for this assignment because I genuinely want to help people where I can. Speaking of, I really need to get back to it.
Talk end option tango.png
I understand. Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png
Right, sorry. I'll leave you to it.
Prior to completing the heart
Incomplete heart (map icon).png
Commander, this is a mess. I'm the wrong person for the job. But Kossan, Koss, Sianna, even Utumishi—they're all busy elsewhere.
Talk more option tango.png
What's happening?
That wreck of a summit didn't unify us. If anything, the rank and file have grown even more nervous.
Talk back option tango.png
That's not good.
Talk more option tango.png
Can I help?
I need them to trust each other enough to protect the Chantry effectively. Do you have any ideas?
Talk more option tango.png
Have you tried getting them to talk to each other?
If only I could! Some just want to brawl. Others are too suspicious to talk. But maybe, if you tried…
Talk back option tango.png
I understand. What else do you need?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll see what I can do.
Talk more option tango.png
Is there any other way to protect the Chantry?
The branded are always sniffing around. If you can fix the rusty old turrets around here, that'll buy us time when they attack.
Talk back option tango.png
I understand. What else do you need?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll take a look.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll see what I can do.
Talk end option tango.png
I have to go, but I believe in you.
After completing the heart
Complete heart (map icon).png
I have no idea how you did it, but you got them working together. Sunspears, Shadows agents, Mordant Crescent, Awakened… Never seen anything like that.
Do you have anything to trade?
Talk end option tango.png
I hope the bridges we built will last.
After completing the heart, but defense events are active
Complete heart (map icon).png
We're under attack! Get squads to the entrances!
I want to buy something real quick.
Now? Did you not hear me? We're under attack!
Yes, we are. Now show me the goods.
Talk end option tango.png
Okay, fine.
Talk end option tango.png



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