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Imperators are the leaders of the High Legions, holding the second-highest rank in charr society (the highest being the Khan-Ur). The imperators are always descendants of the Khan-Ur, and only an imperator can claim such title. As there is currently no Khan-Ur, the imperators are the highest ranking charr and have the supreme authority within their legion's structure, acting as commanders-in-chief. As hinted by Seneca the Relentless, imperators are granted the right to personally interrogate, judge and sentence prisoners.

Known imperators[edit]

Ash Legion
Blood Legion
Flame Legion
Iron Legion
  • Smodur the Unflinching — Current.
  • Singe Seigemourn — Pushed for development technology in the 13th century AE.
  • Forge Ironstrike — Lost a duel against Kalla Scorchrazor and fought alongside her as an ally on the Plains of Golghein against the Flame Legion in 1116 AE.


  • Imperator is a Latin word that roughly translates into "commander", and is the root for the word "emperor".