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Lab Sigma-05

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Lab Sigma-05

Point of Interest
Calon Islet
(Sandswept Isles)
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Lab Sigma-05.jpg
Lab Sigma-05

Interactive map

Lab Sigma-05 is a point of interest in Calon Islet, on the eastern side of the Sandswept Isles. It can only be accessed via the Transport Facility Sigma-05, a hidden Inquest facility located in the Desert Highlands. The lab was used to study the effects of the Scarab Plague on local animals and the Olmakhan and as a storage for Exterminator Mark Golem pieces; it was destroyed in response to the Commander's intrusion. Volatile Magic can be found in the irradiated remains. This is the entrance through living story for the player.


  • Radiation Poison is active while inside the lab, dealing 1000 damage per second to the player.
  • There are many volatile magic orbs inside the ruins.