Shadow of the Dragon

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While some believe it is immortal and cannot die, others do not. To date, there is no proof in either direction.

A Treatise on the Shadow of the Dragon

The Shadow of the Dragon is the form taken by the shadow of evil that has infected the Dream. If the player character is a sylvari, it blocks the path to their awakening and must be vanquished before the player can enter the world. Physically, it resembles a dragon champion and seems to be composed of plant matter, with an orange glow at its core not dissimilar to that of the Summoned Husks.

Although Caithe attributes its presence to the Nightmare Court, the Pale Tree believes it to be a manifestation of the player's Wyld Hunt to defeat Zhaitan.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

In Fighting the Nightmare[edit]

  • Changes attack pattern at low health.

In The World Summit[edit]

  • Has different attacks at each position taken.
  • Only becomes vulnerable when all Dragon Tendrils are killed.
  • Summon Dragon Tendril - Summons Dragon Tendrils to fight for the dragon.
  • Summon Mordrem - Summons a random Mordrem to the field.
  • Draconic Impact - An area-wide attack that deals massive damage and Knockdown.png knocks down.
  • Thorn Spit - A sticky glob that damages and Poisoned.png poisons.
  • Tangle Line - Spreads thorny vines through an area, Crippled.png crippling and Bleeding.png Bleeding any walking through.

In The Mystery Cave[edit]

  • Phase 1: Dragon circles its thorny arena while jungle vine tendrils attack.
  • Phase 2: The dragon will dig itself under the ground and claw and bite. Various explosive pods will spawn in the arena, exploding if the player gets too close. They also explode after a set amount of time.
  • Phase 3: The dragon's head will emerge from the center of the arena, flailing about as it is stuck in the divine fire circle.
  • After one cycle of the phases, the dragon will throw stones from the ceiling. Shadow creatures will also try to destroy lit parts of the divine fire circle.



  • Some of the dragon's abilities will instead show the attack being inflicted from an "Unknown" entity.


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