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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

At first, for centuries, I defended my master. But I could hear his thoughts, too, and I knew that if he rose again, all good things would come to an end.


Kralkatorrik is the Elder Crystal Dragon. It is a thousand feet tall and its wingspan easily blocks out the sun, and is described as being about 20 times larger than its scion Glint. It is often referred to as both a hurricane and sandstorm, having the ability to create and even become the latter.[1] It has the power to corrupt anything physical with its breath, turning them into the Branded.


Early years[edit]

Kralkatorrik asleep in the Blood Legion Homelands.

Kralkatorrik, like the other Elder Dragons, is thought to have last awakened 10,000 years ago, around the time of the disappearance of the Giganticus Lupicus, and then fallen back into slumber from consuming all life they could find.[2] Glint, Kralkatorrik's champion and scion[3][4], could hear the thoughts of creatures, which allowed her to unravel and stop the plots against her master.[5]

After running out of magic to feast on in the dragonrise, Kralkatorrik fell into slumber in Grothmar Wardowns in what would become known as the Blood Legion Homelands. Its back would be regarded as a mountain as millennia passed and knowledge of the previous dragonrise faded from memory.[6] Kralkatorrik left Glint awake as its herald so she could wake her master up once magic levels had become high enough to be feasted upon again. However, Glint betrayed her master by siding with the mortal races after the Forgotten had freed her from the Crystal Dragon's control.

Edge of Destiny[edit]

Kralkatorrik eventually became aware of Glint's betrayal. Furious, it awoke in 1320 AE and flew south over the charr territory of Ascalon to hunt down its treacherous dragon champion.

When Kralkatorrik flew, a terrible storm of black clouds and lightning was formed around its body. The lands that were touched by its golden breath during its flight turned black, now called the Dragonbrand; the plants, animals, and even elementals turned into the Branded—crystalline lifeforms, shadows of their former selves. The Elder Dragon's passing over Ascalon turned Chief Kronon's ogres as well as Almorra Soulkeeper's warband into Branded. Being forced to end her Branded comrades would lead Almorra to eventually form the Vigil. As Kralkatorrik flew past the Stronghold of Ebonhawke and brought the Branded in its wake, Queen Jennah who was visiting the city peeked into the Elder Dragon's chaotic mind only to coil back in terror when Kralkatorrik glimpsed her.[7]

Destiny's Edge, sans Logan Thackeray, facing Kralkatorrik in the Crystal Desert.

When Kralkatorrik reached Glint's lair, it faced not only its former champion but also Destiny's Edge, an adventuring guild who helped even the odds with coordinated attacks, and knowledge and artifacts that Glint had provided them with. However, due to Logan Thackeray's sudden departure to save Queen Jennah at Ebonhawke, which was assaulted by the newly formed Branded led by Chief Kronon in the Ogre Revolt, the strength of Destiny's Edge was diminished at a crucial moment.

Glint sacrificed herself by luring Kralkatorrik to her in order to place the dragon-blood yoke around her former master's neck as her last act, which in turn allowed the asura Snaff to access and wrestle with Kralkatorrik's mind in order to force the Elder Dragon to land and for Rytlock Brimstone to attempt to slay the temporarily incapacitated Elder Dragon with the Dragonsblood Spear. However, even after killing Glint and being distracted by Snaff, Kralkatorrik managed to locate the asura's position and directed its minions to kill him.[8]

After the Branded had killed Snaff, Kralkatorrik regained control of its body. The Dragonsblood Spear thrown by Rytlock bounced off harmlessly as the Elder Dragon took off and flew to safety.

Modern developments[edit]

Kralkatorrik remained in the northern Crystal Desert for roughly ten years, being among the forces preventing movement into Elona for all except the Order of Whispers.[9] Its champions such as the Shatterer continued attacking areas in Ascalon while more and more Branded headed south into the desert to join their Elder Dragon master's side.[10]

The remaining Forgotten in the Crystal Desert, led by Josso Essher, attempted to purify Kralkatorrik of its corruption via a ritual and turn it good like they had done with Glint. However, the attempt ended in a failure, leading to many Forgotten being Branded, including Josso Essher himself.[11]

After being empowered by the magic released from the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's demise in 1328 AE, Kralkatorrik flew off again, moving southwest towards the Domain of Vabbi and extending its Dragonbrand.[12] During this time Kralkatorrik had command over the Death and Plant spectrum from Zhaitan and Mordremoth along with its natural spectrum, Crystal.

