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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Living World Season 3, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Living World Season 4, and The Icebrood Saga.



Juvenile Aurene.jpg

Aurene as seen in Season 3 and Path of Fire.

Her. Her name is Aurene.

— The Pact Commander

Aurene, referred to as "Glint's Second Scion" by Ruka the Wanderer, is a young dragon. While it is too soon to tell if she has gained all of the her mother's abilities, she is able to gift the Pact Commander with various skills and is able to warn of future events in the form of prophetic visions, even while unhatched. This is seen in her granting the Commander a vision of Zojja and Logan in the clutches of Mordremoth and a second time of her imminent hatching and of the coming attack from Primordus's minions upon her emerging from the egg.


Early years[edit]

Primary article: Glint's Egg

Living World Season 3[edit]

Aurene hisses at invading Destroyers.

Aurene hatched in the Inner Chamber of Tarir in 1329 AE, a few months after absorbing some of the magic from the surge caused by the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's death. The hatching of Glint's second scion attracted the Elder Dragon Primordus's Destroyers which assaulted her sanctum to get to her. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Pact Commander, the Luminate of the Exalted and the mursaat Lazarus, the Destroyers were thwarted. Afterwards, the Commander named Aurene, and the Commander's sylvari ally Caithe pledged herself to act as the hatchling's guardian during the Commander's absence.

Aurene formed a close bond with the Commander, sending visions of herself through great distances via the mental link they now shared. The Commander stopped by in Tarir in between missions and helped the rambunctious hatchling undergo a series of Exalted tests to teach her valuable life lessons and thus steer her towards the path of goodness rather than selfishness so that she could one day become a great ally to the races of Tyria.

Path of Fire[edit]

Aurene was agitated by the death of her brother Vlast at Balthazar's hands in 1330 AE, causing distress among the Exalted, Caithe, and the asura Taimi who tried to calm her down but in vain.[1] She was lured down to the Crystal Desert after sensing the Pact Commander's distress during a prolonged duel with Balthazar. As soon as she arrived, however, Balthazar revealed that he had only toyed with the Commander to force Aurene to come to assist her champion.

Following this, the rogue God of War captured Aurene after a brief clash and slew the Commander before her eyes. The hatchling was placed within Balthazar's gargantuan Warbeast machine to act as a power source in order to harm her grandfather, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, until she was freed by the resurrected Commander during the Battle of Kodash Bazaar.

Aurene aided her champion in the final battle against Balthazar by strengthening and shielding the Commander with her magic and using a joint attack she had learned during her training with the Commander in Tarir. Aurene appeared to absorb some of the power released by the death of the rogue god before leaving the Commander behind and flying off towards Kralkatorrik. Sometime after the battle had ended, Aurene roared in a distant location, revealing that she had grown once more.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Aurene, grown after absorbing Balthazar's magic.

When a Brandstorm conjured by Kralkatorrik hit over the Free City of Amnoon, Aurene appeared, fighting in the skies against Branded minions such as the huge Branded Wyvern. When the wyvern landed, Aurene delivered a striking blow after the recharging crystals had been destroyed. Once the battle was over, Aurene landed as well. She gave a prophetic vision to the members of Dragon's Watch and Shadows Agent Kito about an army of Awakened, led by a mysterious figure, assaulting Tyrians from the ancient city of Fahranur.

The Pact Commander sailed to the Domain of Istan to figure out the vision and find a way into Fahranur, and was accompanied by Aurene flying beside the ship. When the Commander was captured by Warden Amala while searching for Spearmarshal Zaeim, Aurene assisted Dragon's Watch and the Sunspears in their assault on the Mordant Crescent Great Hall to liberate the pair. Once freed, the Commander continued the search for Fahranur and asked the scion to protect the Sunspears who were planning to reclaim Champion's Dawn in the meantime. Aurene did exactly that and assisted the Sunspears whenever they launched raids against the Awakened and the Mordant Crescent throughout Istan, laying down air support to cover their retreat where needed.

During the Commander's visit to the Sandswept Isles in 1331 AE, the Olmakhan charr village came under attack by Inquest golems sent from the nearby facility of Rata Primus. When the Commander, Braham Eirsson and Rox were about to be overwhelmed in the assault, Aurene arrived to provide air support and cleared a path for them to escort cubs to safety. The Commander managed to convince the surprised Olmakhan to not shoot Aurene down, explaining that the dragon was on their side.

