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Contact Point

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Crystal Desert

Contact Points are scattered around the Crystal Desert maps, marked by a glittery green cloud with light rays shining through it. They provide communication with Taimi during the Path of Fire storyline.

All possible points will receive a quest marker for the "Find a clear signal to communicate with Taimi" story step during Blazing a Trail.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


Player character greetings (randomly selected)
<Character name>: Taimi? Do you read me?
<Character name>: Taimi, come in.
<Character name>: Commander calling Taimi. Come in, Taimi.
<Character name>: Taimi, this is the commander.
Taimi replying to player character greeting (randomly selected)
Taimi: Hi, boss!
Taimi: Dragon Lab here. You've got questions, Taimi's got answers.
Taimi: Taimi here.
Taimi: This is Taimi, using my official "broadcast" voice. Impressive, eh?
Taimi: There you are! I was worried you forgot about me.
Taimi replying when repeating dialogue (randomly selected)
Taimi: You must love the sound of my voice. Not that I blame you...
Taimi: I feel like we just talked.
Taimi: Hello again.
During Blazing a Trail (randomly selected)
Always Time for Taimi - 1/12
Taimi: Hi there! I'd love to chat, but right now we're dealing with a small-scale chak invasion. Gotta go!
Taimi: Thank you for contacting Taimi's Dragon Lab. No one's available to respond at this time. Please try again later.
During Night of Fires
Always Time for Taimi - 2/12
Taimi: How are things where you are? What's the latest news from the desert?
<Character name>: Balthazar is hunting Vlast, and his armies are devastating the region in the process.
Taimi: Wait—now I'm confused. Why is he suddenly interested in a non-Elder dragon?
<Character name>: I'm not sure. I was hoping the Exalted might know something.
Taimi: I'll ask, but it'll have to wait until Aurene takes her nap.
Taimi: According to Caithe, when Aurene's awake, she's all they talk about.
Taimi: I guess that's what 100 percent devotion to your reason for living looks like. It's impressive...and kind of creepy.
<Character name>: All right. Find out what you can. I'll check in again soon. Commander out.
Taimi: 'Bye.
After Night of Fires, before The Sacrifice instance
Always Time for Taimi - 3/12
Taimi: Anything new and exciting to report?
<Character name>: Balthazar's herald is on the loose, and she's killing everyone on her path.
Taimi: What for? I mean, Balthazar always has an objective in mind, but how does collateral damage help him achieve it?
Taimi: Is it some kind of morale breaker? Or does he just like showing off how mean he is?
<Character name>: A bit of both, but the main reason seems to be, he need a steady supply of spirits he can turn into Forged.
Taimi: Wait... He's putting spirits into metal skins so he can boss them around? That's nasty... Inquest nasty.
Taimi: Somebody needs to teach him that even for a god, the ends don't always justify the means.
<Character name>: It's like you're reading my mind. I'll check in again when I have more news.
Taimi: Taimi out!
During The Sacrifice, after completion of the instanced content
Always Time for Taimi - 4/12
Taimi: Something's up, isn't it? Caithe says the mood in the egg chamber has taken a troubling turn.
<Character name>: What do you mean?
Taimi: Aurene's... not herself. She started moaning like she was in pain, but she won't let anyone near.
Taimi: She actually snapped at her Exalted attendants. Angrily. The whole city's talking about it. What's going on?
<Character name>: Balthazar is a lot tougher than he was before. He swatted us down like we were nothing.
<Character name>: And he... he killed Vlast. He was aiming for me but, Vlast took the hit.
Taimi: Oh... wow. That explains why Aurene's so agitated: she's grieving for her big brother, the poor thing.
Taimi: I'll liasie with Caithe and the Luminate. Together, maybe we can calm Aurene down.
<Character name>: Stay in touch.
During Crystalline Memories
Always Time for Taimi - 5/12
Taimi: Commander? I'm a little overwhelmed here. Aurene is not calming down!
Taimi: I understand that she's grieving, but does grieving have to mean destroying all of my equipment?
Taimi: I need her to settle down, but relaxing is not my forte. Do you know any songs? Bedtime stories? I don't know. Amusing limericks?
Taimi: Your mind is connected to hers, right? Think positive thoughts. Soothing, tranquil thoughts about...pillows. And clouds.
Taimi: Maybe if you meditate—Aurene, no! Stay out of that! Aww...Commander, I have to go.
During Hallowed Ground
Always Time for Taimi - 6/12
Taimi: I bet I know why you're calling: you want Tarir's take on the latest dragon developments.
Taimi: I still don't have anything conclusive. Between Vlast's death and Aurene's anguish, everyone's in shock.
Taimi: No one will talk about Vlast. Not to me, anyway. I think they either don't know or aren't allowed to say.
Taimi: It gets kind of awkward. I bring him up, and they act like I'm fishing for something to blackmail them with.
<Character name>: What about Aurene? Are they helping her?
Taimi: They're trying. Caithe's been great, but even she can't get our girl to relax.
<Character name>: Okay. Make sure you or Caithe keep an eye on her. We've got our hands full with Balthazar.
Taimi: Until I'm done extricating myself from the lab, it'll probably be Caithe. Speaking of Balthazar: Any progress?
<Character name>: Maybe. We're trying a different approach: we're going to see if the other gods know anything we can use against him.
Taimi: Call on gods to stop another god? Sounds reasonable. Though I bet Rytlock just looooves that angle.
<Character name>: He's got other things on his mind right now, but don't worry: he's on board.
Taimi: If you say so. Well, good luck. I hope to have more and better news for you the next time we chat.
During Facing the Truth
Always Time for Taimi - 7/12
Taimi: Before you ask: I don't have any new info to share. Vlast discussions are still a nonstarter with the Exalted.
<Character name>: Understood. What about the rest of Dragon's Watch? Any news? Have you been in touch with Jory, Rox, or...Braham?
Taimi: Er, ah...yes and no. I hear from Jory fairly often—I think she's a bit lonely.
