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The following is a list of open world content that occurs during the Dragon Bash festival all around Hoelbrak. It can be only experienced during the festival.




Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Weekly)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Weapons)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Prizes)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Potions)
Dragon Bash.png Dragon Bash Merchant (Candy)
Dragon Bash.png Sparking Stone (Without map icon. Standing right next to Dragon Bash Merchant (Weapons))[note 1]


Dragon Bash.png Halstein (Dragon Arena) (Dragon Arena)
Adventure (map icon).png Piñata Bashing (NPC) (Piñata Bashing)
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial (NPC) (Time Trial: Dragon Bash Rally)

Mount rentals[edit]

Raptor (map icon).png Raptor Rental
Roller Beetle (map icon).png Roller Beetle Rental


At Biergarten[edit]

At Hall of Legends[edit]

At Lake Mourn[edit]

At Might and Main[edit]

At The Great Lodge[edit]

At Trade Commons[edit]

At Veins of the Dragon[edit]

At Eye of the North[edit]

Other places[edit]

Historical NPCs[edit]


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Knut Whitebear's tour of Hoelbrak[edit]

(The Knut hologram at Might and Main comes to life.)
Holo Knut Whitebear: Hello there, weary traveler.
Holo Knut Whitebear: YES YOU. Over here.
Holo Knut Whitebear: The great city of Hoelbrak proudly presents this year's Dragon Bash!
Holo Knut Whitebear: I'm your host. Knut Whitebear...Master of the Lodge.
Holo Knut Whitebear: But then again, you already knew that.
Holo Knut Whitebear: Behold the magical sights and sounds as we celebrate the slaying of the Elder Dragons...
Holo Knut Whitebear: ...and remember those lost in the war against them. If you would please, join me in a moment of silence.
Holo Knut Whitebear: Noble warriors of Tyria, my food and ale are yours...for a price.
Holo Knut Whitebear: Hoelbrak has hosted its fair share of moots...but perhaps none as glorious as this.
Holo Knut Whitebear: Let the revelry commence. Good hunting!
Holo Knut Whitebear: Only one take? Excellent!
(The hologram disappeares and Knut runs in to greet the gathered revelers.)
Knut Whitebear: It's an illusion conceived by our asuran technology expert. The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?
Knut Whitebear: Don't ask me how it works.
Reveler (female sylvari): Your speech was very...charismatic.
Knut Whitebear: Huh? Oh, my speech. Some skaald wrote it.
Knut Whitebear: But yes. I do give the words a bit more fervor.
Knut Whitebear: Well, let's get on with the tour. There are many things to see and not a lot of time to see them.
Knut Whitebear: Welcome to Dragon Bash!
(One of the following lines randomly during the tour.)
Knut Whitebear: Thanks for coming. Enjoy!
Knut Whitebear: Good to see you!
Knut Whitebear: I hope everybody's enjoying themselves.
Knut Whitebear: You looking for Knut Whitebear? He's busy.
Knut Whitebear: Hey, enjoy the moot!
(The tour reaches the Hall of Legends.)
Knut Whitebear: And here we have the moa race! A time honored tradition.
Knut Whitebear: Go on, make a wager. It's no fun if you don't have your hide in the game.
Knut Whitebear: Not to mention we're over budget.
Reveler (male sylvari): Absolutely not. I have no desire to feed that filthy beast.
Knut Whitebear: Nonsense. These creatures are magnificent! Kappa said they're mostly free of parasites.
Reveler (male sylvari): I was referring to the corrupt moa-racing industry. It's unethical!
Reveler (male sylvari): These beautiful creatures spend their days in cages, only being let out to race. They deserve to roam Tyria freely.
Knut Whitebear: Nonsense! The moa breeders love their animals.
Knut Whitebear: Just look at how happy they are to be running free along a predefined course. How majestic!
Knut Whitebear: Moving on!
(The tour reaches Hero's Compass.)
Knut Whitebear: Here you'll fight some of the world's most dangerous creatures, thanks to our little asura and his hologram magitech.
Knut Whitebear: Tell me, how do you think you'll fare against the Eye of Zhaitan? The Megadestroyer? The Vinetooth? Eh? Eh!
Reveler (female human): Honestly, with ease. They're just holograms.
Knut Whitebear: Ah, a warrior after my own heart. I prefer the real thing myself.
Knut Whitebear: If death isn't on the table...what's the point?
(The tour reaches the upper level of Trade Commons.)
Knut Whitebear: Who's ready to bash a dragon? See how many you can crush. I dare you to beat my record. (laugh)
(The tour reaches the lower level of the Trade Commons.)
Reveler (female human): Have you ever won?
Knut Whitebear: I've never raced. It wouldn't be fair to the others.
Knut Whitebear: Besides, I don't need a mount. My legs can get the job done just fine.
Knut Whitebear: The course is extra challenging this year. We've gone so far as—
Reveler (female asura): Thrilling! Where can I sign up?
Knut Whitebear: That race promoter is somewhere around here. Onwards.
(The tour concludes at the Great Lodge.)
Knut Whitebear: And that concludes our glorious tour of Hoelbrak. Where has the time gone?
Knut Whitebear: Enjoy the Dragon Bash. Spirits willing, we'll see each other again. And next time the ale's on you.
(Knut retreats to one of the hearths while the revelers run into the lodge before disappearing.)

