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Scarlet's Playhouse/historical

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Scarlet's Playhouse

The Crown Pavilion
Connects to
Divinity's Reach

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Scarlet's Playhouse was a dungeon that concentrated on defeating Scarlet Briar and saving Lord Faren and other captives.

Getting there[edit]

Complete the first two objectives from Emissary Vorpp to unlock the data collection aspect on the Holographic Communicator. Then, collect data with it from the end of five Invasion events. Upon completing this objective access to the dungeon will be possible. Only one person in your party has to have done the requirements to start the instance. Other party members can join in and get full rewards. The entrance is right beside Vorpp, you must talk to him to open the portal.

Dungeon information[edit]


Event star (tango icon).png Meet up with Rox and Braham.
  • Talk to Rox to get started.


First time completion
Subsequent completion


After the dialog between Rox and Braham, the wall to the flame legion sector opens. Fight your way across the lava to the platform in the upper left. You'll come across Lord Faren in a cauldron with Scarlet periodically using a flamethrower to keep it lit. Three fire extinguishers lie behind the cauldron. Use them to put out the fires. Defeat the foes that appear, and extinguish all the fires to free Faren, at which point Scarlet will teleport away.

Once Faren is free, traverse across the centaur section of the pavilion. Beware of the numerous patrols. If you decide to fight them, it would be best to pull them from their patrol route, thus mitigating the risk of more patrols joining in while you're fighting. Alternatively, you can run past the patrols towards the pirates. Once in the pirate sector, you'll have your first fight with Scarlet. She has a passive shielding skill which makes her immune to damage from players. Instead of fighting her directly, look for red AoE circles indicating an incoming cannon ball and pull her towards them. The cannon hits deal considerable damage to her and briefly stun her. While she is stunned, she can be damaged by players. Once defeated, she teleports away again.

Continue through the destroyer sector towards the ogres. The destroyer section contains a twisted mob near each gate, which can be separated. Scarlet will once again fight you in the ogre zone. She wields a giant club and uses a highly telegraphed attack which should be avoided. Unlike the previous battle, Scarlet takes damage from players. Defeat her, and she'll teleport away again.

The last battle with Scarlet occurs on the center stage. Scarlet will once again have her passive shielding skill. She fires two or three volleys of rockets, causing minor damage and burning to players. As her health lowers, she fires more rockets at a time. She will also knock back players who are in melee range. After the rocket vollies, she launches herself into the air in an arc, crashing down with a wave which causes torment to players hit by it. Should she come crashing down upon one of the barrels in the room, she'll be stunned and take damage. As with the first battle, she will only be vulnerable to hits from players when stunned. The general tactic to beat her is to hang around the barrels at medium range, dodging rockets as needed until she launches into the air. Then dodge the wave and hit hard, and use swiftness to escape to another barrel.

Once defeated, Scarlet will teleport away once more. You will receive your reward, and any achievement earned, after witnessing the dialogs between Lord Faren and Braham and between Thackeray and Anise.





Speaking to Rox upon entering the dungeon:

Rox: You ready to do this?
Talk ready option.png Yes. Let's go!
Talk end option tango.png Not just yet

After confirming Rox you're ready:

Rox: Okay, now that we're in, our first order of business is to find and free the hostages.
Rox: Captain Thackeray is counting on us. Impress him, and Rytlock takes notice. Ready, Braham? Ready, Frostbite?
Braham: You know I'm ready. I can't speak for Frostbite. Then again, neither can he, because he can't talk.
Rox: He talks. You just have to know how to listen. Right, boy?
Frostbite: (purr)
Rox: See? Frostbite's ready. Let's show Scarlet what happens when you mess with our human pals.
Scarlet Briar: Look who's there! But you didn't pay the entry fee. Bouncers! Do your stuff!

Upon approaching Lord Faren and the other captives:

Scarlet Briar: But I didn't make enough dinner for guests! Quick, someone toss another hostage into the pot.
Scarlet Briar: You know what word I love? Fishkill. Which reminds me: I need to get some fish in here.
Rox: Ears up, Braham. There's something ahead.
Braham: I see it, and it's not just something: it's the thing.
Rox: The hostages?
Braham: And a bunch of those ugly mechanical baddies. One king-sized pile of scrap metal, coming right up!

After you've found Lord Faren:

Lord Faren: Ah, hello? Anyone? Fire! There's a fire. A noble lord's lifelong gratitude is just a rescue away.
Scarlet Briar: Do come in. There's no room at the dinner table, but plenty of room in the cauldron.
Scarlet Briar: Quit that! Let it burn, or my Faren chowder will never come to a boil.
Lord Faren: I sincerely hope you're an off-duty firefighter, because I sincerely don't want to be cooked.

After saving Lord Faren:

Scarlet Briar: Fine, take the hostages. I was done with them anyway. Stupid hostages.
Lord Faren: Am I glad to see you! Help a nobleman out of a bad situation, will you? That sylvari with the fright wig is all kinds of crazy.
Braham: Are you hurt?
Lord Faren: Not seriously. Not yet. Scarlet likes to play with her toys, and let me tell you, she plays rough.
Lord Faren: The others are in pretty bad shape. I've been held captive before, but this is easily the scariest hospitality I've received.
Rox: Okay, we'll stay with you until we can get you all to safety. Anyone who can't walk, we'll carry.
Braham: And any of Scarlet's machine goons who come looking for poor, defenseless you will find us instead.