Path of Fire[edit]

Balthazar facing Kralkatorrik atop Kodash Bazaar.

The rogue god Balthazar, having been denied the deaths of the Elder Dragons Primordus and Jormag whose powers he had been after, set his sights on the Crystal Dragon in hopes of absorbing its energy and invaded the Crystal Desert with his Forged army in 1330 AE. Balthazar successfully captured Aurene, Glint's second scion, and used her as a battery for his Warbeast. The fallen god had discovered that Kralkatorrik's unique weakness was its own crystalline power that it used when making Branded, which also included Aurene, and Balthazar hoped to abuse the connection between the two to bring down the Elder Dragon.

Balthazar and the Warbeast attacked Kralkatorrik with its own magical essence during the Battle of Kodash Bazaar. They nearly killed the Elder Dragon, had it not been for the Pact Commander who freed Aurene and forced Balthazar to enter the fray in person. As Aurene and the Commander fought Balthazar to prevent the war god from killing the Elder Dragon and destabilizing the magic in Tyria, the recovering Kralkatorrik shot blindly at everyone present on the battlefield.

After Balthazar's death, Kralkatorrik and Aurene absorbed the fallen god's rampant magic, which consisted of the magic of the Maguuma Bloodstone as well as some of the magic of Primordus and Jormag. Newly empowered, the Crystal Dragon flew across the desert once again, carving a new Dragonbrand in its wake.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Kralkatorrik reigns above the Dragonbrand.

After flying into the western mountains of Kourna, Kralkatorrik began creating pockets of Brandstorms across the Crystal Desert and Elona, remotely striking locations such as the Amnoon.[13] In these Brandstorms, a new type of Branded augmented with death magic, known as Death-Branded, appeared. These Branded could be created from the dead known as Branded Thralls, an augmentation of Kralkatorrik's powers from consuming Zhaitan's magic. Kralkatorrik had been corrupting living beings in the Dragonbrand before, and could turn the land itself into minions[14], but it was not able to create minions out of corpses prior to consuming Zhaitan's Death spectrum of magic.[15]

Kralkatorrik also began to send Branded meteorites across Elona, reaching as far south as the Isle of Istan.[16][17][18] The Inquest at Rata Primus had begun research into Kralkatorrik's powers, including the new Death-Branded minions, as well as its hive mind capabilities. Though Kralkatorrik had shown forms of hive mind before, upon learning of the Inquest's experiments Taimi theorized that Kralkatorrik had gained this improved hive mind through absorbing Mordremoth's magic.[19] The Inquest's hive mind experiments featured two Branded in mirrored environments where only one was exposed to external stimuli but both reacted; this was notably different from the previous examples of hive mind among the Branded which, like all other Elder Dragons and their minions, showed to be connecting the minions to the Elder Dragon and vice versa, but not minions to each other beyond recognition of being corrupted.



Recordings left by the Forgotten and Exalted in Kesho show that Kralkatorrik's unique weakness is its own crystalline blood, including Glint, Vlast, and Aurene. This weakness is created due to the unique resonance that connects the Branded back to Kralkatorrik, making the Elder Dragon vulnerable to its own minions and corruption.[11] Upon examining pieces of Kralkatite ore mined from Brandstones, Istani scholars have discovered that powdered rose quartz, if charged with a high-energy environment of a storm or a source of concentrated light such as the Astralarium's mirrors, is capable of cleansing Kralkatorrik's corruption by leeching the energy from the Kralkatite and potentially other corrupted material and discharging the cleansed energy into the environment.[16][17]

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

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Living World Season 4[edit]

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  • Kralkatorrik's name is similar to the name of the volcano Krakatoa.
  • Kralkatorrik's model was created in 2-3 weeks, and inspired by geodes.[20]


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