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Emblem used by the Inquest.

The Inquest is a prominent asura organization active throughout much of the continent of Tyria. While closer in size to one of the Asuran colleges, the Inquest is actually more of a "megakrewe",[1] distinct from a regular krewe in that rather than coming together to complete a specific task before separating, Inquest members are unable to leave.[2] Their guiding principle is that the Eternal Alchemy is a thing to be mastered, rather than merely understood.

Although a relatively new organization, the Inquest has garnered a large amount of influence within asuran society, even going so far as to have a member with a seat on the Arcane Council. Members of the Inquest do not go through a traditional apprenticeship, but a system of corporate training structured like a series of aptitude tests. When a member completes their task, they are immediately given the next level of clearance. The Inquest do not share their discoveries, and will occasionally even sabotage the work of one of the colleges if it is seen as impinging on their proprietary research areas.


The Inquest was founded quite recently, although when exactly is not clear. They are at least old enough to have been the first asura to meet the sylvari, with Kudu, a high-ranking member, being the one responsible to what happened to Malomedies. A commonly cited reason for the founding of the Inquest was the destruction of Quora Sum—the founders of the Inquest viewed the amount of knowledge lost in that event as a massive "signal drop", and aspired to found an organization structured such that it could never happen again.

In 1325 AE, the Inquest were running an experiment on chaos magic at the Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province, with Scarlet Briar as a "special consultant". The experiment helped to identify the network of ley lines carrying magic around the world, but caused a large-scale natural disaster in the region.

Later that year, the Inquest built the Infinity Coil facility, run by Kudu. Kudu was a former apprentice of Snaff, who discovered that the Elder Dragons exude their own unique dragon energies, but stopped research because he felt it was too unstable to work with. At the Infinity Coil, the Inquest were removing and concentrating these draconic energies and using them to create dragon minions that only they could control, aiming to rival the power of the Elder Dragons themselves. They were stopped however, by Zojja, Logan Thackeray and Rytlock Brimstone, along with the Pact Commander. After the defeat of Zhaitan, Inquest operatives were found in Arah, showing an interest in mursaat technology.

In 1327 AE, at the behest of Scarlet Briar, the Inquest formed an alliance with some pirates to form the Aetherblades, taking responsibility for the maintenance of the stolen Pact airships.[3] Their role within the alliance seemed to diminish with time, as they were not seen towards the end. The Inquest have also attempted an alliance with the dredge in the past, as well as with the human bandits and Nightmare Court in the Sinister Triad.

In 1330 AE, Pact forces following Balthazar to Draconis Mons discovered Inquest forces already occupying the cavern. Inquest Datapads scattered around their camp in Rata Arcanum suggest that Balthazar, under the guise of Lazarus the Dire, paid the Inquest to set up a defensible camp within the cavern, possibly to hinder the Pact's efforts. While scouting the area, Inquest agents discovered evidence of the ancient asuran inventor Zinn's former presence in the area and immediately began searching for artifacts and remains of his. Their efforts were significantly hindered by the presence of the Druid spirits, who attacked several of their agents. At some point, Inquest leaders discovered Lazarus' true identity, but decided to keep this information among the upper ranks.

Known bases[edit]

Metrica Province
Brisban Wildlands
Blazeridge Steppes
Bloodtide Coast
Draconis Mons
Sparkfly Fen
Mount Maelstrom
Malchor's Leap
Dry Top


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