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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to The Icebrood Saga.

Warband above self. Legion above warband. Charr above legion... Charr above all.

Bangar Ruinbringer

Bangar Ruinbringer is the Imperator of the Blood Legion, the supreme commander of the Dominion, and the sire of Ajax Anvilburn. Although charismatic, he is considered a "wild card" among the current three imperators of the charr High Legions, and is said to be both distrustful and prone to rage. He has a strong hatred for humans, which overcomes his suspicions about the other two Imperators to retain a shaky alliance against the Flame Legion. He rules from the Blood Citadel to the east of the Blazeridge Mountains.[1]


Early years[edit]

Banner depicting Bangar with the Blood Legion symbol.

As a cub, Bangar Ruinbringer was raised on stories about humans skinning charr and using their fur and horns as armor, and had spent almost all of his adult life in direct opposition to them. He lost people he cared about—members of his warband, good soldiers, friends—in the human-charr conflict, and he lived and breathed this narrative for fifty-odd years.[2] His distrust for humans and the other races of Tyria stemmed not just from prejudice but from historic wrongs committed against his people.[3] While serving in the Blood Legion, Bangar had a relationship with future Vigil General Almorra Soulkeeper, whom he viewed as his fire and blood. The affair led to Bangar siring at least one of Almorra's cubs, Ajax Anvilburn.[4]

After becoming the Imperator of the Blood Legion, Bangar gained a reputation as a charismatic but stern leader prone to rage whom few would dare to question. He did not trust the Ash Legion and preferred to send his own soldiers on covert ops missions whenever needed rather than relying on the other legion's finest.[5] Bangar's suspicions often led him to take drastic measures such as.[6]

In the past, Bangar took in the young Crecia Stoneglow and her dam who had fled from the Flame Legion. He placed Crecia in a local fahrar so she would be raised according to the values of the Blood Legion although Crecia never forgot her roots and whom she and her dam had left behind.[7] While growing up, Crecia joined the Stone Warband alongside Rytlock Brimstone, and Bangar took note of the pair.

Some time after Crecia and Rytlock had graduated from the fahrar, Bangar ordered them to infiltrate the Flame Legion and sabotage it from the inside. In his view, a female charr like Crecia was perfect for the mission as the Flame Legion, who belittled females, would not suspect her of being a spy for the Blood Legion. When Rytlock eventually returned from the enemy garrison alone, Bangar was initially furious at him for blowing his cover and disobeying orders until he learned that Rytlock had stolen Sohothin, a recovered magic sword once wielded by Prince Rurik and which had been intended for Flame Imperator Gaheron Baelfire, from the Flame Legion upon his departure. Bangar would later learn that Crecia had stabbed Rytlock in the leg after the theft and sounded an alarm in the garrison to make the Flame Legion chase after him in order to take suspicion off herself so she could continue carrying out her mission for her Imperator.

Deciding to use Sohothin as a propaganda tool against the Flame Legion, the Blood Imperator sent Rytlock and the Stone Warband on the front lines. Although Rytlock used the sword with diligence at first, his fame as a legendary Flame Legion killer and wielder of Sohothin gradually emboldened him and made him ignore his superiors' orders. Bangar summoned Rytlock to the Blood Citadel where he voiced his displeasure and that he had considered executing the reckless warrior for the acts of defiance. Although he justified his arguments with Rytlock's disobedience having needlessly endangered his fellow soldiers in battle, he also made it clear that he did not like Rytlock believing he was better than the Imperator himself.

Instead of executing the warrior or making him a gladium as punishment, however, Bangar promoted Rytlock and sent him on "a tour of the legions" so the warrior's presence would "motivate" the other High Legions. As he delivered the punishment masked as a reward, Bangar enjoyed the thought of Rytlock, who did not hold a high opinion of the other legions at the time, being miserable abroad more than he enjoyed winning their verbal clash.[5]

Bangar promoted Crecia to his second-in-command some time after her return to the Blood Citadel from her successful undercover mission.[8] As a tribune and Bangar's head of security, Crecia used her influence to try to persuade Bangar to reach out to the Flame Legion and make a truce with them. The Blood Imperator, however, rejected her offers each time, even after Gaheron Baelfire's demise had left the Flame Legion fractured.[7]

The Blood Imperator remained suspicious of the other legions and their motives, however. At one point he had his forces steal Iron Legion cannons which he aimed at the Black Citadel as a deterrent. It was only thanks to Crecia's intervention that he decided not to carry out his threat as he often listened to her advice.[6] Bangar's growing paranoia and hate eventually distanced him from Almorra when she realized that he had poisoned their son Ajax's mind with his pro-charr views and hatred of other races.[4] Bangar's influence would lead Ajax to join the warmongering Renegades and eventually become their leader.