Taimi: And Braham...well, he made it clear he doesn't want me sharing anything he tells me with you. Not that he tells me much...
<Character name>: Never mind, then. It's not your job to sort things out between us. Only he and I can do that.
Taimi: Well, do it fast, will ya? Sorry, boss, but I hate the idea of him out there with no one to talk to.
<Character name>: He's got Rox.
Taimi: Yeah, but...I don't know if she's actually helping him. She and I never really clicked, to be honest.
Taimi: If you ask me, Braham's better off listening to Garm. I mean, he worships a wolf spirit, right? And Garm's a wolf.
<Character name>: Well, if you hear from any of the two-legged members of our guild, let me know. Commander out.
Taimi: Stay in touch!
During The Way Forward
Always Time for Taimi - 8/12
Taimi: So, how'd it go with the gods? Did Rytlock behave?
<Character name>: Mostly. And it was "god," singular. Kormir was the only divine being we found, and now she's gone too.
<Character name>: On her way out, she pretty much told us we're on our own against Balthazar.
Taimi: Ouch. How did Kas take that?
<Character name>: Better than you'd expect. Kormir told us we had to find answers on our own. So that's what we're going to do.
<Character name>: We've split up to search the desert for something—anything—that can help us against Balthazar.
Taimi: That...doesn't spell "plan" to me. That's just the letter "p." Scrawled on a rock. In pink chalk.
<Character name>: Maybe I should ask a genius to come up with something better. Oh, wait, I just did. Your thoughts...genius?
Taimi: I, ah, well... Give me a minute... You can't rush inspiration, you know.
<Character name>: Oh, I know. How's Aurene?
Taimi: According to Caithe, restless. Aurene keeps trying to fly. Takeoff and landing are still a challenge, but...
Taimi: She's actually getting pretty good at it. You know, in short bursts, around the interior of the egg chamber.
Taimi: But it's not fun, playtime flight. From what Caithe says, it's more "sparkfly trying to break out of a killing jar" flight.
<Character name>: Well, keep her calm. And don't let her go exploring by herself. The last thing we need is to lose track of her.
Taimi: Noted. I'll pass that along to Caithe, too. We'll do our best.
<Character name>: And don't antagonize Caithe.
Taimi: Say again? Bzzzt—breaking promises...bzzzt...define "antagonize"...bzzzt—ding! Time's up!"
During The Departing
Always Time for Taimi - 9/12
Taimi: I'm about to vacate the Dragon Lab. Voluntarily—I won't give Phlunt's phlunkies the satisfaction of evicting me.
Taimi: But I'll be standing by if you need my input, so keep your communicator handy!
During Enemy of My Enemy ("Bringing Out the Archon" and "Enemy of My Enemy" subparts)
Always Time for Taimi - 10/12
Taimi: Again, sorry about Aurene surprising you like that.
Taimi: Caithe and the Exalted did their best, but...Aurene's a dragon. Their best just wasn't good enough against nigh unstoppable.
<Character name>: I understand. And I can't really scold anyone for being overwhelmed—there's been a lot of that going around lately.
<Character name>: But it was literally the worst-case scenario. Now Balthazar has Aurene. As far as we know, she's still alive.
<Character name>: For now. And whatever plan he has to use her against Kralkatorrik is officially underway.
Taimi: Leave it to the god of war to be all focused and military. Can you stop him? Can I help?
<Character name>: We're going to try. But the clock's ticking. Unless you can get here as fast as Aurene did, you'll have to leave it to us.
Taimi: Glitch! Okay, listen: I'll be standing by and offering moral...well, intellectual support as needed.
Taimi: Hang in there. If anyone can turn this around without my direct participation, it's the rest of Dragon's Watch!
During Beast of War
Always Time for Taimi - 11/12
Taimi: So, first off: You're currently alive, right? I only ask because your vital status has been so fluid lately.
<Character name>: Still breathing. Though if you were here, you'd be asking about Rytlock and Canach.
Taimi: That's intriguing...and a little frightening. Care to elaborate?
<Character name>: We're impersonating Joko's soldiers. Kas cast an illusion so they look like the local undead.
Taimi: Ha! They must hate that. They're all so pretty...except Canach. How'd you manage to keep your warm-blooded good looks?
<Character name>: The officer I'm impersonating was alive and well...until I killed him. Nobody knows he's gone yet.
<Character name>: We're mustering Joko's army to fight Balthazar's. It's our best shot at getting Aurene back before...
Taimi: Before Balthazar uses her against Kralkatorrik and ruins everything.
Taimi: Don't let me delay you. Go after her!
During To Kill a God
Always Time for Taimi - 12/12
Taimi: What are you doing? Isn't there a pitched battle going on right now?
<Character name>: I'm on it. Balthazar's cornered...down, but not out. He's still got Aurene.
Taimi: Well, go get her back! Wasn't that the whole point? We can talk later.
After To Kill a God, and after Small Victory (Epilogue) at any point other than northern Amnoon
Councillor Phlunt: What is this thing? Who is speaking? I was told all the progeny's devices were deactivated.
Councillor Phlunt: Yes? Who is this?
After Small Victory (Epilogue), at northern Amnoon
Taimi: Hang on. I've been waiting for this moment since before the Bloodstone exploded.
Councillor Phlunt: Yes? Who is this?
Taimi: Grrr! This is Centurion Mangleface Goreguzzler of the Iron Legion. Who is this?
Councillor Phlunt: You have the honor of speaking to Councilor Phlunt of the Arcane Council.
Taimi: Oh. I was hoping you were someone important. Pay attention, Phlunk...
Councillor Phlunt: Phlunt.
Taimi: Whatever. Listen, Punk: I just received my order of 10,000 Hyperkill Death Golems from your Rata Novus facility.
Taimi: I was dealing with a smart cub named Taimi. We agreed on 50 gold per unit. Cash. Is that still the deal?
Councillor Phlunt: (sputters) I—absolutely. I currently run the Rata Novus lab. I'll have my krewe standing by to receive payment.
Taimi: Oh, I'm not paying for them. I'm sending them to besiege your stupid lab and your stupid face. Iron Legion hates plagiarists.
Taimi: We'll be there soon, but you'll never see us coming. Until then: enjoy your stolen lab, squatter!
Taimi: That'll give that wrinkled old husk some sleepless nights. (deep breath) Ah. NOW my work in Rata Novus is done.


