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Walk with the pack. In the eyes of Wolf we are all brothers and sisters.

Wolf Shaman in The Great Hunt

Wolf, also known as Spirit of Wolf, Wolf Spirit, and Great Wolf, is a Great Spirit of the Wild and the natural embodiment of all wolves.[1] He is revered by the norn, who build shrines and lodges to honor him. According to his Speaker, Fastulf Jotharsson, Wolf is dedicated to brotherhood and loyalty and is the bond that cannot be broken. He keeps people together in the face of impossible odds and reminds them that they need never fight alone.


Early years[edit]

Guild Wars: Eye of the North[edit]

As the Spirit of teamwork, friendship, family, and the natural embodiment of all wolves,[1] Wolf is said to be dedicated to brotherhood as he imparts the virtues of loyalty, ferocity, and strength in numbers. He is revered as a masculine spirit, and the norn call him their brother, son, father, and uncle when they ask for his blessing.[2][3] According to old tales, Owl taught Wolf how his hunting would be for naught if his family dined alone, making Wolf heed Owl's wisdom as he returned to his cubs. Although in some cases Raven was believed to personally come to take the life of a norn who was about to die and guide the soul to the Mists,[4], Wolf was also known to do the same to people who walked in his footsteps.[5]

In 1078 AE, the Elder Dragon Jormag began influencing Tyria after millennia of slumber. Through their champion Drakkar, the Ice Dragon whispered promises of power to the norn hunter called Svanir, and turned him into yet another of their champions, the Nornbear. The Elder Dragon also robbed Svanir's sister, Jora, of her ability to Become the Bear when she rejected the call,[6][7] although some believed that the Spirits of the Wild had taken the power instead to punish Jora for doing nothing to stop Svanir initially.[8]

In order to find the elusive Nornbear who was terrorizing the Far Shiverpeaks, Jora and her southern allies approached the famous Sif Shadowhunter for advice. Realizing that the Nornbear would be difficult to track, Sif told the party to seek Wolf's blessing by invoking the Spirit at Wolf's shrine. After the humans in the party had communed with the shrine and embraced the aspect of Wolf via Volfen Blessing, they gained the enhanced ability to track the Nornbear by smell and detect his presence with Volfen Bloodlust, which helped Jora locate and slay her corrupted brother to end his rampage.[9]

Interim years[edit]

Following Jormag's awakening in 1165 AE, the norn tried to defend their lands in the Far Shiverpeaks from Jormag's corruption and destruction, but they were no match for the Ice Dragon. Wolf was one of the Spirits of the Wild who aided the norn in their exodus to the south.[10] It is said that he was one of the four Spirits—along with Bear, Raven, and Snow Leopard—who revealed themselves to the norn hero Asgeir Dragonrender over the field of battle after Jormag had devoured Owl and instructed him to lead the surviving norn south to a sanctuary while Ox, Eagle and Wolverine stayed behind to distract and battle the Ice Dragon.[11][12] Asgeir's personal journal, however, included additional information not known by the rest of the norn about the circumstances of him severing Jormag's fang and his reasons for leading the exodus south.

At some point, all Spirits became aware of a prophecy involving a chosen norn who would either slay or fall to Jormag after cracking the Fang of the Serpent.[13]

Thanks to his actions, Wolf became one of the four most highly regarded Spirits of the Wild and had the Wolf Lodge built in his honor in Hoelbrak. Although the four Spirits had worked together to help the norn survive Jormag's attacks, they—or their followers—were not always on the best of terms. Followers of Wolf scorn Snow Leopard's stealth as "cowardice," and the shamans of Bear are known to mistrust Raven's adherents, calling their deceptions dishonorable and weak.[2] Some norn like to speculate if Bear or Wolf would win in a fight while others deem such questions useless as comparing the two Spirits' respective strengths is like asking what would happen if the sun and the wind fought.[14]

In the past, Bear, Raven and Snow Leopard gave their respective blessings to Wolf's map which was in Captain Romke's possession. When the Spirits were invoked, the map could display everything between the traveler's current position and the destination they wanted to reach. However, the boastful norn crew's voyage came to a sudden end due to the Rising of Orr which was caused by the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's awakening in 1219 AE. The map was lost in the crew's battle against the Risen, and the slain crew members' ghosts were cursed to haunt the shores of Orr until the map was retrieved and the Spirits had forgiven the crew's pride.[15]

Since then, some norn such as Aesbjorn claimed that Wolf had spoken to them and urged the norn to join forces with the other races to face Jormag. Rather than waiting for the strongest hero to step forward to damage the Fang of the Serpent as Bear would do, these norn believed that Wolf would prefer the power of a strong pack instead to challenge Jormag.

