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Zojja's appearance in Secrets of the Obscure.

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Brain, not brawn, will change the world.


Zojja is a highly respected asuran elementalist, golemancer and a member of the College of Synergetics. Zojja's personal golem is Mr. Sparkles. She often has a short temper, especially when Snaff is mentioned.

She was an extremely skilled apprentice of the famed inventor Snaff and the youngest member of Destiny's Edge; each regarded the other as being a genius, an unusual bond to have between asura. Even after Snaff's death in the battle against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, Zojja continues to hold a high view of her former mentor, and as such has developed a hatred for the Inquest, specifically Kudu, Snaff's former apprentice who has re-appropriated his research for evil.


Early years[edit]

Zojja's early life is not well known. She became Snaff's apprentice after the latter had parted ways with his previous apprentice, Kudu, who had been performing unethical experiments and eventually joined the Inquest. As Snaff's apprentice, Zojja began to see him as a father figure.

Edge of Destiny[edit]

In 1319 AE, Snaff and Zojja joined forces with the norn Eir Stegalkin and the dire wolf Garm and formed an adventuring group known as Dragonspawn's Destiny to take down the Elder Dragon Jormag's champion called the Dragonspawn in 1319 AE.

After failing to defeat the champion, they heard tales about a heroic band called Edge of Steel—an adventuring group with the charr Rytlock Brimstone, the human Logan Thackeray, and the sylvari Caithe—and decided to recruit them into their ranks to even the odds for their rematch with Jormag's champion. Dragonspawn's Destiny traversed to Lion's Arch where they bested Edge of Steel in gladiatorial combat and commissioned the trio to join forces with them to help defeat the Dragonspawn.[1]

After defeating the Dragonspawn, they combined their respective guilds' names and formed Destiny's Edge. The new guild continued to adventure together over the following year, successfully hunting down other dragon champions such as the Destroyer of Life and Morgus Lethe and becoming famous throughout Tyria for their heroic deeds.

In 1320 AE, Grand Duchess Faolain of the Nightmare Court sought out Caithe and, in an attempt to sway her former lover to her side, informed her that the previous struggles of Destiny's Edge against dragon champions had amounted to nothing as the Elder Dragons would continue to rise. According to Faolain, the Nightmare Court had learned that Glint, a legendary dragon from the Crystal Desert who had aided humanity in the past, had kept her loyalties concealed and was preparing for the rise of Kralkatorrik as his champion. Caithe delivered the troubling news to her companions in Destiny's Edge who were torn about the reveal as they did not trust Faolain and were aware of Glint's actions against the enemies to Tyria in the past. When Logan argued in favor of Glint being a friend to humanity who would not harm innocents, Zojja was quick to point out that most members of Destiny's Edge were not humans, and the same applied to the rest of Tyria. Despite their initial misgivings about Glint's suggested treachery, however, Destiny's Edge ultimately resolved to seek out Glint's lair in the Crystal Desert and had the blessing of Queen Jennah of Kryta, who was equally torn about the decision, to stop Glint before the dragon could help her master return to the world.[2]

Glint had foreseen the coming of Destiny's Edge, however, and waited for them in her lair. Glint and Destiny's Edge clashed briefly when she believed that they had come to kill her, and she easily defeated the guild during the confrontation. She soon realized that Destiny's Edge had good intentions and had been led astray, however, so she decided to tell them the truth to end the battle: she had once served Kralkatorrik but would do so no longer and was now acting against her former master who would inevitably rise.

Destiny's Edge standing before Glint's corpse.

Sensing Glint's earnesty, Destiny's Edge was swayed to her side and suggested that she should fight alongside them against Kralkatorrik. Glint was surprised when Eir and Snaff hatched a plan to use the Dragonsblood Spear and Kralkatorrik's crystalline blood, both of which Glint had gathered in her lair, to subdue the Elder Dragon for the finishing blow. Realizing that they might be able to stop Kralkatorrik as long as they worked together to use their respective strengths in battle, Glint chose to fight alongside Destiny's Edge against the Crystal Dragon.