Modern developments[edit]

After leaving Destiny's Edge in the aftermath of the failed battle against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and returning to the Blood Legion in 1320 AE, Rytlock was accused of being a traitor for collaborating with humans such as Logan Thackeray and was demoted to scrapper with Bangar doing nothing to prevent the demotion. However, Rytlock rose quickly through the ranks by killing any superior that insulted him and taking their position until he reached the rank of tribune. As a result, Bangar assigned him to the Iron Legion's territory in Ascalon as a Blood Legion representative to join another tribune, Fierhan Sparwind.[9] Due to his troubled past in the Blood Legion Homelands and his strained relationship with both his Imperator and the Stone Warband, Rytlock rarely visited the homelands and his many cubs. Bangar took it upon himself to become a father figure to Rytlock and Crecia's son, Ryland Steelcatcher, and watched Ryland's career in the legion with great interest.

In the following years, Bangar often had strong disagreements with General Almorra Soulkeeper, who had once been a member of the Blood Legion before she had become a gladium and founded the Vigil in the aftermath of Kralkatorrik's rise. Bangar and Iron Legion's Imperator Smodur the Unflinching both vied for the title of Khan-Ur although neither made a move against the other while they had to focus on other threats to charr interests such as Ascalonian ghosts, Branded, Flame Legion, and ogres.

Bangar's hatred of humanity remained even after Dougal Keane's successful covert mission to retrieve the Claw of the Khan-Ur on behalf of Almorra and Ash Imperator Malice Swordshadow led to talks of a ceasefire between charr and humans from 1324 AE onward. Despite his views, however, the Blood Imperator did not openly oppose the Ash and Iron Legions and ultimately joined them in signing the ceasefire agreement which ended the lengthy charr siege on the Stronghold of Ebonhawke and led to further negotiations between legion representatives and human ambassadors at Summit Peak which would result in the signing of the Ebonhawke Treaty. According to Smodur, Bangar only agreed to the treaty because he could not afford a war against the other High Legions on top of dealing with other threats at the time.[10]

Bangar committed his troops to Smodur's region in Ascalon to assist the Iron Legion although the Blood Legion cohorts stationed there sometimes clashed with the other legions about how to handle the enemies they were facing. Since the negotiations for the Ebonhawke Treaty began, several rogue charr warbands defected from all the three High Legions and became Renegades. This rogue faction continued fighting against humans in Ascalon and tried to goad their fellow charr to brawl despite the Imperators' protests. Blood Legion defectors were particularly numerous among the Renegades.

Bangar eventually learned of his son Ajax's death at the hands of the Vigil who had conducted an operation against the Renegades in order to secure the armistice talks for the Ebonhawke Treaty in 1325 AE. The Blood Imperator mourned his fallen son, believing him to have been a hero of the charr, and grew bitter towards Almorra who had been fighting alongside other races in the Vigil.[4] Malice had sent her spies to investigate Renegade activities; however, she did not find any connection between Bangar and the Renegades at the time beyond Ajax's parentage.[11]

After Nicabar Steelweaver had defected from the Renegades and sought to find a place among the Blood Legion by participating in the Ooze Pit Trials with other gladia, Bangar took note of him. The Blood Imperator contacted one of his tribunes discreetly and ordered them to make sure that Nicabar would be added to the ranks of the Steel Warband without revealing that the imperator had influenced the decision.[12]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Bangar addresses the High Legions during the All-Legion Rally in Grothmar Valley.

