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This Bestiary provides a brief overview of various creatures in Tyria.

Playable races[edit]

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Zojja Golemancer concept art.jpg Asura
The arrogant asura prize intellectual prowess over all else. They use their knowledge and skill with magic to assert their dominance over other races.
Rytlock art concept art.jpg Charr
Charr society is built around war and their pursuit of military dominance. Their ability with technology and machines of war strikes fear into any who cross them.
Logan 02 concept art.jpg Human
Said to be brought to the world by the gods, they once ruled firmly across the known world. In the past two centuries, they have fallen on hard times, but their faith and spirit remain unshaken.
Eir 03 concept art.jpg Norn
A race of 9-foot hunters hailing from the Far Shiverpeaks. These massive, shape-shifting fighters prize individual valor and victory above all.
Caithe 02 concept art.jpg Sylvari
Sentient plant folk who have a deep connection with the land and the riches it bears. They seek adventure and their place in the world.

Non-playable races[edit]

Awakened Mummy.jpg Awakened
Sentient undead who serve their master, Palawa Joko, in the Crystal Desert and Elona.
Centaur 02 concept art.jpg Centaur
A race of fierce and proud warriors who fight with the humans over land in Kryta and the Maguuma Jungle.
Delta Djinn concept art.jpg Djinn
Elemental spirits from Elona. Zommoros is a djinn bound within the Mystic Forge.
Dredge concept art.jpg Dredge
Formerly enslaved by the Stone Summit, the now-xenophobic dredge have taken control of many former dwarven territory and are now strip-mining the Shiverpeak Mountains.
"Dwarf" concept art.jpg Dwarf
Elder race who once dominated the Shiverpeak Mountains, now transformed into creatures of stone to fight the destroyers. To find a dwarf anywhere above ground is a rare occurrence.
Ettin concept art.jpg Ettin
Two-headed humpbacks, the ettin are only barely intelligent, but possess colossal strength which they employ against their foes with massive clubs.
Exalted Bastion.jpg Exalted
Originally humans of flesh and blood, the Exalted were transformed into beings of pure energy encased in magical armor. They live in the city of Tarir deep within the Heart of Maguuma and have sworn to protect Glint's legacy.
Fleshreaver Lord concept art.jpg Fleshreaver
These frightening creatures cannibalize the corpses of the dead to build their own form and offspring. They thrive in places of death.
Forged Weaponeer.jpg Forged
An army of living armor imbued with the souls of the dead terrorizing the Crystal Desert and Elona. They serve Balthazar, the God of Fire and War, with zeal and show no mercy to anyone standing in their master's way.
Forgotten concept art.jpg Forgotten
Elder race of serpents, associated with Glint and the Old Gods. None have been seen for a very long time.
Giant concept art 2.jpg Giant
Towering humanoid beings often seen living as nomads in desolate or isolated areas. Although sentient and relatively peaceful, they fiercely protect their territories from trespassers.
Grawl concept art 3.jpg Grawl
The ape-like grawl possess a tribal culture and worship unusual objects – from remarkable stone formations to abandoned statues and other natural or built structures.
Risen Giganticus Lupicus concept art.jpg Great Giant
Extinct race of true giants, believed to been wiped out by the Elder Dragons. Their colossal skeletons litter the Crystal Desert.
Harpy concept art.jpg Harpy
Winged raiders and scavengers, Elonian legends claim these fiends are fallen servants of the goddess Dwayna. Their young possess a very strong bond with their matrons.
Bestiary hylek.jpg Hylek
Sun-worshipping frog people that live along the coast of the Sea of Sorrows. Experts in alchemy and reading weather, they are a divided race of territorial tribes that often fight each other; only few welcome outsiders into their lands.
Imp concept art.jpg Imp
Flying creatures from the Mists, which are attuned to various elements and able to utilise them in combat. Some are bound to summoning stones which can be used to invoke them.
Jotun concept art 2.jpg Jotun
An elder race, once grand, now deteriorated to wielding only the most rustic of weapons and dressed in crude loincloth, they only care for themselves and the purity of their blood.
Kodan 05 concept art.jpg Kodan
A race of spiritual, polar bear-like people whose sailed iceberg cities have been scattered southwards from the arctic seas by Jormag.
Krait concept art.jpg Krait
An aquatic serpentine race who regularly make slaves of other races, believing themselves to be the most superior race. They are governed by their manipulative Oratuss.
Female Largos concept art.jpg Largos
A mysterious race of aquatic assassins. They are known as killers who appear from nowhere, preferring not to interact with other races.
Salvation concept.jpg Mursaat
Elder race of floating, spellcasting creatures who went to near extinction a couple centuries ago. They can hide themselves from those who do not have the gift of True Sight.
Ogre concept art 3.jpg Ogre
A race of beastmasters and herders, they are rarely seen without a pet. They come from the Blazeridge Mountains, looking to expand their territory into Ascalon.
Bestiary quaggan.jpg Quaggan
Peaceful aquatic creatures who once lived in the open ocean before being driven to Tyria. They become extremely hostile and berserk when agitated.
No image available.svg Seer
Elder race capable of impressive magic, who fell into a war with the mursaat. Ruins of their civilization still exist in Tyria, though few know anything of them.
Bestiary skritt.jpg Skritt
The skritt followed the asura out of the depths of Tyria and are now widespread on the surface. They are known for their "hive-mind" and scavenging habits, and are considered as pests by the asura.
"Bird Dog Goat Chicken Man" concept art.jpg Tengu
An avian race that has a long history of being oppressed or driven out by the dominant humans. Now they keep themselves mostly isolated behind a great wall in the Dominion of Winds.
Troll concept art.jpg Troll
Large, tusked creatures seen throughout Tyria, often in or near caves as well as in the jungle. They possess a deep affinity with nature, capable of using rocky, frosty or poisonous environment to their advantage.

