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Bangar Ruinbringer is the Imperator of the Blood Legion. He is considered a "wild card" among the current three Imperators of the charr High Legions, and is said to be both distrustful and prone to rage. He has a strong hatred for humans, which overcomes his suspicions about the other two Imperators to retain a shaky alliance against the Flame Legion. He rules from the Blood Citadel to the east of the Blazeridge Mountains.[1]


Early years[edit]

After becoming the Imperator of the Blood Legion, Bangar Ruinbringer gained a fierce reputation as a stern leader prone to rage whom few would dare to question. He did not trust the Ash Legion and preferred to send his own soldiers on covert ops mission whenever needed rather than relying on the other legion's finest.

In the past, Bangar ordered Crecia and Rytlock Brimstone to infiltrate the Flame Legion and sabotage it from the inside. In his view, a female charr like Crecia was perfect for the mission as the Flame Legion, who belittled females, would not suspect her of being a spy for the Blood Legion. When Rytlock eventually returned from the enemy garrison alone, Bangar was initially furious at him for blowing his cover and disobeying orders until he learned that Rytlock had stolen Sohothin, a recovered magic sword once wielded by Prince Rurik and which had been intended for Flame Imperator Gaheron Baelfire, from the Flame Legion upon his departure. Bangar would later learn that Crecia had stabbed Rytlock in the leg after the theft and sounded an alarm in the garrison to make Flame Legion chase after him in order to take suspicion off herself so she could continue carrying out her mission for her imperator.

Deciding to use Sohothin as a propaganda tool against the Flame Legion, the Blood Imperator sent Rytlock and the Stone Warband on the front lines. Although Rytlock used the sword with diligence at first, his fame as a legendary Flame Legion killer and wielder of Sohothin gradually emboldened him and made him ignore his superiors' orders. Bangar summoned Rytlock to the Blood Citadel where he voiced his displeasure and that he had considered executing the reckless warrior for the acts of defiance. Although he justified his arguments with Rytlock's disobedience having needlessly endangered his fellow soldiers in battle, he also made it clear that he did not like Rytlock believing he was better than the Imperator himself.

Instead of executing the warrior or making him a gladium as punishment, however, Bangar promoted Rytlock and sent him on "a tour of the legions" so the warrior's presence would "motivate" the other High Legions. As he delivered the punishment masked as a reward, Bangar enjoyed the thought of Rytlock, who did not hold a high opinion of the other legions at the time, being miserable abroad more than he enjoyed winning their verbal clash.[2]

Modern developments[edit]

After leaving Destiny's Edge in the aftermath of the failed battle against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and returning to the Blood Legion in 1320 AE, Rytlock was accused of being a traitor for collaborating with humans such as Logan Thackeray and was demoted to scrapper with Bangar doing nothing to prevent the demotion. However, Rytlock rose quickly through the ranks by killing any superior that insulted him and taking their position until he reached the rank of tribune. As a result, Bangar assigned him to the Iron Legion's territory in Ascalon as a Blood Legion representative to join another tribune, Fierhan Sparwind.[3]

Bangar's hatred of humanity remained even after Dougal Keane's successful covert mission to retrieve the Claw of the Khan-Ur on behalf of General Almorra Soulkeeper and Ash Imperator Malice Swordshadow led to talks of a ceasefire between charr and humans from 1324 AE onward. Despite his views, however, the Blood Imperator did not openly oppose the Ash and Iron Legions and ultimately joined them in signing the ceasefire agreement which ended the lengthy charr siege on the Stronghold of Ebonhawke and led to further negotiations between legion representatives and human ambassadors at Summit Peak which would result in the signing of the Ebonhawke Treaty.


  • "By Bangar's blade!" is a common Blood Legion saying.[4]
  • "All a real charr needs is their claws and teeth." is a saying attributed to Bangar.[5]


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