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Hall of Monuments

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area in the Eye of the North city. For the achievement section, see Hall of Monuments (achievements).

Hall of Monuments

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Hall of Monuments map.jpg
Map of Hall of Monuments

Hall of Monuments.jpg
Hall of Monuments

The Hall of Monuments is a ruined shrine found in the Eye of the North, located within the Far Shiverpeaks. It was renovated to commemorate the deeds of a long-dead hero who defeated the Great Destroyer, which refers to player characters from the original Guild Wars.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Eye of the North Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Scrying Pool
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Asura Gate



Elder Dragons


Repairs (map icon).png Anvil
Armorsmith (map icon).png Berghild [Runic Armorsmith]
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Brass Nettlemoor 1
Lunar New Year Vendor map icon.png Celestial Dragon (During Lunar New Year only)
Bank (map icon).png Chloe Milse 1
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Crystallographer Smoxxi
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory Emissary [Shards Trading] (depends on order of the week)
Trading Post (map icon).png Elajh 1
Merchant (map icon).png Goro Cleverclaws (joins Eye of the North after talking to him in Drizzlewood Coast the first time)
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Kjep Corrson 1
Order of Whispers (order icon).png Order of Whispers Emissary [Shards Trading] (depends on order of the week)
Vendor Star (map icon).png Lady Camilla [Services]
Hot Air Balloon.png Lionguard Aircrew (During Festival of the Four Winds only)
Merchant (map icon).png Liria 1
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant (Kodan) 10
Vendor Star (map icon).png Mechanist Ninn [Gate Linking]
Rally Provisioner Collector (map icon).png Karnn Fallenskull 1
Guild Commendation Trader (map icon).png Samuel Darkwillson 1
Vendor Star (map icon).png Tactician Erlandson [Faction Vendor] 2
Vigil (order icon).png Vigil Emissary [Shards Trading] (depends on order of the week)
Vendor Star (map icon).png Tyrn Ironmaw 5
Tailoring Station (map icon).png Craftmage Cerr 1
Jeweling Station (map icon).png Craftmage Surra 1
Armorsmithing Station (map icon).png Harl Hotspur 1
Weaponsmithing Station (map icon).png Rallen 1
Artificing Station (map icon).png Siovhan 1
Huntsman's Station (map icon).png Stav Darkchaser 1
Leatherworking Station (map icon).png Teine 1
Cooking Station (map icon).png Vyor Ravenhanded 1


Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Faction Vendor (Crystal Bloom)] 2
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Support Mark Vendor (Deldrimor Dwarves)] 5
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Faction Vendor (Ebon Vanguard)] 3
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Support Mark Vendor (Exalted)] 6
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Faction Vendor (Tengu)] 7
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Faction Vendor (Olmakhan)] 8
Vendor Star (map icon).png Merchant [Faction Vendor (Skritt)] 9
1 Unlocked by Lady Camilla account-wide.
2 Added in Chapter 1: Truce.
3 Added in the December 1, 2020 update.
4 Only visible to a character who has completed Primordus Rising.
5 Added in Chapter 2: Power.
6 Added February 16, 2021.
7 Added in Chapter 3: Balance.
8 Added in the March 23, 2021 update.
9 Added April 6, 2021.
10 Added April 20, 2021.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

In the vicinity of the asura gate (only present after completing Primordus Rising)
Krewe Leader (1): Primordus's destroyers are pushing the centaurs out of their lands.
Krewe Leader (2): Better not pick a fight with a centaur today.
Krewe Leader (1): It was one time! And I was drunk!
Warden Ranger: We lost everything.
Priory Arcanist: Not each other.
Warden Ranger: There will be more attacks.
Priory Arcanist: And we'll still be together.
Warden Ranger: Before we even knew what was happening, they were on us. People are saying it's the end.
Priory Arcanist: If they can still say it's the end, that means it's not.
Whispers Creator: Did you see the attack report?
Peacemaker Officer: Give me the high level. And quick.
Whispers Creator: Destroyer attack. Casualties.
Krewe Researcher: It's going to be a long night.
Peacemaker Officer: Did you eat?
Krewe Researcher: Ha!
Peacemaker Officer: Take a break. You need it.
Krewe Researcher: You've been working longer than me!
Whispers Creator: So much destruction. Feels like we're not doing anything here.
Peacemaker Officer: Some people make their differences on the front lines. We make our difference here.
Ash Legion Scout: How did you end up fighting beside the Vanguard?
Blood Legion Soldier: Got hit, couldn't keep up. Warband left me behind. It was tough. I made it.
Seraph Archer: Were you in Drizzlewood?
Blood Legion Soldier: This was...before all that.
Seraph Archer: Was it—
Ash Legion Scout: Let it go.
Vigil Crusader: Do we have any food around here?
Iron Legion Soldier: Only soup. No meat. Basically just salty juice.
Vigil Crusader: If I can't chew on something dead, why bother?
Iron Legion Soldier: Exactly!
Added in the December 1, 2020 update
Vigil Tactician: What did the Ebon Vanguard bring along to help in the war effort?
Ebon Vanguard Soldier: Just us.
Vigil Tactician: More mouths to feed. Great.
Ebon Vanguard Soldier: We might end up being the last thing between you and a dragon.
Vigil Tactician: And as Aurene said, you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like!
Added in the April 4, 2021 update
Brek Harrowflight: Chopper's ready, Commander.
Brek Harrowflight: I'll airlift you to the battlefield, Commander.
Brek Harrowflight: I'll take you to the dragon fight, Commander.
Brek Harrowflight: Troops are on the field and awaiting your orders, Commander. I'll take you there. Just say the word.


Crafting stations

Hall of Monuments rewards[edit]

Primary article: Eye of the North (instance)#Hall of Monuments rewards


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