After the golems had been routed, Aurene landed on the cliffs overlooking Atholma and met with the Commander who thanked her for her help. Learning of the Commander's dilemma over how to gather more intel on the heavily guarded Rata Primus and its environs, the scion flew around the area and shared her sight with the Commander, startling the latter with the visual experience. Her scouting revealed a protective shield around Rata Primus, a growing number of Palawa Joko's Awakened in the area, and a communications tower used to coordinate the Inquest's ground-based facilities and forces. Using Aurene's intel to their advantage, the Commander sneaked into the compounds to disable the shields and had Olmakhan prevent them from being repaired so the Commander could assault Rata Primus directly and search for the asura gate hub which Joko was using to send forces to invade Tyria.

The assault on Rata Primus ended with the destruction of the gate hub and much of the facility itself. After rescuing Taimi's old friends Blish and Gorrik from the facility and narrowly escaping with Braham, the Commander reunited with allies aboard Sayida the Sly's airship and saw Aurene among them.

Aurene confronts Palawa Joko.

When Joko attempted to unleash the Scarab Plague on the Free City of Amnoon and sent dozens on Awakened to take out the Commander at the docks, Aurene came to the rescue and incinerated the Awakened while assisting the Commander in stopping the scarabs from spreading. As the Commander traveled to the Domain of Kourna to establish a foothold for the allied army so they could stop Joko's plans to improve the Scarab Plague at Gandara, the Moon Fortress, Aurene followed her champion and helped the allied army in their fights against the Awakened army.

The Commander and Braham sneaked into Gandara via the sewers while the rest of the allied army focused on fighting the Awakened and stopping the third generation of Scarab Plague. The pair confronted Joko, only to fall into the lich king's trap. While Joko gloated about his impending victory and prepared to execute both the incapacitated Commander and Braham, Aurene entered the fortress and attacked Joko, catching the lich by surprise. She devoured Joko and the magic that burst out of his body and snapped at the Commander who tried to approach her. Aurene eventually collapsed from exhaustion, and Canach speculated that absorbing Balthazar's magic might have changed her.

After the Battle of Gandara, Aurene flew around the Elonian countryside and assisted people in need, defending villages and cleaning up the Branded. The scion's dedication to protecting Elona tired her, however, and she eventually collapsed on the Fortress of Jahai during a summit between various factions who were about to decide Elona's future in the wake of King Joko's death. The appearance of the dragon who had killed Joko caused alarm among the factions who had been loyal to the lich king, and threatened to end the peace talks before they could properly begin. Aurene refused to move from the grand hall until the Commander appeared there and convinced the scion to follow Taimi out of the fortress for a stroll.

Kralkatorrik's Branded assaulted the fortress and the rest of Jahai Bluffs through rifts connecting to the Mists shortly after, however, and the Death-Branded Shatterer chased after the scion. As Aurene flew over Crescent's Prosperity, the Branded opened rifts while hunting her and caused the village below to be Branded.[2]

After having successfully evaded the Shatterer, the exhausted Aurene fell out of the sky over Gandara where a group led by Taimi located her and brought her back to Jahai Bluffs. Gathering a few displaced civilians along the way, they entered Sun's Refuge, which the Commander's team had recently liberated from territorial cave spiders led by the Colossal Broodmother, in order to give Aurene and the civilians a safe place to rest in. However, upon thinking back on the timing of Branded attacks coinciding with Aurene's appearances in various locations, the Commander and Taimi came to the conclusion that Kralkatorrik was using his connection to the scion to track her movements from the Mists and send his Branded after her.

Shortly after the revelation, the Branded assaulted Sun's Refuge via a Mist rift, forcing the Commander to take a select few allies to fight the Branded while the rest of the allies stayed in the heart of Sun's Refuge to protect Aurene and the civilians. With the unexpected help provided by the ghosts of Eir Stegalkin and Snaff, the rift was closed. The ghosts had returned with a dire message from Glint herself: Kralkatorrik had begun consuming the magical energy in the Mists, and Aurene and the Commander needed to enter the Mists to stop the Elder Dragon and have Aurene replace him according to Glint's prophecy before reality itself would be devoured.