  • Some communications with Taimi are "filler" that will have her brush you off with some excuse such as "chak invasion" or "nobody available to take the call".
  • Using a contact point after completing the Path of Fire storyline will cause Councillor Phlunt to answer instead of Taimi. This holds true even when repeating the story: Taimi will still answer at important moments (see below), while Phlunt will field the filler calls.

Related achievements[edit]

  • Crystal Desert.png Crystal Desert: Always Time for TaimiCall Taimi and update her on your desert adventures after each step. (5Achievement points)
    • Of the thirteen story missions in Path of Fire, 11 have relevant communication moments, with The Sacrifice having two. Sparking the Flame and Small Victory (Epilogue) do not have relevant moments. Two of the moments are required as part of their respective missions and will automatically get completed if playing through the story. The 12 contributing moments are:
      1. During Blazing a Trail, at the step where you are required to call Taimi as part of the mission (guaranteed credit if you have played through this mission).
      2. During Night of Fires
      3. During The Sacrifice, moment one: Before entering the first story instance of The Sacrifice in the Desert Highlands
      4. During The Sacrifice, moment two: After completing the story instance, at the step where you are required to call Taimi in the open world as part of the mission (guaranteed credit if you have played through this mission).
      5. During Crystalline Memories
      6. During Hallowed Ground
      7. During Facing the Truth. Note that as this instance begins immediately after Hallowed Ground finishes, you will need to exit the instance to find a contact point if you aren't replaying from Story Journal.
      8. During The Way Forward
      9. During The Departing
      10. During Bringing Out the Archon or Enemy of My Enemy
      11. During Beast of War
      12. During To Kill a God. Note that as this instance begins immediately after Beast of War finishes, you will need to exit the instance to find a contact point if you aren't replaying from Story Journal.
    • This achievement can be cheesed after completing the Path of Fire story: stand at a contact point, open the Story Journal, and select "Replay this Chapter" for each chapter in turn, interacting with the contact point in between replay button clicks. If Phlunt answers, skip straight to the next one. If Taimi answers, listen to the whole message before moving on, or use character select and log back in to skip the dialogue.