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Living World Season 4 refers to a schedule of content updates, beginning on the 28th of November, 2017.[1] It continues the story of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, picking up immediately where the story instance Small Victory (Epilogue) left off.[1]

This article assumes knowledge of the storyline up to and including Path of Fire.


The energy released upon the death of Balthazar has been absorbed by both Kralkatorrik and Aurene. The Commander and his or her allies must contend with an empowered Elder Dragon threatening Elona, which remains under the thrall of Palawa Joko's Awakened army.


Open world zones[edit]


Fractals of the Mists[edit]


Dragon's Watch[edit]

The Pact Commander's guild formed at Eir Stegalkin's funeral, formed from their friends who helped fight Mordremoth.

  • Rytlock Brimstone - A former member of Destiny's Edge, he accompanied the Commander to help defeat Balthazar in the Crystal Desert and Elona regions.
  • Canach - A sylvari who was vacationing in Amnoon after being released from a long-term imprisonment and later serving under Lady Anise. He had been hanging out in the Amnoon casino, and had placed a rather large wager on the Commander defeating Kralkatorrik.
  • Kasmeer Meade - A human noble mesmer who helped stop Balthazar. She reunited with her lover, Marjory, during the celebration of Balthazar's defeat.
  • Marjory Delaqua - A Canthan necromancer. She was heavily injured by Balthazar after he had dropped his Lazarus disguise, but had recovered well enough to travel to Amnoon shortly after Balthazar's defeat.
  • Rox - A charr ranger who had been accompanying Braham up north to fight Jormag.
  • Taimi - A young asura who had rebuilt her trusty golem to help get around, although it still has some bugs. She planted a communicator in the Commander's backpack so she could always be in touch.


  • Aurene - Glint's second scion, she is a crystal dragon born of Kralkatorrik's lineage. She flew off after aiding the Commander slay Balthazar.
  • Palawa Joko - The Scourge of Vabbi, and the Eternal King who conquered all the territory south of The Desolation after the events of Nightfall. He was last seen in The Domain of the Lost after being imprisoned there by Balthazar.
  • Shadows Agent Kito - A member of the Order of Shadows, a splinter group from the Order of Whispers. He and his Order has been helping the members of Dragon's Watch fight against Balthazar and Palawa Joko.
  • Braham Eirsson - The son of Eir Stegalkin, he formed a guild full of norn to fight Jormag up north and called this new guild "Destiny's Edge".


Daybreak.png Episode 1: Daybreak[edit]

A short while after Balthazar's defeat and the celebratory party afterwards, the Commander met up with Taimi and Rytlock at a small dolyak ranch a short distance away from Amnoon. After "borrowing" some of Joko's Awakened army to fight Balthazar, the Commander has tried to stay away from Elonian cities. Marjory and Kasmeer had gone off to monitor Kralkatorrik's actions, but he had just been sitting on a mountain cliff since his battle with the fallen god. However, the conversation is cut short as a Brandstorm erupts over Amnoon, despite Kralkatorrik's absence. Rytlock and the Commander rush towards Amnoon to help as many of its citizens as they can and slay as many Branded as they could. They were too late to save several citizens, including Deputy Qais. After the Brandstorm passed, Aurene - now an adolescent dragon - landed and gave the assembled allies a vision of a far away city and a huge army of Awakened. Agent Kito pointed out that the city seemed to be Fahranur, the First City, which was located in Istan. The Commander headed to the docks and boarded a ship to sail to the southern isle.

Once on Istan, the Commander headed to the Astralarium in search of Sunspear allies. The Astralarium is a sanctuary of knowledge, holding books from a time before Joko and his revisionist histories, but it is regularly assaulted by Awakened troops to disrupt their studies and toss the literature out onto the lawn. After demonstrating that they were no friend to Joko, the Commander was allowed into the secret base under the Astralarium, accessible only through a certain book that activates a portal down. Unfortunately, the Sunspears were unable to help as their leader, Spearmarshal Zaeim, was out trying to liberate Champion's Dawn from Awakened control.

