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Labyrinthine Cliffs

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Labyrinthine Cliffs

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Labyrinthine Cliffs map.jpg
Map of Labyrinthine Cliffs

Maguuma Jungle
Connects to
Lion's Arch

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Loading screen

Labyrinthine Cliffs.jpg
Labyrinthine Cliffs

The Labyrinthine Cliffs are a byzantine system of cliffs along the Deldrimor Front that are generally uninhabited, although there was a krait settlement nearby offshore. In the Season of the Scion, 1326 AE, the Zephyr Sanctum briefly docked here and joined the Bazaar of the Four Winds. Ship travel to the zone was available from Lion's Arch.

The Zephyr Sanctum also returned to this area for the Festival of the Four Winds to aid in the efforts to rebuild Lion's Arch after Scarlet's attack devastated the port city.


Area Area objectives
Bazaar Docks
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Bazaar Docks Waypoint
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Sky Docks Waypoint
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Bazaar of the Four Winds
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Phoenix Dawn


Participate in the treasure hunt![edit]

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Historical events[edit]

Festival of the Four Winds 2014
Bazaar of the Four Winds

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png
Quartz Crystal Formation (There is a daily harvest limit per account of 7 nodes.)


Historical maps


  • This area was available during the Bazaar of the Four Winds (released July 9, 2013) and subsequently the Festival of the Four Winds (May 20, 2014 and July 24, 2018).
  • This area does not have a map completion achievement or count towards world completion.
  • Before 2018 players were scaled down to level 16 in this area.
  • As of 2018, the waypoints function more like shrines than other waypoints, they cannot be linked to from the world map, have no cost to use, and have smaller text and icon than normal waypoints.
    • These special waypoints overlap the real waypoints on the map, and the real waypoints are hidden from the map after the player discovers them. Players can also use the special waypoint to teleport to the undiscovered waypoint.