As Glint had foreseen, Kralkatorrik awoke once more and sought her out for her betrayal. Logan's sudden departure to protect Queen Jennah in the Branded invasion of Ebonhawke during the concurrent Ogre Revolt weakened Destiny's Edge, however, but Eir believed in their chances and chose to confront the Elder Dragon according to the original battle plan regardless of Glint's warning. Although at first they were able to stand up to Kralkatorrik, the Crystal Dragon proved to be a powerful adversary. Sensing that they only had once chance of defeating her former master, Glint sacrificed herself in Kralkatorrik's jaws to put a powerstone yoke Snaff which had made from crystallized dragon blood on the Elder Dragon. The established link allowed Snaff to access Kralkatorrik's mind and forced him to land while the Elder Dragon was distracted.

However, Logan's absence affected the fighting capabilities of Destiny's Edge. They were unable to protect Snaff from Kralkatorrik's Branded minions which killed Snaff and allowed the Crystal Dragon to wrestle free and flee the area before Rytlock could use the Dragonsblood Spear to harm him. Having barely survived the battle, Destiny's Edge mourned the loss of Glint and Snaff and disbanded out of grief and anger, leaving their dragon ally where she had fallen.

Interim years[edit]

After Destiny's Edge had broken apart, Zojja began to blame Eir for the guild's failure and venerated her fallen mentor. Having cremated Snaff's remains and buried them under the floor of his old lab. She established the Snaff Prize—a competition to present the best project before the Arcane Council—and began working to protect Snaff's research, making much of it inaccessible to the public. She assigned CHR-P as her golem assistant in the lab, ordering it to take care of the lab whenever she was out on errands. As her skills developed and her research continued, Zojja became known as the foremost authority of golems in the world.[3]

She purchased the golem Mr. Sparkles from Evon Gnashblade's assistant Sareb and heavily modified it. Mr. Sparkles had once belonged to the golemancer Flummox who had sold it to Sareb after the golem was damaged in a fight against jotun raiders and because Flummox was in need of money.[4][5] At some point, she had also taken on a ward of her own, Taimi, whom she adores very much, mirroring how she and Snaff once were, albeit with Taimi being much younger and thus subject to Zojja's guardian-like behavior. Emissary Vorpp is often brought up in also taking care of Taimi, though the relationship between him and Zojja is never clarified.[6]

Kudu, Snaff's earlier apprentice and an important figure in the Inquest, became Zojja's archenemy because he corrupted Snaff's discoveries on draconic energies. The two asura clashed over the years with Zojja doing her best to stop Kudu whenever she could although he always eluded her. During this time Zojja also befriended a young asura who would come to be known as the Snaff Savant.

Personal story[edit]

Experiments Gone Wrong

In 1325 AE, Zojja became interested in the Snaff Prize winner of the year and their invention - and more importantly, Teyo's mutual interest in their invention.

Interested Parties

Zojja discovered one of the Savant's potential inventions called the Infinity Ball. It had been designed to show a glimpse of a potential future but its stabilizer had not been stable enough so it had been shelved. Believing that the promising invention could be repurposed into something useful, Zojja contacted the Savant and called in another promising genius, Shodd, to help with the invention before leaving to take care of errands. Upon learning of the dangerous tests that the Savant and Shodd had conducted, the angered Zojja warned them not to meddle with the dangerous invention any longer.

Shodd would not give up so close to success, however, and suggested that he and the Savant should either get the power source from the Inquest or High Councillor Flax's crozier. After successfully acquiring the power source, the pair conducted the final experiment with the properly adjusted Infinity Ball at the Wendon Steps only to be found by Zojja who tried to stop them before their actions could endanger the world.