Upon the first encounter:

Scarlet Briar: Careful now. Death by cannonball would be funny, but killing you myself is actual fun.

When Scarlet got hit by a cannonball:

Scarlet Briar: Augh! Cannonballs! My one weakness!

During the first encounter:

Marcello DiGiacomo: Please... My agent is probably worried sick.
Hobo-Tron: These—are—suboptimal—working—conditions.

When Scarlet is defeated:

Scarlet Briar: Not bad for a drone.
Marcello DiGiacomo: The Minstrel's Guild will hear about this!
Scarlet Briar: (laugh)

Upon the second encounter:

Scarlet Briar: Let's play "Giant Club vs. Overripe Fruit.". I'll be the club.

During the second encounter:

Hobo-Tron: It—is—the—minstrel—you—want. I—am—strategically—unimportant.
Marcello DiGiacomo: Have mercy. Kill that awful golem first.

After the second encounter:

Scarlet Briar: Well, the club's just not doing it for me. Time to find something else to beat you with.

Upon the final encounter:

Scarlet Briar: Well, well, well. Someone's come to mess with my plans. Haven't you been paying attention?
Scarlet Briar: I do the messing with around here. I'm the mess-or, not the mess-ee.
Scarlet Briar: It's bad enough I didn't get the queen like I wanted, now you want to spoil all my fun? Party, meet pooper.
Hobo-Tron: Psst. I—think—that—minstrel—was—aiding—the—sylvari—supervillain.
Scarlet Briar: Still, this is something I didn't anticipate. Which makes it exciting. At least until I kill you. Let's dance!

During the final encounter:

Hobo-Tron: I—would—be—better—utilized—as—a—hench-golem.
Scarlet Briar: Tick, tick, boom! These booms aren't on a timer, but you know what I mean. | Have I mentioned how much I love explosives?
Hobo-Tron: I—miss—Southsun—Cove.
Marcello DiGiacomo: This is the second-worst gig of my life.

After the final encounter:

Scarlet Briar: Alas, you have defeated me! And thus I have learned the error of my ways. I shall be good and sweet and nice from now on.
Scarlet Briar: Just kidding! But you do have my full attention now. I don't think you'll enjoy it.
Scarlet Briar: I keep a list of people that need sharp reminders about how insignificant they really are. And you just jumped to the top of it.
Scarlet Briar: It was a well-earned victory, and you should be proud. You should be happy. No, I mean it: you should be happy.
Scarlet Briar: So be happy. Right now. Because shortly, very shortly, your life is going to be nothing but tears. See you soon!
Rox: Figures a schemer like Scarlet would have an escape plan. Still, we put her to flight, and that's a win in my book.
Lord Faren: Wait, that lunatic is still on the loose? That's not good. Not for Divinity's Reach, or the queen, or...anyone, really.
Lord Faren: Speaking of royalty...did the queen notice how brave I was right before I got captured? I'm looking for an upside here.
Braham: You're alive and intact, my lord. That's more of an upside than most of her victims got. Savor the little things.
Lord Faren: Still, she doesn't strike me as the kind to forgive and forget. More like the kind to begrudge and bedevil.
Rox: True. But that just means we stay prepared for anything.
Lord Faren: How do you prepare for wild-eyed, tooth-gnashing lunacy? By definition, it's unpredictable.
Logan Thackeray: A word, Countess? Ever since the planning phase of this event, I've been kept out of every important decision involving the queen.
Logan Thackeray: I know that's not a coincidence. Nothing you do ever is.
Countess Anise: I assure you, Captain: everything I've done has been for the good of Kryta and the throne.
Countess Anise: Scarlet was a threat I couldn't fully identify, so I prepared for the worst. And my preparations proved very effective.
Countess Anise: The only problem here is that you take things too personally when Jennah's involved.
Logan Thackeray: I will never apologize for my dedication to the queen. I will serve and protect her faithfully until she commands me not to.
Logan Thackeray: Keep that in mind the next time you feel like trying to keep us apart.

Speaking with allies after Scarlet's defeat:

Logan Thackeray: This is a great day for Krytan justice. On behalf of the city, the Seraph, and myself, allow me to say "well done." Enjoy your victory. I'll be in touch.
Talk end option tango.pngThank you, Captain.
Countess Anise: Nice work, <Character name>. I'm very impressed.
Talk end option tango.pngThank you, Countess.
Lord Faren: Excellent work. Now we must depart these dank surroundings. They aren't fir for shining beacons of heroism like us.
Talk end option tango.png Don't ever change, Faren.
Rox: Tribune Brimstone will be kicking himself for skipping Scarlet's coming out party. I just hope he approves of the way I'm handling it.
Talk end option tango.png I know you'll make him proud.
Braham: Sylvari aren't usually this destructive, are they? Not that I'm complaining. A great hunter can handle any prey.
Talk end option tango.png Well said.


This dungeon counts for the Story Dungeon Completer category of Daily, even though the dialogue suggests it is an explorable mode dungeon. In addition, players that leave the dungeon for any reason will be unable to reenter it.