Elder dragons[edit]

Zhaitan.jpg Elder Dragon
Enormous and ancient elemental creatures feared across Tyria. These dragons control vast corrupted armies, menacing the entire world.

Dragon minions[edit]

Branded Bear concept art 2.jpg Branded
Many types of creatures were corrupted into minions of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. Few in the Brand escaped being turned into these creatures of stone and crystal.
GW1 Destroyer concept art.jpg Destroyer
The fiery minions of the Elder Dragon Primordus. They come from the Depths of Tyria and can appear almost anywhere on the surface.
Sons of Svanir 03 concept art (Icebrood).jpg Icebrood
The minions of the Elder Dragon Jormag. They primarily consist of various corrupted creatures of the Shiverpeak Mountains, such as the norn, wolves, and kodan, that are slowly turned into mindless creatures of ice.
Mordrem Husk.jpg Mordrem
The corrupted plant-like minions of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.
Orrian-undead.jpg Risen
Reanimated corpses serving the Elder Dragon Zhaitan.


Ram.jpg Animal
Neutral beasts living in the wilds of Tyria. Peaceful by nature, they will retaliate if attacked.
Frost Bat.jpg Bat
Bats are a common sight in hillside regions, cliffs and caverns. They can fly out of reach of attacks and swoop down to retaliate.
Bear (NPC).jpg Bear
Largely solitary mammals revered by norn. Include arctodus, murellow, and plated behemoths.
White Raven concept art.jpg Bird
Avian creatures seen across Tyria, often referring to birds of prey such as eagles and hawks.
Alpine Wolf.jpg Canine
Canines that travel in packs. Includes wolves and coyotes.
Chak.jpg Chak
The chak are insects that can be found in the depths beneath the Heart of Maguuma. They mainly inhabit the ley line tunnels and some seem to have evolved mechanisms to integrate ley line energy into their biology.
Crab.jpg Crustacean
Crabs and thundershrimp are frequently found near the coast, and are easy to hunt.
Devourer.png Devourer
Arachnid creatures similar to scorpions but possessing two tails. Commonly seen in dry areas such as Ascalon and the Maguuma Wastes. They can burrow to ambush their prey.
Dolyak (NPC).jpg Dolyak
Calm animals from the Shiverpeak Mountains which are often domesticated and herded by the norn. They are also often used as beasts of burden in cool climates.
"Porcodile" concept art.jpg Drake
Ferocious reptiles often found near bases of water in Ascalon and Kryta, and the Shiverpeak Mountains. Drakes are all tied to certain elements, most being able to breathe magic.
Alpine Stalker.jpg Feline
Big hunting cats such as jaguars, snow leopards and stalkers.
Barracuda bestiary.png Fish
Various aquatic species of fish populate the waters of Tyria. Many kinds are harmless to the occasional swimmer, but there are numerous hostile and dangerous kinds.
Griffon concept art.jpg Griffon
Four-legged winged creatures found in areas of extreme temperatures. Venturing too close to their nests can agitate a whole flock to attack at once.
Grub concept art.jpg Grub
Giant bugs that prefer the dark, with a poison spit attack. Usually quite docile.
Furfly.jpg Insect
Large hostile bugs that use large animals, and people, as prey. Includes wasps, mosquitoes, fireflies.
Karka concept art.jpg Karka
A race of crab-like creatures that came from the Unending Ocean and has been forced onto the land for the first time since the ancient days.
Leviathan concept art.png Leviathan
A large, ancient, sea creature said to date back to the previous rise, if not further.
Minotaur concept art.jpg Minotaur