However, the portal which the Infinity Ball had created was already opening up to a seemingly alternate, future version of Tyria from which a Mysterious Stranger and Grand Vice Admiral Shodd, alternate selves of the Savant and Shodd, appeared. The doppelgangers claimed to have conquered their realm with steam creatures and revealed their intentions to conquer the Tyria they had now entered by getting rid of the Savant, Shodd and Zojja who stood in their way. After a fierce fight, the portal was closed and the evil doppelgangers and their mechanical minions were defeated. Despite nearly losing his life, Shodd was intrigued by the prospect of becoming a vice admiral and still saw potential in using the Infinity Ball again. Having wisened up, however, the Savant decided to shelve the project for good while telling Shodd, whose short-sighted ambition had gotten the pair in trouble one time too many, to shut up forever with Zojja's approval.

Rescue Researcher

Zojja later developed an interest in the three Orders and their goal to fight the Elder Dragons, proclaiming it to be part of a 'long-term plan' which she never explained. However, after a failed attempt by Caithe to reunite Destiny's Edge in Lion's Arch, Zojja turned her focus solely to confronting Kudu and the Inquest who were abusing Snaff's research.

Reuniting Destiny's Edge

As part of the asuran delegation, Zojja joined Logan at a party celebrating the Ebonhawke Treaty in Minister Caudecus's manor. However, her true goal was to search for humans who had been recently buying Snaff's stolen discoveries. Together with Logan and the Pact Commander, she uncovered a Separatist plot by the inventor Uzolan and Captain Monique DeLana to kidnap Queen Jennah and other delegates, and helped them track down the energy source of Uzolan's Prototype Golem which had teleported the kidnapped guests to a remote location in the manor. After saving the queen and the delegates from the Separatists, Zojja was annoyed that Uzolan had lost his life in the clash and could not provide her with further details. Despite the setback, she intended to continue the hunt for whoever had sold Snaff's discoveries to Uzolan as she was not willing to let anyone steal her late mentor's creations.

Zojja's search eventually led her to Sorrow's Embrace where she discovered that the culprit behind selling Snaff's inventions had been none other than Kudu who was now working to persuade the dredge to join forces with the Inquest. Caithe and Eir tried to join Zojja who sent Eir away in anger after blaming her for Snaff's death. Zojja, along with Caithe and the Pact Commander, succeeded in foiling Kudu's plan with the dredge and defeated the unleashed Iron Forgeman although Kudu managed to flee once again.

During this time, Zojja kept up on the news surrounding the Snaff Savant, and occasionally sent letters about what she's heard and what she's been up to. Upon learning of the Battle of Claw Island, Zojja made a bet with an old college friend that the Savant would find a way to reclaim the island from the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's Risen minions, and won a hundred platinum coins after Claw Island had been liberated as she had predicted. She also used the opportunity to annoy the Arcane Council with the news of the Savant's deeds.[7]

Destiny's Edge, Trahearne, and the Pact Commander witness Orr's new dawn after the defeat of Zhaitan.

Later, Zojja went to the Crucible of Eternity, a massive Inquest lab in Mount Maelstrom headed by Kudu, and continued to brush off Eir's attempts at reconciliation. Together with Logan, Rytlock and the Pact Commander, she confronted Kudu only to discover that her archenemy had corrupted himself with dragon energy while experimenting on crosscorruption possibilities on test subjects. After a fierce clash, Kudu was finally felled but not before he unleashed his greatest creation, the crosscorrupted Kudu's Monster, to kill the party. However, Zojja and her allies defeated the monster and left the facility. Having seen former rivals Logan and Rytlock reconcile and work together in the Crucible of Eternity, Zojja promised to think things over about Eir.

Zojja eventually joined the Pact's airship fleet in the battle against Zhaitan in the skies above Arah. She had helped develop the MEGA-LIT cannon with research taken from Kudu, Snaff, and Professor Gorr, and utilized the cannon aboard the Pact's flagship known as The Glory of Tyria to cripple and ultimately fell the weakened Elder Dragon. Following the victory over Zhaitan, Destiny's Edge returned to the Pact's base of Fort Trinity and walked in with the Pact Commander while their Pact allies welcomed them with cheers. Having reconciled, Eir told Zojja that Snaff would be proud, and Zojja, despite being sarcastic, did ultimately agree while looking forward to taking the fight to the other Elder Dragons.