In 1316 AE, the seven-year-old Braham Eirsson came to see his ill father Borje the Sun Chaser who comforted him by telling him that Wolf would be walking alongside both Braham and his mother Eir Stegalkin. Later that evening, Borje passed away, and Wolf himself was believed to have taken him into the Mists.[5]

Personal story[edit]

Wolf, my spirit guide, teaches that there is a time for violence and a time for peace.

Player character during character creation

Chapter 1: Forging a Legend[edit]

In 1325 AE, the Sons of Svanir corrupted Ormi, who was both one of the local wolf pack alphas as well as one of Wolf's favorites, into an icebrood. Wolf's Speaker, Fastulf Jotharsson, tasked the Slayer of Issormir and Eir Stegalkin to put Ormi out of his misery so his spirit could be set free.

After killing Ormi in Dragon Hallow, the pair returned to Fastulf who asked Wolf to grant his speed, strength and ferocity to the pair so they could overcome their next challenge: defeat the jotun leader Korag who had been swayed by Jormag's promises of power. In the confrontation that followed, the Slayer was able to invoke Wolf's power to transform into a wolven avatar and defeated Korag. While under Wolf's blessing in this transformed state, the Slayer was able to speak with and understand Eir's dire wolf companion Garm.[16]

Around this time, Shaman Gamli discovered Valda, apprentice to Wolf's Havroun Solvi, in a death-like sleep in the forest. He alerted the Slayer so they could investigate the matter together as a pack and find a means to cure Valda. Wolf also called for Eir to assist the pair, and the three norn learned about the invaders in the Mists from the apprentice's ramblings.[17] Acting on this information, Gamli stayed behind to tend to Valda while the Slayer and Eir sought out help from Snow Leopard's Havroun Svena to enter the Spirit Realm, the Mists, where they discovered an increasing number of Sons of Svanir and had to retreat back to the physical world before they were overwhelmed.

Realizing that Valda's spirit may have been trapped by the Sons of Svanir and that a more experienced havroun was needed to both battle the Sons of Svanir and safely locate Valda and Solvi, Svena sent Eir, Garm and the Slayer to seek out help from either Bear's Havroun Grechen or Raven's Havroun Weibe. After convincing one of the havrouns to assist them, the party entered the Mists again, this time encountering Valda's spirit fighting against the Sons of Svanir. After repelling the attackers, they learned from Valda how a high-ranking Son of Svanir named Styrr Frostblade had subdued Solvi with a corrupted Mist spike and was abusing the Wolf Havroun's spiritual power to open portals into the Mists so the icebrood and Sons of Svanir could hunt down the Spirits of the Wild in Jormag's name.

Once the party had safely guided Valda's spirit to her bedridden body, she was able to reveal her master's last known location. Valda, accompanied by Eir, Garm and the Slayer, then hurried to Solvi, defeated Styrr and his forces who had been guarding the havroun, and thus ended the icebrood invasion of the Mists. Solvi was fatally injured, however, so he entrusted the mantle of Wolf Havroun to Valda before passing away.

Chapter 2: Everyone Makes Mistakes[edit]

Later that year, Wolf sent a vision to Fastulf about a burning homestead where Eir and the Slayer were seen fighting against invading icebrood. The Speaker of Wolf was known as a prodigy among shamans and how his visions, which had guided the norn, had never been wrong, so Eir and the Slayer answered Wolf's call and traveled north to meet with Krennak the Short.[18] While there, they confronted a Son of Svanir named Varg and a magical horn with which he summoned minions to fight in Jormag's name. Varg was ultimately defeated, and the Slayer was given a choice to either destroy the horn or keep it.

If the Slayer chose to return to Hoelbrak with the horn in the company of Eir and Garm, the trio were ambushed by a group of Sons of Svanir led by Niilo Wolfskinner in the Great Lodge. The horn had been corrupted by Jormag's magic, however, and its powers burst out during the battle. Despite its corrupted state, the horn also manifested what appeared to be ghostly visions of the four Great Spirits of the Wild, including Wolf, as it repelled the Sons of Svanir although the horn was depowered when it shattered during the battle.