Backed into a corner, Aurene revealed a vision to the people present. She showed multiple potential scenarios of their future attempts to defeat Kralkatorrik with varying equipment and allies—including the Pact fleet, the MEGA-LIT cannon, Awakened trebuchets and soldiers, Braham, Caithe, Canach, Rox, Rytlock Brimstone, Taimi in Scruffy, and an enigmatic deadeye priestess who would later be revealed as Zafirah—only for each outcome to end in Aurene's death. Terrified, the scion roared in anguish and fled outside, leaving her allies reeling without her.

After attaching a tracker to Kralkatorrik with Blish's help in the Mists, the Commander returned to Sun's Refuge to deliver the news of Blish's sacrifice and ponder where the group should begin looking for Aurene. Much to their surprise Caithe appeared out of the shadows, suggesting that she could help them. After sufficient time had passed for the group to mourn Blish's passing, Caithe let the Commander know about her experiences with Aurene in Tarir and that it was in the scion's nature to go off alone whenever she felt troubled. The sylvari pointed out that Aurene would be ready when the group needed the scion to help them.[3]

To ease Aurene's anxiety and remind her how much she was loved, Taimi decided to build the scion a comfortable nest in Sun's Refuge. She asked the Commander to collect gifts for the nest from various people, whom Aurene had helped during the group's travels throughout Elona and the Crystal Desert, in preparation for the scion's return.[4]

Aurene bonds with Caithe via Branding her.

Following her troubling visions, Aurene used her new Mist-traversing abilities to retreat to a section of Glint's Trials concealed in the Mists. The Commander and Caithe tracked her there in 1332 AE and witnessed her mourning next to the corpse of her mother. After the pair had comforted her, the scion decided to accompany the Commander to the last set of trials Glint had set up in preparation for the final confrontation with Kralkatorrik. Aurene learned to facilitate her absorption of powerful magics and use it to shape and mold Kralkatorrik's Brand crystals, and faced her greatest fear which manifested as Branded Aurene.

The scion and her champion ultimately passed Glint's trials by proving their partnership and trust for one another. Aurene was taken to a private area in the lair where she communicated with Glint about the specifics of Ascension which could only be expressed between dragons. Upon returning to the Commander and Caithe and leaving for Thunderhead Keep where their allies were already waiting for them, the scion's scales had gained a faint blue glow, and she was no longer afraid of death.

As the trio emerged from a portal in Thunderhead Keep, they met with Zafirah, who sensed a trace of Balthazar in Aurene, and heard a Zephyrite choir singing a song about Aurene being the hope of Tyria. While the Commander explored the Forge, Aurene stayed with Zafirah and Caithe for a while to get acquainted with the priestess. She eventually joined the Commander in clearing Branded crystals from local dredge pumps to convince the dredge to lend some of their oil supply for the Pact. With the materials ready, the scion helped the Commander create the first of the many mass-produced albeit inferior Dragonsblood Spears to come for the battle ahead.

After the forging, the Commander learned from the ghost of Gwen Thackeray that Glint's army had been overrun in the Mists, and Kralkatorrik had entered the Domain of the Lost where he was scattering and devouring the dead. In the wake of the ghost's visit, a Mist rift opened and brought in a horde of invading Branded. Aurene channeled her power through the Forge's resonance crystal to defeat Kralkatorrik's minions, then shocked everyone by Branding over the residual Brandstorm to stop it from spreading. As many of the Commander's allies argued about this troubling new power and if the scion could become a liability in the future, Aurene grew frustrated by her inability to speak and defend herself. Caithe finally offered herself to Aurene as a vessel to speak through and stepped into the scion's Brand. The act resulted in teal crystalline flowers blossoming over Caithe as a deep mental and emotional bond joined her and Aurene—an experience far different from the violent subjugation of Kralkatorrik's Branding. Speaking through Caithe, Glint's second scion uttered her first words: "I am not him."

Aurene's gesture reassured her allies, and together they came up with an improvised plan to lure Kralkatorrik into the Forge and use the resonance crystals, boosted by dredge technology, to help destroy him. While the Commander rallied the troops with an inspiring speech, Aurene joined Caithe near the first resonance crystal of the Auditorium deep within the keep. After a few reassuring words from the Commander, the scion entered the Mists only to return shortly after, luring the Elder Dragon to the Pact's trap.