Living World Season 1[edit]

Despite the victory over Zhaitan and planning to face other Elder Dragons, Zojja and the rest of Destiny's Edge ultimately returned to their homes to deal with forces threatening their respective homelands while the Pact made preparations to take the fight to the next Elder Dragon on its list. At some point Zojja and Vorpp competed for the right to be mentor to the promising progeny Taimi. However, Taimi eventually ran away from Rata Sum to research Scarlet Briar, whose alliances had been causing trouble throughout Central Tyria in 1326 AE, on her own. Zojja tried to ground Taimi but in vain.[8]

Following the Battle for Lion's Arch which saw the end of Scarlet and the scattering of her alliance, Zojja ultimately became Taimi's sole mentor. She punished Taimi for roaming the refugee camp by giving her extra calculations to work on. At the time Taimi believed that Zojja only cared for her record as a college mentor instead of caring for Taimi herself, and thought that she was not designed for Zojja's College of Synergetics but for the College of Statics.[9]

Living World Season 2[edit]

In 1327 AE, Taimi reached out to Zojja and explained how Scarlet's actions had awakened the Elder Dragon Mordremoth whose Mordrem were now spreading to Central Tyria. Zojja was asked to persuade the Arcane Council to send an asuran representative to a summit held at the Grove so the world leaders could discuss the ever increasing threat that Mordremoth posed, and arranged for Taimi to meet with Councillor Phlunt.[10][11] Following the Mordrem assault on the World Summit, the representatives of the nations agreed upon funding the Pact's campaign to the Heart of Maguuma where Mordremoth was suspected to stage Mordrem assaults from.

In 1328 AE, Destiny's Edge reunited at Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes where they helped Pact Marshal Trahearne prepare to take the fight to the Elder Dragon. Upon learning that the Pact Commander was searching for the missing Glint's Egg and would not join the guild on the impending assault, Zojja noted that it was important to save the future dragon hatchling so it could be raised to become an ally of Tyria instead of an enemy. She also revealed to the Commander that she disliked Phlunt for trying to take ownership of Taimi's device, and cared deeply for Taimi although she was not willing to let Taimi know it yet as she felt the time was not right to reveal her feelings.

With Marshal Trahearne's orders, the Pact Fleet entered the Heart of Maguuma to put an end to Mordremoth before it would grow too powerful. Zojja joined the Pact, Eir, Logan, Garm and Mr. Sparkles aboard The Glory of Tyria in the skies above Verdant Brink. As the fleet began bombarding the jungle, it was ambushed by Mordremoth and its Mordrem minions who assaulted the airships from the ground with rapidly extending vines.

Before the Pact could recover from the surprise attack, Mordremoth sent its mental call to the sylvari among the Pact, turning many of them against their former allies. Logan and his companions were cornered and fought off the crazed sylvari alongside Trahearne until The Glory of Tyria sustained heavy damage and crashed into the jungle below. Logan held on to Zojja while trying to flee from the doomed airship, but his efforts were in vain.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Eir Stegalkin, Logan Thackeray and Zojja during the Pact fleet's crash.

After Mordremoth had brought down the Pact Fleet, Logan, Eir, Trahearne and Zojja were captured by the Mordrem and the turned sylvari who had begun calling themselves the Mordrem Guard, while Mr. Sparkles was broken beyond repair and Garm went missing.[12] The prisoners were divided into multiple groups in preparation for being transportated to Dragon's Stand, and Logan, Trahearne and Zojja were separated from Eir. While en route to Mordremoth's domain through Tangled Depths, the trio sacrificed their own chance at freedom by creating a diversion so the rest of the prisoners in their group, including Lieutenant Morrison and Magister Humli, could get away.[13] Once Logan and Zojja reached Dragon's Stand, they were separated from Trahearne and placed in Mordrem Pods which would keep them trapped but alive while their bodies would be used as templates for new, improved army of Mordrem which Mordremoth intended to unleash on Central Tyria.[14]