Chapter 8: Victory or Death[edit]

During the Pact's campaign against the Elder Dragon Zhaitan later that year, the Pact Commander and Trahearne retrieved Romke's lost map from Risen-infested waters and lifted the curse which had affected the crew's ghosts. As the map was brought to the grateful Romke, he was able to invoke the Spirits' magic on the map to help the pair locate the Artesian Waters while avatars of the four Great Spirits watched on in approval.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Whisper in the Dark[edit]

During the campaign against Jormag's forces in Bjora Marches in 1332 AE, the Vigil made a shocking discovery within the frigid, mountainous confines of Asgeir's Legacy: the personal journal of Asgeir Dragonrender himself. In the journal's pages, Asgeir revealed that he had had a private conversation with Jormag after rending the Elder Dragon's fang, and that Jormag had explained how its violent actions had only been a form of self defense. Jormag had come to view Asgeir as a worthy warrior and had realized how much he cared for the norn, so the Ice Dragon let him leave alive with a choice: Asgeir could return with more warriors and watch them all die as the dragon continued defending itself, or he could use the severed fang to convince the norn to move south and live in peace with Jormag promising not to follow them as it had come to view them as a race worthy of being preserved. Realizing that the norn would stand no chance against the Elder Dragon even with the enchantments of the jotun scroll and the blessings of the Spirits of the Wild, Asgeir had lied that the Spirits, not Jormag, had instructed him to lead the norn to a southern sanctuary. Despite believing that the lie had been necessary, Asgeir could not help but wonder if he had been tricked by Jormag to give up the fight and if he could have been capable of slaying the Elder Dragon; that uncertainty was a burden he would carry for the rest of his life.

Shadow in the Ice[edit]

Braham Eirsson listens to Wolf's advice during their encounter at Sifhalla Ruins.

In 1333 AE, Wolf summoned Eir Stegalkin's dire wolf Garm to Bjora Marches and sent him to look after Braham Eirsson who had ventured beyond Raven Pass to explore the harsh wilderness surrounding Drakkar Lake and find the missing Crecia Stoneglow and Rytlock Brimstone. Wolf appeared in spectral visions to the Pact Commander, who was searching for Braham, and led them to Garm so the pair could continue the search together.

Once the pair had located Braham, Crecia and Rytlock while beginning to befriend the wary kodan of Still Waters Speaking, Wolf called out to Garm who responded to him by leaving the safety of the kodan village for the depths of the Cerulean Hollows which contained the ruins of the once notable norn settlement of Sifhalla. Braham chased after Garm, only to come face to face with Wolf himself near the Spirit's shrine in Sifhalla.

Wolf revealed to Braham that he had a plan to stop Drakkar, a champion who was acting as Jormag's mouthpiece to spread the Ice Dragon's corrupting whispers throughout the region, but required the Commander's and the Vigil leader Jhavi Jorasdottir's presence at the shrine as well. After the Commander and Jhavi had reached the shrine to rendezvous with Braham and Garm, Wolf revealed himself to them while recognizing the Commander's heroic deeds as worthy of the greatest norn legends.

Wolf explained that the kodan, though they were knowledgeable of the true extent of Drakkar's power, ignored the voices of the Spirits of the Wild and needed guidance for the trials ahead. He also revealed that Braham, who had cracked Jormag's fang with Eir's bow which he had enchanted with the magic of an ancient jotun scroll, had fulfilled some of the conditions of an old prophecy and was now destined to either slay Jormag or fall to the Elder Dragon.[13]

To stand a chance against Drakkar who was siphoning rejuvenating magic from both Jormag's profane idols and the Lost Spirits of Ox, Eagle, and Wolverine, the party needed to smash the idols while Braham needed to reach out to the corrupted Lost Spirits and demand them to give him their power for the coming battle by invoking his role in the prophecy. The Great Spirit also pointed out that Braham could only embrace his power to Become the Wolf once he had proven himself worthy by passing the Lost Spirits' trials which would test his resolve. Having said his piece, Wolf vanished and left the party to decide what approach to take to weaken and distract Drakkar while Braham began his spirit quest.

Once the preparations had been made and Braham had successfully earned the Lost Spirits' blessings, he accompanied the Commander, Crecia and Rytlock to face Drakkar in a cave where a squad led by Jhavi had cornered it into. After Braham had defeated Drakkar with the Lost Spirits' help and fought against the Whisper of Jormag which had emerged from the beast's corpse, he spotted Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer and his subordinate Ryland Steelcatcher arriving at the scene to deliver the killing blow on the Whisper which had nearly overcome the party with its alluring words.