At Champion's Dawn, two priests inform the Commander that Zaeim had been captured by corsairs. However, one of the old leaders of that corsair crew, Margrid the Sly, had lost an old coin. Returning it to the leader, Sayida the Sly, would probably earn a favor from her. It was being held by a particularly rebellious Awakened soldier in a cave to the south of the city, one that had always been nice to the children of the village.

The Commander defeated the Awakened Sunspear Champion, and headed to the corsair camp with coin in hand. Out there, the Commander ran into the same man who had arranged for travel to Istan back in Amnoon, and warned of the bounty on the Commander's head. He negotiated a parlay with the crew, in order to meet with the captain. Sayida was eager to turn the Commander in for the bounty, but reconsidered after seeing the coin. Sadly, Sayida had already turned Zaeim in for the bounty not an hour before. However, she had a plan to turn the Commander over for the bounty, but not before a special grog was prepared from ingredients found around the area. Agent Kito showed up, promising to provide his own help to the plan, along with Sayida. The Commander agreed, saying that the bounty up front would be a down payment, and the coin would only be turned over after the Commander successfully escapes.

At the Mordant Crescent hall, Agent Kito and his troops are nowhere to be seen, and Sayida's men were having trouble keeping the barrels of grog lifted, so they enacted the plan without the Order of Shadows. Just as the Commander is being surrendered, Taimi calls for the Commander through the communicator. The Warden of the hall knocks the Commander out, placing them in the cell next to Spearmarshal Zaeim. After the guard passes out, the Commander breaks out of the cell and frees Zaeim. The two of them sneak their way past all the Awakened guards until they reach a hidden bookcase. The Warden has the communicator, and Taimi is constantly calling out, clearly frightened of something. With Sayida and her men's help, the Warden is slain. The Commander learns that Taimi had been taken by Joko, who managed to escape from the Underworld, and is using her to exact revenge.

Sunspear recruits help the Commander and Zaeim escape the compound and head to the First City, with Rytlock and Canach joining shortly afterwards. The ancient city had lots of hazards, from the wildlife to Awakened soldiers and even old traps to prove as trials. Some of these pitfalls are surpassed with the aid of their mounts, and even Branded minions fighting the Awakened help the small party reach their destination. After a while, they find several asura corpses, all dressed in Inquest garb; it seems they had made a lab somewhere in Fahranur, despite the belief that all asura had been chased out ages ago. As soon as Canach tried to set an explosive to get past a bone wall, the Inquest corpses rose up, turned into Awakened servents, soon followed by a large Awakened Canid. After a lengthy battle, Canach's explosives go off, but it set off an avalanche. Luckily, the Commander and friends were shielded by Braham. He and Rox had been investigating the waves of undead that have started to attack Tyria, coming through asura gate portals with no gate on the other side.

Reunited with old friends, Dragon's Watch and allies destroyed the Inquest gates and continued on through the ancient city until they reached a gate hub, guarded by an asuran wall. A security recording confirmed that both Taimi and Joko had been there, and Taimi had reluctantly help open the gate under threat of being turned into an Awakened herself. As soon as the gate opened, however, a large wave of Awakened assaulted the team; only the Commander and Braham continued to the central platform, where Taimi had been locked inside her golem, and Awakened Inquest informed the Commander that he had declared war on them and their allies. Scruffy 2.0 then started to attack on its own, as it removed all the air from the cockpit. The Commander and Braham manage to save Taimi, and destroy all the gates in the room at the same time, but the threat of Joko loomed over them like a dark shadow.

Fractals of the Mists (achievements).png Twilight Oasis Fractal[edit]

Dessa has unlocked a fractal focusing on Palawa Joko's conquering of the Elona region, from the point of view of the Mordant Crescent.

Spirit Vale (achievements).png Hall of Chains[edit]

After a few priests mysteriously died in areas where the veil between Tyria and the Underworld is weakest, a portal in Lornar's Pass opens, quite near an old statue to Grenth. It leads to the underworld, where a mysterious spirit ball has called champions to her. She needs them to free her body, which had been taken over by a malevolent spirit.

Dates of free access[edit]

Logging into the game between the two dates listed would unlock the related episode for free (as opposed to buying it in the Gem Store). You can unlock the episodes even if you do not own Path of Fire, but you must have the expansion in order to play them. The dates are as follows:

Episode Dates
Daybreak November 28, 2017 – present


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