Once news spread of the Pact's victory against Kralkatorrik and Aurene's ascension as a new Elder Dragon in 1332 AE, Bangar began pondering about Aurene's role in the world that would come after. He decided to finally follow Crecia's advice and offer a truce to any member of the Flame Legion who were willing to hear him out. When a Flame Legion faction led by Efram Greetsglory accepted Bangar's invitation to travel to Grothmar Valley, Bangar demanded that the faction hand over their cubs to raised in the Blood Legion's fahrar as a sign of goodwill. Despite the Blood Imperator's show of support, both male and female members of Efram's faction were viewed with distrust, and their cubs were bullied in the fahrar.[13]

Bangar took credit for the truce with the Flame Legion and sent invitations to his fellow Imperators as well as other notable Tyrian figures such as Almorra, the Pact Commander and members of Dragon's Watch who had contributed to Kralkatorrik's demise. While he made Crecia handle the logistics of the festival, he allowed her to talk him into inviting Rytlock to the festival too despite his reservations about including him among the guests.[14]

The Blood Imperator ostensibly framed the invitations to be for a celebration of Kralkatorrik's death while using the opportunity to have the legions gather in one place so he could host a political All-Legion Rally and promote his views of charr unity under strong leadership in the changed world. The Blood Imperator brought out his private reserve rum among other beverages to be served to thirsty soldiers from all the legions at the Rank 'n' File Pub.

To cement the Blood Legion's symbolic strength in the opening ceremony, Bangar had the grown-up Ryland, who had been promoted to the rank of centurion, to deliver a killing blow to a Branded devourer in ritualistic combat. As the fight was about to conclude, more Branded suddenly erupted from the ground much to the audience's surprise, and the guests had to defend themselves from the sudden attack. The invasion stopped when Aurene flew by the arena and Branded the devourer broodmother in her wake, startling and angering Bangar and many other charr who viewed the inteference of the Elder Dragon as the Pact Commander flaunting their power in front of everyone. In a subsequent conversation with Rytlock and the Commander, Bangar showed his disappointment and ordered Rytlock to meet him in private later while voicing his hope that Rytlock would not embarrass him during the festivities.

In the meantime, the Blood Imperator ordered his Minister of Morale, Varinia Stormsounder, to ensure that the message of "One Charr" would be promoted via announcements throughout the valley as well as via other tools of propaganda such as posters about Bangar and legion brotherhood, and songs of the Metal Legion band. Although some members of the band had reservations about trying to make Bangar's name rhyme in the lyrics or having an outside influence alter their message for political purposes, they allowed the song Bound by Blood to be revised according to Varinia's wishes.[15][16] Some of the perceptive people in the audience spotted the propaganda in Bangar's speech during the opening ceremony and in the lyrics in the concert, and voiced their complaints about the troubling undertones of what kind of a message was being conveyed to the masses.[17]

Unbeknownst to the guests who were enjoying the festival, Bangar subtly let the assembled charr who shared his vision know of the true reason why he had organized the All-Legion Rally: he had wanted to reach out to like-minded soldiers across the four legions who had the charr's best interests at heart and who, like him, worried that the Pact might use Aurene as a weapon against the charr in the future if left unchecked. In the Blood Imperator's view the balance of power had become asymmetrical. The charr needed to answer this escalation by fighting fire with fire,[18] and he had the means to achieve this goal.

Bangar goads Rytlock Brimstone to kill him and replace him as Imperator during their reunion.

Bangar reached out to the Renegades and had them collaborate with Ryland Steelcatcher who gave orders to kidnap the Commander's companion Gorrik as Bangar believed that the asura might have useful intel on Aurene's strengths and weaknesses. Bangar also instructed the Renegades to stay put, observe the valley and not make a move on the other Imperators until he had "evened the odds."[19] He told Ryland to get close to the Commander's other ally, Braham Eirsson, and make their tour of the valley ostensibly be about racial cooperation while Ryland would trick the norn into getting drunk so he could steal Braham's fire-enchanted bow which the Blood Imperator required in the future.[20]

At the same time violence against non-charr escalated throughout the festival as frustrated charr from all legions took their anger on the guests, including members of the Vigil, with nearly fatal results. Some troublemakers, who included not only adult charr but also teenagers and cubs, even targeted their fellow charr who had been seen interacting with outsiders.[21] An angered Almorra confronted Bangar about the violence and told him to keep his soldiers in line while Bangar tried to calm her down by explaining that she was overestimating his influence and that a little violence was nothing out of the ordinary in charr parties.

