The Great Lodge

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The Great Lodge

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Map of The Great Lodge

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The Great Lodge is one of the five most dominant structures in Hoelbrak. It is the domain of Knut Whitebear, who leads and protects the norn people, and is a place where the greatest norn heroes can be found.


Waypoint (map icon).png Great Lodge Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Fang of the Serpent
Point of interest (map icon).png Knut Whitebear's Loft (instance)
Hunter's Hearth





Armorsmith (map icon).png Dela
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dyrfinna
Merchant (vendor icon).png Eyjulf
Merchant (vendor icon).png Gisla
Merchant (vendor icon).png Ingar
Merchant (vendor icon).png Maeva
Armorsmith (map icon).png Sken
Merchant (vendor icon).png Stareylf
Armorsmith (map icon).png Valdsam
Speed Boon.png Vask the Brazen

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Local (1): Those kids! So arrogant! So loud!
Local (2): Fills my heart with pride.
Beigarth: Smithing's like cooking: the more you love doing it, the better the results.
Beigarth: Ahh, the ring of the anvil is music to my ears.
Beigarth: Years ago, I won the Great Hunt. Still one of my proudest moments.
Elder: My grandmother fought the dragon before Asgeir did. She didn't bring back a tooth. She died fighting.
Local: That sounds better than getting a trophy from a beast you couldn't kill.
Elder: Yes. I'm sure she died happy.
Elder (1): I wonder what the tooth tastes like.
Elder (2): Not this again. You need a wife.
Local (1): Nature is balance. Everything that occurs has an ebb and flow, a rise and a fall.
Local (2): True. But ever since the dragons awoke, the world has felt off-kilter.
Local (1): It feels like that, but nature's ways are more mysterious than any of us can know.
Local (2): I'd like to believe we're living through a natural process, but-
Local (1): But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight it. Our resistance may play a role in the rebalancing.
Local (2): Exactly. We have to follow our instincts and let the spirits show us the best way.
Local (1): I tried breaking the tooth yesterday.
Local (2): Every week I try. Every day dozens try. Nothing.
Local (1): What happens if nobody can break it?
Local (2): Silence that doubt. You sound like a whiny Krytan. Someone will break it, and we will slay Jormag.
Elder: She was an amazing sculptor. Some of her works depicted fallen foes, others were past lovers.
Wolfborn: I bet some of them were one and the same.
Charr Traveler (1): You see those swords they forged? Damn!
Charr Traveler (2): Yeah, norn do good work.
Egar Svagen: I have never seen a blade so well crafted. Makes me proud to be norn!
Egar Svagen: Ah. Look at that pattern of differential hardening. It's magnificent –a true work of art.
Barkeep: Another moot can't come soon enough.
Elder: We could always use another moot.
Drunk: Hey. HEY! Boy. Come here. Gimme a kiss. I wanna (hiccup) wanna... what was I saying?
Drunk: Can you help me out here?
Kid: No way! I'm on an adventure.
Drunk: To Eir! She'll break the fang yet.
Elder: I'm not so sure.
Explorer: Hmm, where should I go next?
Elder: West. We got plenty of charr coming through here. Let's send some traffic the other way.
Explorer: I could do that.
Charr Traveler: I don't get it. I give 'em grief, and they give me stories.
Charr Traveler (2): Yeah, they like to talk about themselves.
Charr Traveler: You insult 'em, and they just boast more.
Elder: What brings you into Hoelbrak, jotun? You realize the risk you're taking, I'm sure.
Thrulnn the Lost: I know. I'm here to talk to your Whitebear. I'm the last of my people storytellers.
Elder: I'll be blunt. Your people are known more for their violence and warmongering than their storytelling.
Thrulnn the Lost: True. But there have been some who wanted better.
Elder: What is your name, then?
Thrulnn the Lost: I am Thrulnn, the last ancestor[sic] of the last giant-king of the Jotun.
Thrulnn the Lost: In the distant past, the majority of my people were storytellers. Later, the minority. Then, there were only a few per generation.
Thrulnn the Lost: Now, there is only one in every generation, and I'm afraid I am the last.
Elder: I'll speak to Knut Whitebear for you. What do you want me to tell him?
Thrulnn the Lost: Tell him my people no longer keep our oral traditions. They don't listen anymore, but I know the norn still respect ancient stories.
Thrulnn the Lost: I want to stay here and share the legends of the jotun, so the norn can help us keep them alive.
Elder: I'll see what he says. Wait here. Feel free to share a take or two while I'm gone. Visitors here will find them entertaining.
Thrulnn the Lost: (roar) I am Thrulnn of the jotun, and I will tell you a tale about the time before, when the jotun ruled the world.
Thrulnn the Lost: Long, long ago, the jotun had magic and power. They were kings of the land, respected by all races.
Thrulnn the Lost: Think twice next time you face a jotun in battle, and remember the height from which the jotun have fallen.
Thrulnn the Lost: If you want to hear more, talk to me. I have many tales to tell about the world as it was in ancient times.
Henja Danfjur: Cordin, did you hear what the jotun said about our ancestors?
Cordin Danfjur: I heard. Do you think it's true?
Henja Danfjur: If it is, then we owe more than we ever though to the grace of the Spirits.
Henja Danfjur: Just imagine. What if there were once norn kingdoms with great magic and power?
Cordin Danfjur: Don't be silly. We're not like that. We don't have kings. It's everyone for themselves. C'mon, now. I'm thirsty.
Henja Danfjur: But maybe it wasn't always like that. Maybe...
Valla Holmgard: Hush. I need to concentrate. The tiniest mistake will break the pattern in the metal.
Valla Holmgard: Bladesmithing is more than just heat and applied force. It's an art that gives life to the spirit in the metal.
Rancher: How many axes do you have in your collection?
Gardener: Thirteen. Fourteen if you include the skritt one, but that's more like a hatchet.
Rancher: Thirteen's a solid number. Not bad. I only have nine.
Rancher: What about you? How big is your axe collection?
Local: Don't have one.
Rancher: Ah hah! So I have more than you do.
Local: I collect guns.
Rancher: Oh.
Local (1): Have you noticed how the Sons of Svanir take only men into their circle?
Local (2): I never thought about it. Is that because they don't like females or because females don't like them?
Local (1): I've heard a few of them talking. They say females cannot survive Dragon's tests.
Local (2): In my younger days, I would have taken that challenge.
Local (1): Praise Raven's wisdom that you're not that rash anymore.
Local (1): Dragon has no love for anyone.
Local (2): If that's true, then why is he drawing all these male hunters away from us?
Local (1): The first rule of hunting is to isolate the prey from the safety of the herd.
Local (2): And make our men easier to kill and consume. I see what you mean.
Local (1): What happens to a pack if all the males are killed?
Local (2): It scatters, or it dies.
Local (1): I think Dragon has our extinction in mind.
Local (2): Oh. I just experienced fear for the first time in my life.
Explorer: I found a cave, but it's not on the map you sold me.
Cartographer: Oh, really?
Explorer: Pay me and I'll tell you where it is.
Kid: Eir's so brave. I'm going to be just as courageous!
Charr Traveler: How do you like living in Hoelbrak?
Prospector: I don't. The buildings block the wind. I feel like a caged animal.
Kjalt: I've skinned monsters bigger than you.