Minotaurs are prized by the norn for their warm, furry coats and horns. Most have never been domesticated due to being too stubborn to follow commands.
2010 July Moa render.jpg Moa
Large, flightless birds common throughout all of Tyria. They can be found in the wild of domesticated by humans. Includes flamingoes.
Bestiary Ooze.jpg Ooze
Jelly-like creatures of fluid and membrane originating from the Depths of Tyria, they are now found all over Tyria, mostly in underground caves or near their entrances.
Juvenile Pig.jpg Porcine
Territorial animals found across Tyria. These robust beasts will defend their grounds against anyone, even against the dragon minions.
Bristleback.jpg Saurian
Saurians are reptiles that can be found in Central Tyria and in the Heart of Maguuma.
Skale bestiary.jpg Skale
Amphibious, ravenous creatures of semi-sapience which prefer dark swamps and other shallow bodies of water as their hunting grounds.
Alpine Skelk.jpg Skelk
Amphibious reptilian creatures previously found in Tarnished Coast and moist caverns in the Depths of Tyria. They are capable of stealth and ambushing their prey.
Black Widow Spider concept art.jpg Spider
Eight legged web-spinners hoping to catch a little bigger prey, known of their poisonous traits. Venturing into their nests can be hazardous.
Sylvan Hound.jpg Sylvan Hound
Canine-like plants born from the Pale Tree akin to sylvari. Trained and treated similarly to actual canines.
Pinesoul concept art.jpg Treant
Sentient, large mobile trees that appear to be guardians of nature. Usually peaceful until attacked. Includes mosshearts, oakhearts, pinesouls, and willowhearts.
Vampire Beast.jpg Vampire Beast
Vampire Beasts are a type of bloodthirsty creatures living in the Heart of Maguuma. They resemble four-legged bats and are found in packs inside ruins or caves.
Wind Rider.jpg Wind Rider
Bizarre, silent, floating creatures that attack with tentacles. It is said that they are not natural beings, having been unleashed into this world by a sorcerer in ancient times.
Frost wurm concept art.jpg Wurm
Massive subterranean, burrowing creatures which, when disturbed or hunting, surge to the surface to swallow their prey whole.
Bestiary Wyvern.jpg Wyvern
Cousins to drakes, wyverns are flying reptiles that inhabit the dense Maguuma Jungle canopy and cliffs.


Bestiary elemental.jpg Elemental
Magical beings, many are bound or summoned out of natural elements and employed against their master's foes.
Ghost3 Ascalon ghosts concept art.jpg Ghost
The souls of the dead unable to find rest, sometimes due to a violent death, other times due to dark magic such as the Foefire.
Golem Banker web.png Golem
Machine-like magitech constructs created by the asura for any task, from various civil tasks to specialized combat roles.
Candy Corn Elemental.jpg Halloween creature
Candy, toy, and undead creatures released during Halloween. Accompanied by members of the Lunatic Court.
Shadow Behemoth rough 2 concept art.jpg Nightmare
Large shadow-like specters full of hostile emotions.
Mesmer broken mirror (cropped).jpg Phantasm
Illusions cast by mesmers. Sometimes easily identifiable by their magenta hue, others must be shattered before their true nature becomes apparent.
Robot 02 concept art.png Steam creature
Mechanical creatures running on steam power. Originally created by Scarlet Briar as her earliest inventions but have since become automatons and are invading Lornar's Pass.
Watchknight.jpg Watchknight
The mechanical guards for Divinity's Reach, based off of the designs of steam creatures. They were reformed by Scarlet Briar into Twisted Watchworks.
Plush Griffon.jpg Wintersday creature
Toy creatures created by Toymaker Tixx. Also includes Grentch and Snowmen.