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Death-Branded Shatterer

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Death-Branded Shatterer

Ears up! The Shatterer blasted my soldiers. I owe him a mauling, and today's the day.

General Almorra Soulkeeper

The Death-Branded Shatterers are a powerful Branded champion of Kralkatorrik, the first of which is fought at Almorra's Stand in Jahai Bluffs.


Originating as the most recent Shatterer to be destroyed by the Sentinels and the Pact, the Branded champion was resurrected in 1331 AE via a rift into the Mists used by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik which had been experimenting with the magic it had gained from the late Zhaitan and Balthazar. Upon being revived, the Death-Branded Shatterer attacked the Pact airships before entering one of the rifts which took it to Jahai Bluffs.

General Almorra Soulkeeper gave chase aboard Soul's Vendetta, but the Pact troops were overwhelmed by the Death-Branded Shatterer which downed the airship.[1] The champion then headed for the Fortress of Jahai to hunt down Aurene, whose presence Kralkatorrik was sensing, and disrupted the peace talks with its Branded minions.[2] It successfully Death-Branded several Awakened, including Hierarch Chikere, and attempted to stop the Pact Commander from reaching Aurene before it abandoned the fortress to give chase to Aurene who lured it away.

Almorra resolved to confront the Death-Branded Shatterer at a tactical position rather than risk another devastating ambush. Using a chunk of Bloodstone carried by Bait-o-Tron as a magic bait and rallying Pact survivors, corsairs, Sunspears and their griffons, Rata Primus DERV golems, Awakened and vicious Junundu Wurm forces led by Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo and Troopmarshal Pelu Egan to Almorra's Stand, the general lured the Death-Branded Shatterer to her. After a fierce clash, the dragon champion was destroyed by the allied forces.

Later, when Kralkatorrik is pulled out of the Mists by Aurene and the Commander and created the island Dragonfall, several Death-Branded Shatterers combat the Pact Fleet over the Unending Ocean.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

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Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

Open world version[edit]


DefianceLocked defiance bar

Stolen skills

A Shattered Nation version[edit]

  • Crash Land - The Shatterer falls to the ground, damaging anything near it.
  • Crystal Fire - The Shatterer breathes Branded fire along the ground, applying conditions.
  • Shattering Smash - Smashes its claws down on the ground, destroying terrain and knocking down anything hit by it. Inflicts massive damage.
  • Slash - Inflicts Fear.png Fear on anything near it.

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    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Short answer is: we didn't. Saw Kralkatorrik bring his lieutenant back from the dead. Tried to put it down for good.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Ugly brute had the gall to attack our ships and then rip open some kind of portal.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: So we changed tactics. Figured it would try to take a bite out of you, and we were right.
  2. ^ Legacy
    <Character name>: That villager said something that stuck with me. Right before the rifts appeared...they saw Aurene.
    Spearmarshal Zaeim: The same thing happened in Jahai! The Shatterer attacked after Aurene paid us a visit.
    Taimi: Wait... The data I have on the Mist rifts... Gimme a second...
    Taimi: Oh, no... That's it. Kralkatorrik's attacks—they're all places Aurene was at first. SHE'S the connection!
    <Character name>: That crystal monster—he's HUNTING her!