At Might and Main[edit]

Reveler (asura): Name another being that could absorb and filter all rogue magic in the world? You can't!
Reveler (asura): Theoretically, if we were to try, it would eat us from the inside out!
Reveler (charr): Does your jaw ever get tired form flapping all the time?
Reveler (asura): I wonder what they feel when they do it...
Reveler (charr): (sigh) Whatever happened to the good old days, you know? When the world wasn't falling apart?
Reveler (charr): When dragons were an unstoppable force to be killed. Now all of a sudden you want to talk about their "feelings."
Reveler (asura): Hunt them all down? Surely you can't be serious.
Reveler (norn): Elder or not. ALL dragons are a threat. Destruction is in their nature.
Reveler (norn): Don't believe me? Why don't you go up to one and find out.
At Might and Main[note 1]
Local (female): Well, we did it, I guess. All the Elder Dragons have been...bashed.
Local (male): There's one more.
Local (female): Maybe.
Local (male): There is.
Local (female): What's it matter to you?
Local (male): Jormag, and the Sons, are gone, and that's a good thing.
Local (male): I just believe the stories, and that there is one more dragon...
Local (male): More powerful than all the others. Deep beneath the seas. Surrounded by tentacled beasts of terrible ferocity.
Local (male): "S."
Local (female): Okay, okay, I think you need to go talk to a shaman.
Local (male): No, no! I just find it interesting.
Local (female): You hear Visin went north?
Local (male): Really?
Local (female): Yeah, with the last resettlement group.
Local (male): Didn't come back for the festival?
Local (female): Must not've felt like celebrating.

Near Trade Commons[edit]

Reveler (charr): You're looking at the winner of the Sausage Scepter, Hummus Hat, and grand prize of them all: Ghost Pepper Pants.
Reveler (charr): No way you're going home with the Oyster Belt. Not on my watch.
Reveler (asura): You'll just have to put your money where your snout is. I'm not leaving Dragon Bash without it!
Reveler (charr): Heh. You can't possibly believe you can beat me. I'm a six-time champion!
Reveler (asura): Oh, I'm certain of it.
Reveler (charr): First to eat 100 oysters wins? Loser pays the bill?
Reveler (asura): 100? That's cute. Cub.
Reveler (charr): Who you callin' a cub?
Reveler (asura): The kitty cat with the "widdle tummy." Make it 200 and you're on.
Reveler (charr): No way you could eat that many. You'll choke! Or be... backed up... for days. I don't want your death on my conscience.
Reveler (asura): Says the kitty who knows nothing about asuran anatomy. How do you know I don't have five stomachs?
Reveler (charr): Maybe 'cause I cut open the last pointy-eared little runt who got on my nerves. And he only had ONE stomach.
Reveler (asura): You don't want my death on your conscience.

Near Veins of the Dragon[edit]

Reveler (norn): Elder Dragons will be the end of us!
Reveler (norn): They want nothing more than to enslave us to do their bidding. Subject us to their twisted whims.
Reveler (norn): And when we've lived out our usefulness, we'll be tossed aside like trash. Casualties of their pointless wars.
Reveler (norn): In death, we will rap upon the door of the Underworld. But even there, we will find no refuge.
Reveler (norn): For these cruel masters will never let us go free.
Reveler (female norn): He speaks to us.
Son of Svanir: To you? Preposterous!
Reveler (female norn): Laugh if you want, but know this: I hear everything he says.
Reveler (female norn): You'd do well to listen.
Reveler (female norn): You have no good reason to keep us out.
Son of Svanir: Fratricide is something we frown on. Blame Jora.
Reveler (female norn): Open your eyes! Before they're opened for you.
Reveler (female norn): Dragon will rise, and on that day you will see what I'm capable of.
Reveler (female norn): And then you'll answer to me.
Son of Svanir: (dismissive grunt)

Inside Veins of the Dragon[edit]

Icebrood Claymore: You continue to live in fear. In open defiance of a greater being.
Icebrood Claymore: But I ask you this: why fear that which can make you stronger? Why not embrace the ultimate Spirit?
Icebrood Claymore: Transcend your existence and forge your legend with Jormag.
Icebrood Claymore: It's the only way.
Icebrood Claymore: Praise Jormag.
Icebrood Claymore: He speaks to me. Speaks to all of us.
Icebrood Claymore: Have you heard the call?
Icebrood Claymore: Listen closely and you will hear His name.
Icebrood Claymore: You cannot win against a force of nature.

