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Dragon depicted during The Way Forward within the blue triangle of The All, which is connected to the deep sea dragon.

The currently unnamed Elder Dragon is the sixth and only Elder Dragon to not be named or have its influence shown. The Durmand Priory believe its name begins with an S; however, the old texts that list the Elder Dragons' names were damaged when naming this dragon, and translation is subjective due to its age.[1][2] The deep sea dragon is said to have woken in the deepest location of the seas, though its exact location remains unknown.

The only known shape of the deep sea dragon's corruption comes from The Movement of the World, claiming that it twists water into tentacled horrors. Some quaggans and largos also make mention of horrors belonging in the ocean's depths as well, though the nature of these "horrors" remains unclear.[3] The Movement of the World also says that through its powers, the deep sea dragon has been creating servants from every lake and river around its location.


Early years[edit]

The deep sea dragon, like the other Elder Dragons, is thought to have last awakened 10,000 years ago, around the time of the disappearance of the Giganticus Lupicus, and then fallen back into slumber from consuming all life they could find. Its exact location, as well as any actions in the last dragonrise, are left unknown, which accounts for the lack of information regarding the subject. However, it is known to reside somewhere in the Unending Ocean.

The first known influence of the deep sea dragon in Central Tyria is roughly around 1275 AE when the quaggans were forced out of their homes in the Unending Ocean by the deep sea dragon and the krait, who were also forced out of their home, the Unending Ocean's deepest trenches, at an unknown point in the past.[4][5][6] However, before this and even before the rising of Orr, the karka had migrated to the Ring of Fire islands before moving to Southsun Cove, and are said to have "avoided Orr for the same reasons they fled their home" in the Unending Ocean's depths.[7]

It is currently hinted by Master Sdias that the deep sea dragon's influence is now reaching the largos' homeland.

Recent developments[edit]

In 1325 AE, the Inquest captured a minion of the deep sea dragon and were preparing a water-themed area called "Zone Blue" in the Infinite Coil Reactor for it to be stored in before the Reactor's destruction.



  • It is not to be confused with the undead dragon Zhaitan, who was under the sea prior to awakening but has a different set of powers and minions.
  • The cinematic during The Machine features the Elder Dragons as orbs, with them lighting up in the order of Primordus (orange/red), the deep sea dragon (blue), Jormag (white), Zhaitan (dark green), Kralkatorrik (purple), and Mordremoth (lime green); some suspect this represents the order of awakening, which if so places the deep sea dragon as awaking sometime between Primordus and Jormag, well before any known influence by it. Animated gif of orbs in the cinematic.


  • The lack of information is meant to give a sense of foreboding for the open oceans.[8]
  • Due to the lack of an official name, players refer to the dragon as "Deep Sea Dragon" (or DSD for short), comically nicknaming it "Bubbles" in some cases. After learning its name could begin with S, "Steve(n)" and "Selbbub" (bubbles backwards) have become used.


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