Aurene battles Kralkatorrik in the Auditorium.

While Kralkatorrik was being distracted by the Pact's attacks, Aurene Branded the Elder Dragon's neck to the wall so he could not force himself deeper into the mountain. With the help of the Zephyrite choir and the dredge's sonic amplifying technology, the scion and her champion unleashed the sounds of three resonance crystals on Kralkatorrik to wound him and attacked him on the revealed weak points every time he became disoriented.

In the final stages of the battle, Kralkatorrik mustered all his strength to annihilate his opposition which stood in his way to Aurene. Channeling the powers of Zhaitan, Mordremoth, Balthazar as well as his own power all at once, the Elder Dragon released a major surge of dragon energy only to be blocked by Braham's shield bubble which Aurene had boosted with her magic. The resulting blast was enough to knock the allied forces down and leave the Commander and Aurene to face the weakened Crystal Dragon in the depths of the keep where they successfully damaged one of his eyes and prepared to deliver the killing blow.

However, Kralkatorrik recovered at the last moment and fired another blast of dragon energy to kill the Commander, only to be countered by the scion who darted in front of it and fired a blast of her own. The resulting explosion destroyed one of the Crystal Dragon's eyes but also caused the scion to be impaled by Branded spikes, piercing her heart and killing her as her visions had foretold. Wounded but victorious, Kralkatorrik managed to shake himself free from Aurene's Brand and returned to the Mists, leaving the wounded Commander and the remnants of the allied army to mourn the scion's death.

After gathering to pay tribute to Aurene's corpse some time after the battle, Caithe was heartbroken by Kralkatorrik's crystals piercing Aurene and decided to snap one off, causing a slight tremor. Curious about this sudden effect, a few Zephyrite singers and the Commander agreed to help Caithe in her task, and together they removed another crystal, causing a reaction in Aurene and returning life to Caithe's Branded flowers. The Commander used Aurene's Resonating Blast skill on the remaining Branded spikes on her body; the crystals shattered completely, revealing that Aurene was alive once more but could now speak without needing Caithe as a conduit.

The scion explained that she had been saved because she had consumed Palawa Joko's magic at Gandara, which had made her immortal, but she had not been able to heal herself earlier because of the Branded crystal which had pierced her heart. Following the revelation, Aurene urged the Commander to follow her into the Mists to find and drive the injured Kralkatorrik back to Tyria before he could heal himself and devour all reality while the Commander's allies mobilized to rendezvous with the pair to face the Elder Dragon together.

Riding atop the revitalized and now empowered Aurene, the Commander used her skills to track down and attack Kralkatorrik in the Mists, following him from Melandru's Lost Domain to Grenth's Underworld and finally to Balthazar's Fissure of Woe. The aerial battle concluded when Aurene successfully blasted off Kralkatorrik's left wing and forced him through a portal back to Tyria into the Clashing Seas, where the Elder Dragon was buried under what became known as Dragonfall, a landmass of the three god-realm islands torn from the Mists.

Following the return to Tyria, Aurene landed in a newly established Pact camp on Dragonfall and set off after planning the offensive with Dragon's Watch and Pact command. Inspired by Aurene saving their lives in Thunderhead Keep, several volunteers from various races had founded the Order of the Crystal Bloom to revere her and had come to assist in the battle against the Elder Dragon.

Later, Aurene called the Commander to her after discovering and befriending a new Mists-born species of lesser dragons she called skyscales. Because Kralkatorrik had begun generating constant Brandstorms around his half-buried body and disrupting mechanical devices, the scion suggested that the Commander use one of the skyscales instead to reach Kralkatorrik's severed wing and collect the Elder Dragon's blood to forge]] a true, upgraded successor to the original Dragonsblood Spear to help in the coming fight while she led the rest of the skyscales to combat Kralkatorrik and his amassing Branded horde. Once the Commander had successfully tested the improved Dragonsblood Spear on a weak point on Kralkatorrik's claw and heard him roar in pain, Aurene answered with a roar of bloodthirsty delight.

Aurene becomes an Elder Dragon.