Unimpressed, Almorra left the Blood Imperator who soon met with not only Rytlock but Crecia and the Commander who had accompanied the tribune to deliver a message about the increasing acts of violence. Bangar brushed off the trio's accusations, however, and reminded everyone present about how charr had been hunted like animals in the past and how they had always had enemies to fight against.

When Rytlock came to defend Aurene and the Commander in the argument, Bangar suddenly switched the topic to Rytlock neglecting the Blood Legion for many years and how the tribune had only been invited back out of sentimentality. The Blood Imperator viewed Rytlock as a disappointment and pointed out that he had been a better father figure to Rytlock's son than the absent Rytlock himself had been, which provoked the tribune into punching him. Accepting the blow with a sadistic smirk, Bangar responded by punching Rytlock in return, which led to a vicious brawl between the two charr until Rytlock overcame the Imperator who then expressed pleasure at seeing Rytlock finally baring his fangs like a true charr should.

Bangar goaded Rytlock to kill him and thus become the new Blood Imperator, but Rytlock ultimately hesitated and left the office, not wanting anything from Bangar anymore. Bangar openly showed his disappointment while Crecia pointed out that the Blood Imperator had wanted Rytlock to react the way he did. In response, Bangar dismissed her and briefly asked the Commander about whether Aurene or Rytlock were harder to keep in line, before he told the Commander to leave the office as well.

Once Bangar learned that Ryland's mission to secure Braham's bow had been successful, he and Ryland wasted no time and slipped out of the Blood Keep while being joined by several dozen heavily armed warbands from the Renegades and all the four legions whom the Blood Imperator's agents had rallied behind him. They headed for the Shiverpeaks Pass where they used Iron Legion explosives to blow up the bridge behind them to prevent anyone from following them. Before heading farther north in the blizzard, Bangar addressed the assembled warbands while holding Braham's bow in his claws and announced his plan in clear terms: the charr would even the odds against Aurene by getting their own Elder Dragon—Jormag.

The charr army ventured into Bjora Marches where several charr were affected by Jormag's whispers via the dragon champion Drakkar. Not wanting to risk losing his army to the Ice Dragon, Bangar resolved to take Ryland with him as the pair traveled to Drakkar to kill the champion and silence the whispers. Although they were being tracked by Crecia and Rytlock who tried to catch up with them unseen, the charr army managed to keep their distance.[22][23]

Bangar prepares to finish off the Pact Commander with Braham Eirsson's enchanted bow while Ryland Steelcatcher stands guard.

Bangar and Ryland tracked down Drakkar into an icy cave south of Drakkar Lake in 1333 AE just in time to witness the Pact Commander and Braham, who had been reunited with Crecia and Rytlock, being close to succumbing to the power that had been controlling Drakkar all along: the Whisper of Jormag, a piece of the Elder Dragon. Bangar rallied the nearly defeated heroes and told them to stand up as they faced the Whisper together. Using Braham's bow, the Blood Imperator ultimately vanquished the weakened Whisper and gloated his victory to the party.

As the party confronted Bangar about the theft of the bow and that he tried to claim credit for the kill, Bangar revealed his aspirations to become Jormag's champion and intended to use Drakkar's death as proof that he alone could control the Ice Dragon. Rytlock tried to convince Ryland to stop following Bangar, but Ryland remained loyal to his imperator and responded by asking where Rytlock's loyalties lay as a member of the Blood Legion.

When the Commander tried to persuade Bangar to stop his mission as Jormag could not be controlled, the Blood Imperator responded by shooting the Commander with the enchanted bow while stating that a confrontation between them would always end this way. Before the Blood Imperator could finish off the Commander with another arrow, the enraged Braham accessed his totem ability to Become the Wolf and attacked the two charr. Ryland stepped in the way to face Braham's wolf form, only to be wounded by the transformed norn. As Crecia and Rytlock lifted the wounded Commander with the intention to retreat, Bangar and Ryland left the cave as well as their new mission was to return to charr lands to convince the High Legions of the Blood Imperator's power.