By the time the Pact Commander, Canach and Marjory Delaqua reached Dragon's Stand, they were presented with the choice of either trying to reach the Mordrem Pod which was holding Logan, or the one holding Zojja. The prisoner, whom the Commander had left for the rest of the party to save, spawned corrupted Mordrem clones to fight while Grand Duchess Faolain, who had been captured and turned into Mordremoth's minion, mocked the party's efforts to save the trapped prisoner. The clones of Zojja begged to be killed while attacking the party, and the party ultimately defeated them. When the second pod was opened, the Destiny's Edge member found within appeared unconscious.

If Zojja was saved first, she mistook Marjory for Eir, revealed she could not see, and kept asking about Taimi. She also inquired about Rytlock's absence after being briefly reunited with him, only to receive a vague answer about traversing the Mists from the charr who told him that the Commander's party was just as capable of handling threats as Destiny's Edge had been. By the time the party encountered Faolain again on their way to Mordremoth, Kasmeer Meade teleported Logan and Zojja out and took them to safety with Rox.

Living World Season 3[edit]

The time spent in the Mordrem Pod had greatly weakened Zojja whose brain had been injured,[15] and she was still recovering by the time of Eir's memorial service in 1329 AE.[16] There was gossip among researchers in Rata Novus that Zojja was scrambled and drooling, which in their view explained why Taimi was out in Rata Novus on her own.[17]

Path of Fire[edit]

After dying in the rogue god Balthazar's ambush in 1330 AE, the Pact Commander's soul appeared in the Domain of the Lost where all spirits which experience sudden, violent deaths end up in. While recovering their name and remembering their purpose to be properly judged, the Commander was subjected to fragmented visions of past deeds, during which Zojja's memory was briefly visible.

End of Dragons[edit]

In 1335 AE, Taimi chatted with Caithe and the Pact Commander about her researcher partner Gorrik and briefly mentioned that she did not know where Zojja was at the time.[18]

Interim years[edit]

The Commander learned through various letters, notes, and journals written by Zojja that after the events in the Heart of Maguuma, Zojja spent weeks recovering in Rata Sum. During this time, she was subject to hearing rumors and gossip critizing her as she recovered. This combined with the trauma of what she went through in Maguuma sent Zojja into a state of lethargy, as she spent her days simply staring out the window. During her stay, Logan had tried to visit her several times, and wrote her letters, but Zojja ignored them. Among the letters ignored was one where Logan brought up Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak and how he had avoided going. Zojja's journals also made note of how she could not bring herself to search for her golem Mr. Sparkles, as it was scattered across Maguuma still. Eventually, Zojja decided to leave Rata Sum, tired of the gossiping and the beaucratic nature surrounding her. To her, Rata Sum no longer felt like 'home'.[19]

She ended up traveling to a bar in Queensdale that she and Logan had visited in the past, where she met another asura, Uenno. Talking to her, Zojja ended up telling her story and why she's traveling to Uenno, who offered for Zojja to travel with. Zojja accepted and the two began to travel Central Tyria for a time. Zojja and Uenno made several stops for the latter to "meet a friend", eventually arriving in the Black Citadel while Rytlock was busy in Elona (something Zojja was thankful for, as it meant no accidental meetings with her old friends). Zojja eventually became suspicious of these constant meetings and snuck in on one, where she discovered Uenno's friend was a mursaat. Recalling overhearing Pact soldiers in Lion's Arch mention Lazarus the Dire to her, Zojja considered attacking the mursaat but was quickly discovered. The mursaat managed to calm Zojja down, introduced himself as Mabon, and Zojja got a lecture on personal security from Uenno that Zojja felt was half a lecture to Uenno herself. Mabon, sensing the magical potential in Zojja, decided to bring Zojja into the Astral Ward that serves the Wizard's Court, and take Zojja on as a personal apprentice. While Zojja was aclimating to life in the Wizard's Tower, Mabon even recovered Mr. Sparkles from the Maguuma, though Zojja left the golem deactivated and gathering dust in her room.[19]