When Bangar shot the Commander with the bow which he had stolen from Braham, the norn went from shock to pure rage as his defensive insticts kicked in. Having fulfilled the conditions that Wolf had set, Braham was finally able to access his totem ability and transform into his wolf form. He attacked the surprised Bangar and Ryland, allowing Crecia and Rytlock to take the injured Commander to safety. Upon reuniting with the party in the Eye of the North and learning what had transpired in Drakkar's lair, Jhavi remarked that Braham had simply needed the push of seeing his friend in danger to embrace his totem Spirit's ability after fulfilling Wolf's request.[19]

Jormag Rising[edit]

Bangar eventually led his Dominion army to the Drizzlewood Coast where he intended to awaken and subjugate the recovering Jormag deep within the hallowed site known as the Sanctum of the Wild, building the Frost Citadel around the sanctum as a base of operations in the region. He came to realize that he needed to corrupt his soldiers into the Frost Legion with Jormag's blood in order to hasten the Elder Dragon's awakening.[20] The Blood Imperator set aside his initial animosity with the Sons of Svanir and allied with the cult who then helped him capture the totems of Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Wolf. Bangar positioned the totems before the slumbering Jormag in a twisted ritual, planning to corrupt the Great Spirits of the Wild and use them as a carrot to control Jormag by infusing their magic into himself.[21]

The Great Spirits' essences were trapped within the sacred totems so they were unable to call for help at first, remaining silent to any norn trying to invoke them.[22] Once Braham, Crecia, Rytlock and the Commander had successfully used the lesser Spirits' power instead to open the enchanted door to the Sanctum of the Wild, Braham was finally able to hear the Great Spirits calling to him in pain.[23] Upon reaching Bangar deep within the Frost Citadel, they learned about his plans to leech the Great Spirits' magic. In the ensuing battle, the party managed to sever Bangar's link to the Great Spirits although Ryland arrived on the scene soon after to direct the Spirits' magic straight to Jormag instead much to Bangar's frustration. The Commander was ultimately able to release the Great Spirits from the totems, preventing them from being corrupted. However, Jormag had siphoned enough magic from the Spirits to finally awaken, letting the Ice Dragon resume their delayed campaign on Tyria with their new champion Ryland by their side.


Chapter 2: Power[edit]

In the following months, Primordus began to stir and sent his destroyers to gather magic and cause destruction throughout Tyria to hasten his awakening in response to Jormag's rise. To give the Ice Dragon an edge over the Fire Dragon, Ryland began turning Tyrians into the Frozen to prevent them from being killed by destroyers while empowering Jormag with their leeched magic at the same time. Ryland then hunted down Owl, who had previously hidden from Jormag's gaze. Ever since her reawakening at Braham's hand while opening the gates of the Sanctum of the Wild, she had become a target of the Elder Dragon and completely exposed. Rather than succumb to the Ice Dragon's advances, Owl chose to sacrifice herself with Braham's help to prevent a shifting of the balance. Before perishing, she told Braham to reach out to the Great Spirits and offer them her final words of wisdom: "The Wild together can direct the fall. You are the harness, Norn of Prophecy. Tell them."

Chapter 3: Balance[edit]
Braham Eirsson confers with the Great Spirits in the Primal Kiln before they confront the Elder Dragon Primordus.

Braham realized that the other Spirits were still at risk of being corrupted and that Tyrian forces would be caught between the devastating and escalating arms race between the two Elder Dragons' clashing armies. Remembering his growing ability to sense destroyers, the paradox of how different prophecies suggested that both Primordus and the Norn of Prophecy were seemingly destined to slay Jormag, and Owl's final words, Braham suddenly had an epiphany. He summoned the Great Spirits to his side and explained his plan to them: he would be the harness to influence the flow of magic to and from Primordus and use the Great Spirits to help the Fire Dragon awaken as a counter to Jormag's growing power. The Spirits could insulate him from becoming fully corrupted as Primordus's champion. With that proclamation, he sought to confront the Elder Dragon in its lair with Aurene's approval.

