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Drakkar is one of Jormag's oldest champions, originally seen frozen beneath the surface of Drakkar Lake. Despite being immobile and frozen, Drakkar was awake beneath the ice and was able to channel Jormag's power and abilities to whisper into the minds of those nearby.


Early concept art for The Icebrood Saga.

While the norn siblings Svanir and Jora were hunting wolves in 1078 AE, their prey ran across Drakkar Lake. As they crossed the lake, the siblings paused, feeling an ancient, and bitter cold, power in the area. Svanir performed a simple spell to reveal the nature of the power they felt, which drew Drakkar's attention, and sent Jormag's power into them. Jora resisted the power, and was in turn cursed, incapable of Becoming the Bear, while Svanir accepted the power and was transformed into the Nornbear and a new champion of Jormag.[1][2]

It is unclear if Drakkar was conscious before Svanir's spell, but in the weeks following Svanir's corruption, the lake turned from a empty, barren place[1] to being full of Frozen Elementals and Chilling Wisps, and Myish, Lady of the Lake, patrolling directly over Drakkar's head.[3]

In the century after Svanir's death, other norn were drawn to Drakkar through promises of strength and power, over time forming the Sons of Svanir. Drakkar used these norn to draw power and help Jormag awaken, allowing the Elder Ice Dragon to rise from its hibernation in 1165 AE.[2][4]

Drakkar has not been heard of since Jormag's awakening.


Concept art



  • In early development of Guild Wars: Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2, the creature beneath Drakkar Lake was intended to be Jormag. This was changed mid-development as the creature was believed too small to be an Elder Dragon, and was changed to being Jormag's dragon champion.[4]
  • Jeff Grubb has also used the name Drakkar Beast when referring to the champion.[4]
  • An early concept art was introduced during the The Icebrood Saga announcement, with notes that the appearance presented is not final.


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