At Lake Mourn[edit]

One of the following:
Reveler (female human): You lost and you know it.
Reveler (female human): You know I won.
Reveler (female human): Better luck next time.
Reveler (female human): Charlatan.
Reveler (female human): Fraud.
One of the following:
Reveler (male human): Liar.
Reveler (male human): Don't even bother.
Reveler (male human): Cheater.
Reveler (male human): Slowpoke.
Reveler (female norn): I'm already up to 30 kills!
Reveler (male norn): Of what?
Reveler (female norn): Holo minions.
Reveler (male norn): You call that hunting?
Reveler (male norn): I killed 35.
Reveler (female norn): The small ones are worth half credit. By my math... you've killed 17 and a quarter. Try harder.
Reveler (male norn): Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Reveler (female norn): Undefeated! The skaalds will sing of my epic victories.
Reveler (male norn): "Killing" light-show puppets hardly counts as an epic victory. Besides, they'll be busy crooning about my good looks.
Reveler (male norn): Which pose you think they'll use when they carve me out of stone? I want my statue to look impressive.
Reveler (female norn): (laugh) How about the one when the vinetooth knocked you on your face?

At Southern Watchpost[edit]

Reveler (human): They have no interest in coexisting with us.
Reveler (sylvari): If we turn on them—ALL of them—how do you think they'll react?
Reveler (sylvari): They are creatures like you and me. Except they fear nothing.
Reveler (human): It's just the way of the world. Predator and prey. Kill or be killed. Nothing personal.
Reveler (sylvari): The difference here is that you're not killing for food, but for sport.
Reveler (human): No. I'm saying we kill to protect our own.
Reveler (human): I'm sorry, but self-preservation is not a crime.
Reveler (sylvari): Your life isn't the only one that matters.
Reveler (human): Disagree.

At Hall of Legends[edit]

Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): He just went ahead and changed the whole thing without even asking me first.
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): He didn't even thank me in the speech. Or give me credit!
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): And the biggest insult? He paid me in zhaitaffy. Zhaitaffy!
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): What am I supposed to do with all this... sticky, sugary slop?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): I know he's Knut Whitebear, "norn legend" and all...
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): But I'm Bodmodr Svartkelson!
Reveler (human): Uh, who?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): Bodmodr Svartkelson... world-renowned skaald...
Reveler (human): Wow. Huh. Really rolls of the tongue, doesn't it.
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): All right, maybe not "world renowned" but... the best skaald in Hoelbrak?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): Top 23?

At Peeta's Gate[edit]

Reveler (asura): I wonder what the commander's doing right now...
Reveler (asura): Have you heard the rumor? The Pact commander is actually three skritt in a suit of armor!
Reveler (asura): I heard the Pact commander is tinier than a dust mite. Smaller than me, even!
Reveler (asura): I wonder if the commander likes zhaitaffy...
Reveler (asura): Do you think the commander is a Snargle Goldclaw fan?
Reveler (asura): Do you think... do you think the commander wears regular clothes, or...
Reveler (asura): Gluten allergy or no?
Reveler (asura): Leather or chain mail?
Reveler (asura): I bet the commander looks resplendent in vermilion...
Reveler (asura): I heard the Commander is as tall as an ogre, and sturdier than an oakheart!"
Reveler (female): Let's go to the Dragon Arena first.
Reveler (male): There's probably a line to get in. Let's do the mount race instead. We can always come back later.
Reveler (female): Oh, come on. Don't be a mopey moa. I want to see how many holos I can smash!
Reveler (male): You go ahead. I'll wait here.
Reveler (female): You're just going to sit there and watch me win?
Reveler (male): Somebody needs to warm those holos up for the main event. Soften 'em up for me, would you?
Reveler (female): (laughs) Really?
Reveler (male): All right. Fine. I'll join you. But no whining when I get the first kill.

Inside the Great Lodge[note 1][note 2][edit]

Braham Eirsson: You, uh, been enjoying the festivities?
Myrun Skialkin: Oh yes, I've got a record to defend.
Braham Eirsson: Oh yeah?
Myrun Skialkin: Mm-hmm, highest score in the Hologram Stampede, while blindfolded.
Braham Eirsson: Blindfolded? Huh—nice.
Myrun Skialkin: And you?
Braham Eirsson: I had some starcake.
Myrun Skialkin: Mmm, no one makes it like Asta.


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