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The Void is raw magic—chaos incarnate. In the beginning, everything was Void. Then the Mother Dragon, Soo-Won, brought order, splitting the Void into six domains of magic. [...] The force that emerged from the broken dragon-cycle. Which, if not stopped, will unwind reality one thread at a time.

Kuunavang in Fallout

The Void is raw, primal form of magic which is made up of all the six primary domains of magic—Crystal, Death, Fire, Ice, Plant, and Water—of the world of Tyria.[1] According to Kuunavang, it is chaos incarnate.[2] However, after studying it Joon, Gorrik, and Taimi come to the conclusion that it instead breaks down the rules of reality Tyrians know and so only appears to be chaotic in nature.[1] It is the source of everything on the world of Tyria and aims to return Tyria and its inhabitants to the primordial state in the Mists.

After the first Elder Dragon Soo-Won split it into six domains of magic to regulate the All and preserve the existence of the world of Tyria, the Void has slowly been corrupting her and the other Elder Dragons and inflicting them with torment while also being corrupted itself with each Elder Dragon's demise. Due to the influence from its Elder Dragon hosts, the Void has gradually been evolving into a coalesced, malicious consciousness known as the Dragonvoid which actively seeks to unwind reality and end all life on Tyria.[3] As a result of this influence, many of the Void creatures manifest as shadowy versions of Elder Dragon minions.[4]



In the beginning, everything was Void—timeless, cold, and empty.[5] There was a delicate balance at play: where the Mists sought to create various forms endlessly, the Void sought to return any created life and constructs back to the state of primordial chaos in the Mists.[6] At some point Soo-Won, the Mother Dragon, came into existence and brought order, splitting the Void surrounding the nascent world of Tyria into six primary domains of magic that created the basis of Tyria's Antikytheria[7] system of the All. It was on that foundation that all material life on Tyria flourished and formed. Soo-Won could not maintain that order alone, however, so she took on the domain of Water and created her children—the five Elder Dragons Primordus, Jormag, Zhaitan, Kralkatorrik, and Mordremoth—as tools to stay the Void's unrelenting push toward entropy, giving them the remaining five domains of Fire, Ice, Death, Crystal, and Plant to maintain balance.[2][5]

Interim years[edit]

Some time after the Six Human Gods had brought humanity to the world of Tyria from the Mists, they became aware of the existence of the hibernating Elder Dragons, who were tied to the magical balance of Tyria, and learned their names and spheres of influence. They also learned how Tyria's health was directly tied to these dragons. The first humans to walk the face of Tyria documented this information in a somewhat abstract form in what would come to be known as the Scroll of the Five True Gods.[8] This knowledge eventually fell into obscurity, and later human generations would no longer be aware of the Elder Dragons or their ties to Tyria's balance.

Living World Season 2[edit]

Despite the loss of this knowledge over the generations that followed, the scroll of the Five True Gods survived along with other valuable texts and would come into the possession of the Durmand Priory where scholars began a lengthy translation work which was made more difficult due to parts of the texts being damaged. While exploring the Priory in 1327 AE, the Pact Commander read another foreboding text which seemed confusing at the time: the Apostate, a former Margonite servant of the fallen god Abaddon whose deepest secrets he had been privy to, had predicted in his writings that should the energies of the All become imbalanced, the world of Tyria would tilt and all beings would fall off it into the Void.[9]

Heart of Thorns[edit]

While battling the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's mind in the Dream of Dreams in 1327 AE, the Commander witnessed Mordremoth attempting to persuade the Commander's party to become part of his hivemind and endure or fall into oblivion. When the Commander defeated Mordremoth's avatar and thus shattered the Elder Dragon's mind, Mordremoth was horrified about the outcome and what the ramifications of his fall would lead to.[10]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Path of Fire[edit]

While visiting the goddess Kormir's great library known as the Sanctum in the Realm of Torment in 1330 AE, the Commander located her concealed journal. In her writings Kormir, who had been gathering all the knowledge from Tyria, pointed out that Tyria's destruction was inevitable, implying that the dragon Glint's legacy project for her scions to balance the All would be unsustainable in the long run even if it turned out to be successful at first.[11]

After finding the lost city of Kesho in the Elon Riverlands, the Commander met with the sole surviving Exalted denizen of the city, Sadizi, who revealed information about Glint and the Forgotten Josso Essher's legacy plan to stabilize Tyria's magic by replacing the ravenous Elder Dragons in the All with less predatory entities such as Glint's scions who would circulate and share magic rather than hoard it. Sadizi pointed out that Zhaitan and Mordremoth being eliminated without replacements had led to a void that had caused the Antikytheria system of the All to break and the collapse of Tyria to begin.[12]

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

End of Dragons[edit]

The Void unravels Unwaking Waters.

As the Elder Dragons fell one by one, Soo-Won became the last Elder Dragon left from the original dragon cycle. Despite taking over Kralkatorrik's place in the All and being at ground zero of the site of Jormag and Primordus's demise, the ascendant Elder Dragon Aurene had been unable to consume all the dispersed magic, so it had been split between her and Soo-Won as it traveled via the ley lines to the Yong Reactor where Soo-Won was residing and where the magic could be filtered out of her into dragonjade to slow down her accumulation of Void-influenced torment.[3]


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  • Creatures corrupted or created by the Void are also called Dragonvoid, Void creatures[13] or Void monsters interchangeably.


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