Wildflame Caverns

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area in Metrica Province. For the foe, see Wild Flame.

Wildflame Caverns


Wildflame Caverns map.jpg
Map of Wildflame Caverns

Wildflame Caverns locator.svg
Location within Metrica Province

Wildflame Caverns.jpg
Wildflame Caverns

Wildflame Caverns is an area located in the southwestern reaches of Metrica Province. The cave is inhabited by embers which are the object of study of a local asura krewe.

Getting there[edit]

It is accessible through an obscured cave entrance southeast of Soren Draa. Note that the entrance is only accessible from within the southern part of Soren Draa. Go through Soren Draa and the entrance is a little bit east of due south.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Vista.png Wildflame Caverns Vista —
Easily accessed in the middle of the cave





The entrance to the caverns

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Lab Apprentice (1): I don't know how you work with him. He's so incredibly old. His memory started going years ago. It has to be long gone by now.
Lab Apprentice (2): It is, so he keeps meticulous notes of everything.
Lab Apprentice (1): Everything?
Lab Apprentice (2): Everything cross-referenced. Once a week, I have to add in new content.


  • A Mastery Insight located in this area can be seen in the world map; however, it is only possible to commune with it during Dragon Response Mission: Metrica Province, and it does not exist as an object in the open world.