With Aurene's help and the magic of the Scrying Pool, the recovering Commander gazed into visions of the past in the Eye of the North, reliving the Steel Warband's journey to the Far Shiverpeaks and experiencing Ryland's adventures with Bangar before the battle against Drakkar. Following the rogue warbands' initial departure from Grothmar Valley, Bangar had ordered Ryland and the Steel Warband to establish a route to Bjora Marches in order to bring in more supplies and additional forces. An advancing blizzard had made several choppers crash and threatened to block the intended route north, however, forcing the Steel Warband to take a detour through Stone Summit ruins in order to reach their destination.

Unexpected battles with the remaining Stone Summit and their Ancient Forgeman forced Ryland to shoot a distress flare to summon reinforcements; however, Bangar arrived to the ruins in the company of two captains and only after the battle had already been won. The Blood Imperator questioned why the warband was late and wondered why the distress signal had been used. Although Ryland claimed the use of the flare had been a miscalculation, Bangar had his doubts. The imperator had nevertheless noticed the threat the blizzard posed to his forces, so he ordered Ryland to accompany him into Darkrime Delves so they could find an alternate route through the pass.

As they explored the delves, Bangar explained that the use of Braham's fire-enchanted bow had been a propaganda tool rather than a strategic weapon and that he believed how subjugating Jormag should not be too difficult if the Commander had already succeeded with Aurene. The Blood Imperator also revealed his dream of founding a charr empire that would reach from the Shiverpeaks all the way south to Cantha, ushering in a new age of charr supremacy.

As the pair advanced deeper, they came across Almorra who was being pursued by the Sons of Svanir. After deciding to join forces with the pair to battle the inhabitants of the delves, Almorra revealed what the Sons of Svanir had done to the Vigil at Bjora Marches and urged Bangar to send his forces to aid her. Bangar and Ryland ignored the general's request, however, and tried to convince her to help them with their plans instead.

Ryland got briefly separated from the rest of the group, and Bangar and Almorra continued to bicker and shout at one another as they moved forward, arguing over the present turmoil that Bangar was causing and their troubled past together. When Almorra mentioned their son, Ajax, and insinuated that his death had been due to Bangar's influence, Bangar became enraged. They yelled at one another over their incompatible views on how to deal with Jormag: Almorra wanted to kill the Elder Dragon, while Bangar wanted to tame it and bend it to his will, which Almorra did not think was possible. Finally, their arguments escalated to the point that they began fighting one another, and Almorra, although weakened in Svanir captivity, still had enough strength to knock Bangar back just as Ryland reunited with them.

Almorra Soulkeeper's demise at the hands of Bangar.

After questioning Ryland and learning that he would remain loyal to his imperator, Almorra felt that she had no choice but to defeat Ryland too to stop Bangar's plans. The two charr clashed, and Ryland ultimately disarmed the general after a fierce battle. As Almorra lay on the ground beneath Ryland, the recovered Bangar approached her with a dagger in hand and revealed his feelings for her while he tried to win her over one last time.

When Almorra stated that the imperator had never loved her and that his actions would not preserve but end the charr, the angered Bangar stated that the general was too wounded to be saved and that Ryland should mercy kill her with the dagger. Ryland hesitated, however, due to Almorra's heroic status in charr society. Almorra used the last of her strength to stand up and face Bangar one last time while stating that the imperator had now lost another son, inciting Bangar to stab her with the dagger in rage.

As Almorra's body fell to the ground, Bangar stopped to think for a moment, before coldly ordering Ryland to get rid of the body. In response, Ryland took Almorra to the other exit of Darkrime Delves and buried the general under stones from the surrounding rubble, where the Commander would eventually find her in.

While the Commander was experiencing the visions and recovering from the wounds Bangar had inflicted, the Blood Imperator spent his time spreading propaganda about his triumph over Drakkar and winning several battles against any charr forces that opposed him.[24] He persuaded several warbands to follow his lead and defect from the rival legions, naming his new cross-legion faction the Dominion. As weeks passed, the Dominion amassed at Drizzlewood Coast in the Woodland Cascades in greater numbers to face the forces of the United Legions in combat.



Story involvement[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Blood Legion Imperator



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