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Gandara, the Moon Fortress

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Gandara, the Moon Fortress

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Gandara, the Moon Fortress map.jpg
Map of Gandara, the Moon Fortress

Western FrontCorsair LandingAllied EncampmentArkjok FarmlandsNtouka PondFront LineGandara, the Moon FortressYohlon BluffsElon BasinDabiji HollowsBitterfly BayouVeldrunner DriftsKodonur CrossingEastern FrontBay of GandaraGandara, the Moon Fortress locator.svg

Gandara, the Moon Fortress.jpg

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Gandara, the Moon Fortress is an area in the Domain of Kourna. After taking over Elona, Palawa Joko has turned the fortress into another seat of power for himself away from the Bone Palace.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Point of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Imperial Center for Applied Pestilence


  • Staying in the area outside of the meta event will give you the Necrosis (Domain of Kourna).png Necrosis effect.