Grand Piazza

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Grand Piazza

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Grand Piazza map.jpg
Map of Grand Piazza

Grand Piazza locator.svg
Location within Lion's Arch

Grand Piazza.jpg
Grand Piazza

The Grand Piazza is the central plaza of Lion's Arch. Most of it is covered by a huge roof construction made of glass and steel, which could (by some imagination) represent a jellyfish. It connects Trader's Forum, the Western Ward, the Eastern Ward, and Fort Marriner.


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Lion's Court
Vista.png Grand Piazza Vista —
  1. Don't try to jump from the stacks of boxes! Run up on the small hill to the north.
  2. Jump onto the top of the colored mushroom platform, either from the aqua rail or the top of the hill.
  3. From the mushroom jump to the top tier box. This takes very precise jumping!



Ambient creatures


Activity (map icon).png Activity Lead Cassi
Repairs (map icon).png Anvil
Merchant (map icon).png Kodan
Directions.png Lionguard Guide
Merchant (map icon).png Tradesman Maezz


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see Grand Piazza/dialogue.

Merchant (1): (sigh) Gnashblade is going to wipe us all out.
Merchant (2): Yeah, I knew he had it made when Kiel appointed him the Lionguard quartermaster during the crisis.
Merchant (1): They hate each other! Why would she... Oh, forget it.
Trader (1): Hey!
Trader (2): Hi there, neighbor.
Trader (1): G'day.
Trader (2): Greetings.
Trader (1): Greetings.'
Trader (2): Ahoy.
Trader (1): Hi there.
Trader (2): Hi there.
Trader (1): Hi.
Trader (2): Long live Lion's Arch.
Trader: See you at the market.
Trader: Two more clients today!
Trader: I'm in a hurry. Later.
Trader: Spirits be with you.
Trader: Hi! Business is booming.
Trader: Blasted cheating smugglers...
After Path of Fire launch
Citizen (1): I believe Balthazar is determined to kill Kralkatorrik. That's why I still support him.
Citizen (1): How is his campaign different from what the Pact does?
Citizen (2): Balthazar doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.
Citizen (2): Besides, he's also the god of fire. Fire needs to be controlled, or it consumes everything.
Citizen (1): Sacrifices have to be made. It's worth losing a few thousand to save a million.