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

While the Commander was investigating the sudden disappearance of the Wizard's Tower from Garenhoff, they came across a rift to Nayos. Noticing her old friend, Zojja had Mabon rescue the Commander from Nayos instead of other members of the Astral Ward, bringing the Commander to the Beacon of Ages at the Horn of Maguuma.[20]


Horn of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains

Historical locations[edit]

Ruins of Orr

Story involvement[edit]


Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Secrets of the Obscure story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Arc Lightning Arc Lightning - Cast an arc of electricity at your foe.
  • Lightning Blast Lightning Blast - Strike your foes with lightning.
  • Lightning Whip Lightning Whip - Lash your foe with lightning.
  • Blinding Flash Blinding Flash - Blind your foe with a flash of light. Vulnerable foes are also weakened.
  • Swirling Winds Swirling Winds - Create a swirling wind that blocks projectiles.
  • Gale Gale - Knock down your foe with a charged wind blast.



You have something to discuss?
Nothing's exploded, right?
How can you be helped?
You have my attention.


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  • Zojja is voiced by Felicia Day.
  • "Zojja and Mr. Sparkles" in the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack is named after her.
  • Through her cameo appearance in Path of Fire, Zojja wore tier 3 Asura cultural armor, Savant armor. Her nemesis, Kudu, wears a mirrored version of it. During Secrets of the Obscure, she instead wears the Astral Scholar Outfit.
  • According to Edge of Destiny, Zojja is approximately 3'7" tall.
  • Zojja is Bertie's favorite member of Destiny's Edge.
  • Zojja has once jokingly suggested that the Pact Commander amounts to 74.3 percent of the firepower of Destiny's Edge.[22]
  • In early story drafts of Guild Wars 2, the male asura Flummox, then known as Gixx, was the original iconic asura in Destiny's Edge. He was ultimately replaced by Zojja who inherited both his role in the guild and Mr. Sparkles as a personal golem, while the name Gixx would be used for the leader of the Durmand Priory.[23]
  • Zojja was in earlier drafts of A Bug in the System release but was cut out in the rewrites when the narrative designers realized that they would have had two Living World Season 4 episodes in a row with a female asura genius being captured and threatened by the bad guy.[24]
  • Zojja wasn't part of the story for a long time between the Heart of Thorns and Secrets of the Obscure. During this time the Narrative Team has expressed interest in bringing Zojja back into the story "at a moment where it made sense." However, due to the schedule of Zojja's voice actor Felicia Day, the writers would have to have Zojja's lines written at least six months in advance in order to give sufficient flexibility in when they get recorded.[25] Even after the studio shipped home recording kits to their recurring voice cast to make the actors' recording schedules more manageable for future content releases, narrative director Tom Abernathy has pointed out that Zojja's return is "a tough situation for lots of reasons", and the team needs to figure out how to solve it in a satisfactory manner before including her in the narrative again.[26] When Zojja finally has her comeback in Secrets of the Obscure, the Narrative Team included some explanations for her long absence.

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    <Character name>: You were with them! Are they here?
    Lieutenant Morrison: I'm afraid not. They sacrificed their own chance at freedom so we could get away. The Mordrem took them.
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    Rytlock Brimstone: Still both laid up on my last visit.
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    Taimi: Gang's back together, huh? I mean, not the whole gang, obviously. Rytlock. Kas and Jory.
    Caithe: Taimi–
    Taimi: Braham's at the lodge. Logan's back in Kryta. Canach is with Sayida, Zafirah with the Zaishen–
    Caithe: Taimi!
    Taimi: –Garm is with Braham; Eir and Snaff are dead; I don't know where the heck Zojja is–
    <Character name>: Taimi. I'll get Gorrik. It's going to be okay.
    Taimi: I know.
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