Asgeir Dragonrender

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Asgeir Dragonrender

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Stonewright's Steading
(Frost Basin)
Asgeir Dragonrender was a norn hero who lived during the rise of Jormag and its push south into the Far Shiverpeaks. When the norn were on the brink of annihilation by the Elder Dragon, Asgeir was given the aid of the Spirits of the Wild to fight it. In addition, he had a powerful jotun scroll with him as well; the scroll has been lost since, though believed to be around Hoelbrak. Asgeir slew the greatest of Jormag's champions, Frostfang, and proceeded to battle Jormag directly. Though he failed to kill Jormag, he took one of its teeth from Jormag's maw as a trophy and proof that the Elder Dragon can be harmed, being the first to do so.

Asgeir then led his people south with the four main Spirits of the Wild called Bear, Raven, Wolf, and Snow Leopard. In the valleys of the Northern Shiverpeaks, he established Hoelbrak, and placed the Fang of the Serpent in the Great Lodge. During Hoelbrak's creation, an iceberg was threatening to crush the new settlement, so Asgeir sent Hrothbeir to break it, creating Lake Mourn.

Asgeir is the grandfather of Knut Whitebear, the current owner of Hoelbrak.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Asgeir Dragonrender. Battle Master, Favored of the Spirits of the Wild, Builder of Hoelbrak. May his legend live forever.
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  • Asgeir is likely referring to the old Norse name, Ásgeirr, derived from the roots áss meaning 'god' and geirr meaning 'spear'. It is also a current Icelandic and Norwegian name, and the name 'Oscar' is derived from the same bases.

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