As Braham descended into the Primal Kiln in Draconis Mons, he conferred with Raven, Bear, Wolf, and Snow Leopard, who instructed him to make his way into the heart of the volcano. Had he not been protected with their magic, he would have burst into flames instantly. They placed their trust and confidence in the young norn, who was now ready to truly become the Norn of Prophecy as had been foretold. It took their combined strength to not only keep him shielded from physical harm, but also protect him from the mental assault that only an Elder Dragon could mount against a mortal. During the descent, Bear voiced her concern that they were taking a big risk and could end up corrupted like the Lost Spirits, trading one would-be Elder Dragon master for the other. However, both Braham and Wolf were quick to assure her that they had to do something before more Tyrians died to the dragons, while Wolf also reminded her that the cries of the Frozen echoed in their minds and they could not stand listening to their agony for centuries.[24]

At the bottom, Braham faced a fierce champion, Destroyer of the Last King, that threatened to end his journey then and there. However, he prevailed against the destroyer with the Great Spirits' advice and remarked about Primordus's changed looks, which Wolf confirmed had been caused by the infection of dispersed magic from dead gods and dragons. Braham then turned to the Spirits for final guidance, and they shared their intentions with him: Wolf would unite them once they entered Primordus, Snow Leopard would direct the Elder Dragon's hunger toward Jormag, Raven would provide clarity in Primordus's judgement to recognize Jormag as his true enemy, and Bear would provide ferocity and fortitude to protect the Spirits from being consumed by the Fire Dragon's rage.

However, the Spirits' first attempt to enter Primordus almost led to their demise as the Fire Dragon felt no affinity with hem. Realizing that Primordus needed to be tricked into claiming the connection and the Spirits needed some way to anchor themselves in order to influence the Fire Dragon, Braham remembered Owl's words about a harness and offered himself as Primordus's new champion. It took all of his will—and that of the Spirits—to retain even a shred of his self such that he could complete his mission, even if it meant his untimely death.[24]

Chapter 4: Judgment[edit]

Despite the Spirits doing their best to keep his corruption at bay, Primordus's willpower would eventually break through their protection and fully turn Braham into a destroyer with no mind of his own as he led the destroyers to attack both Tyrians and icebrood throughout Central Tyria. Working together with their assembled army of Tyrian defenders, Aurene and the Pact Commander decided to lure Jormag and Primordus's foremost champions, Ryland and Braham, into a confrontation at a ley line nexus at Anvil Rock and defeat both of them there at the same time. Witnessing their champions' fall would force the Elder Dragons to intervene and clash directly to save their bonded champions and claim the magic for themselves.

The plan worked, and Jormag and Primordus killed each other in the clash. Both Ryland and Braham were weakened in the aftermath, and Braham was able to return to normal with no signs of lingering corruption thanks to the protection of the Spirits. When questioned by the Commander, the weary Braham revealed that the Spirits had kept him from falling off the edge and that they had survived the ordeal but needed time to recover.[25]


Petitioners who seek Wolf's guidance often stop by at the Wolf Lodge. While there, they ask for advice from Wolf's shamans to perform specific ritualistic acts to improve their standing in the eyes of the Spirit. Wolf welcomes any prey taken during a hunt as an offering, but especially the prey that has proven challenging enough to require it to be slain by a pack.[3]

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

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Places of worship[edit]

Bjora Marches
Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Lornar's Pass
Snowden Drifts
Wayfarer Foothills


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  • Wolf is voiced by Ike Amadi.[26]
  • Wolf is featured in many common norn sayings such as "(Be) crushed between Wolf's fangs,"[27] "By the eye of Wolf,"[28] "I'll be Wolf's shiny snout,"[29] "Sure as Wolf's teeth are sharp,"[30] "(By) Wolf's bitter bite,"[31] "(By) Wolf's breath,"[32][33] "(By) Wolf's whimper,"[33], "May Wolf's howl spur [one] to victory,"[34] "May Wolf's luck be with [one],"[35] "Wolf's blessing upon you. May he keep [one's] pack swift and [one's] blade sharp,"[36] "Wolf's claws,"[37] "Wolf's ears,"[38] "Wolf's haunches,"[33] "Wolf's muzzle,"[39] "Wolf's nose,"[33] "Wolf's shaggy hide,"[35] "Wolf's tail,"[40] and "Wolf's teeth."[41][33] Those who are ravenous are said to have "Wolf's own hunger,"[42] while those who fight ferociously are said to have "Wolf's fighting spirit."[43] Injured or sick followers of Wolf who are about to die or witness someone else dying may say that "Wolf is coming for [one]," and that a dead norn "has gone with Wolf."[5]
  • According to A Spirit of Legend, followers of Wolf are generally known to scorn Snow Leopard's use of stealth as cowardice although Snow Leopard's havroun Svena is friends with Wolf's havroun Solvi and Apprentice Valda.[44] This animosity seems to extend to the two Great Spirits as well. In the Still Waters Speaking story step, Snow Leopard is notably the only Great Spirit whom Wolf does not address as his sibling.

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