Learning that the Pact's attempt to kill Kralkatorrik was failing due to the Elder Dragon consuming a hidden ley line under his body to heal himself, the Commander, Caithe, Zafirah, and Rytlock accompanied Aurene through a cave to his head where they defend Aurene while she sealed off the ley lines with her crystal magic. Meanwhile, the Pact distracted the Branded swarm by assaulting the Elder Dragon's exposed body. When the final ley line was closed, the Pact struck at Kralkatorrik, killing his body. However, despite his body's death, energy still remained within Kralkatorrik, and the Commander and Aurene realized they had to fly into his body through his mouth to destroy his heart while the rest of the party stayd behind to defend the ley lines from amassing Branded.

Once inside the Elder Dragon, the pair heard Kralkatorrik address them directly, and Aurene was distressed by sensing her grandfather's pain. As they advanced to Kralkatorrik's core, they learned of the Elder Dragon's inner torment and regret, and ended up fighting against a manifestation of Kralkatorrik's torment which shielded his heart. To weaken the manifestation of torment, the pair defeated and sealed off facets of magic which Kralkatorrik had absorbed from Balthazar, Mordremoth, and Zhaitan, while Kralkatorrik's voice urged the pair on and argued with his tormented side.

In the end, Kralkatorrik's Torment was overpowered, and Aurene came to realize the suffering the Elder Dragon had been through for millennia. As a result, her bloodthirst to see Kralkatorrik die was gradually replaced by sympathy towards her grandfather who had genuinely cared for his family until his torment had made him act against them and cause destruction in his wake. After sharing a brief moment of peace with his grieving granddaughter, Kralkatorrik urged the Commander to pierce his heart with the Dragonsblood Spear so that Aurene may take his place as an Elder Dragon. Upon consuming Kralkatorrik's magic, Aurene shared one final moment with her champion before she ascended and flew off into a beautiful sunset, emerging as a fully fledged Elder Dragon to replace her grandfather in the All.

Despite Aurene earning the goodwill of many of the people she had fought with and saved over the past months, some Tyrians were not won over by her actions. During the Dragon Bash festival organized in Hoelbrak after Kralkatorrik's defeat, some revelers argued that all dragons should be hunted down because destruction was in their nature and they would enslave other races to do their bidding before discarding their subjugated slaves who had outlived their usefulness, and implied that Aurene could become a threat to the world in the future.[5]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]


Heart of Maguuma
Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Domain of Istan
Domain of Kourna
Supply Bull Amber Sandfall.png
Escort Melandru's Tears to the Olmakhan camp (80)
Supply Bull Blue Oasis.png
Escort Soul Binders to the Crystal Bloom camp (80)
Supply Bull Red Rock.png
Escort Eternal Embers to the Olmakhan camp (80)
Event dragon (map icon).png
[Group Event] Engage Kralkatorrik (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Adolescent Dragon

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Surprised.png Coordinated Attack - Combo attack between Aurene(Flaming Breath attack) and Pact Commander(Equipped Weapon).
  • Resonating Blast.png Resonating Blast - Pact Commander channels Aurene's Power in explosive blast.


Inside Precocious Aurene (personal instance)
Aurene looks up at you adoringly.
Smile at Aurene to show your affection.
Talk ready option.png
Play catch with Aurene.
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene the dragon hatchling doll.
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from Divinity's Reach.
One of the following:
<Character name>: Something special just for you.
<Character name>: A little something from the outside world.
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from the Black Citadel. (Same as above)
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from Hoelbrak. (Same as above)
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from Rata Sum. (Same as above)
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from the Grove. (Same as above)
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from Orr. (Same as above)
Talk give option tango.png
Give Aurene a souvenir from the Zephyrites. (Same as above)
Talk end option tango.png
Never mind.


Concept art


  • Ruka calling Aurene "Glint's second scion" is in reference to Vlast, Aurene's older brother and Glint's eldest child.
  • Despite initially residing in the Inner Chamber of Tarir, Aurene does not show up in the open world version of the chamber and is instead represented as an egg. She can presently only be encountered as a hatchling in Living World Season 3 and Path of Fire story instances and in a special personal instance introduced in A Crack in the Ice. From Daybreak onward, Aurene appears as a more grown up dragonling.
  • Gorrik refers to Aurene as a "Prismatic Dragon".[6]


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