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Disambig icon.png This article is about the point of interest. For the object to access Visions of the Past, see Scrying Pool (object).

Scrying Pool

Point of Interest
Hall of Monuments
(Eye of the North)
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Uncover the relics of your history, and begin to master the powers of these waters. In that still and silent pool, may strength from the past fortify you for what is yet to come.


The Scrying Pool is a large pool of mystical water in the Eye of the North's Hall of Monuments with as-of-yet unexplained psychic properties.


Early years[edit]

It is not known who built the Eye of the North around the Scrying Pool; all that is known is that its origins are not of asuran, dwarven, or human construction.[1] There has been speculation that the responsible ancients may have done so in anticipation for later generations harnessing visions of the past to fortify themselves for the challenges yet to come.[2]

Guild Wars: Eye of the North[edit]

In 1078 AE, the year that the Elder Dragon Primordus was originally supposed to awaken, the Scrying Pool was able to show the human hero commemorated in the Hall of Monuments a vision of the Great Destroyer's lair, allowing the Deldrimor dwarves and their allies to defeat the Great Destroyer and delay the awakening of the Elder Dragons.[3]

The Scrying Pool was also able to show specific visions when brought certain mementos tied to specific people or events, which allowed it to locate Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray after he had gone missing in action during the Krytan Civil War.[4]

Interim years[edit]

Inspired by his experiences during the campaign against the Great Destroyer, the asura Vekk began studying the Scrying Pool. Based on contemporary accounts describing Vekk's knowledge of scrying pools, he might have found clues that more than one such pool existed on Tyria.[5]

An unknown author wrote a message intended for a future champion following in the previous hero's footsteps. The message speculated on the reasons for the Scrying Pool's existence and urged future heroes to uncover the relics of their history and master the power of the pool in order to prepare for future challenges.[2]

The Scrying Pool flooded over the following centuries, filling much of the central chamber.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1332 AE, the Elder Dragon Aurene was drawn to the Eye of the North because of its confluence of energies which connected many threads throughout time in the Mists.[6] Aurene tried to search through the visions in the Scrying Pool to find ways to break the destructive cycle of dragonrises but in vain. However, she learned about Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer and Ryland Steelcatcher's adventures in Darkrime Delves and persuaded her champion, the Pact Commander, to relive these events via visions so the Commander would gain insight into Bangar and Ryland's respective ambitions and the fate that befell General Almorra Soulkeeper.

After experiencing the vision involving Ryland and Bangar, the Commander found a message about the Scrying Pool written by an unknown party in the distant past, and followed the written instructions to begin the process of mastering the Scrying Pool's powers. The Commander brought mementos of past battles to the pool and witnessed visions of notable moments in the lives of their allies Braham Eirsson, Canach, Kasmeer Meade, Marjory Delaqua, and Rox.


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