Southern Watchpost

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Southern Watchpost

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Southern Watchpost map.jpg
Map of Southern Watchpost

Southern Watchpost locator.svg
Location within Hoelbrak

Southern Watchpost.jpg
Southern Watchpost

The Southern Watchpost is an area located in southern Hoelbrak.


Waypoint (tango icon).png Southern Watchpost Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Bilrost Gallery
Vista.png The Great Lodge Vista —
From the Southern Watchpost Waypoint, face the vista, run towards it and jump onto the roof where the vista sits.





Weaponsmith (map icon).png Bersi
Merchant (map icon).png Osk
Armorsmith (map icon).png Talla
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Veleif
Directions.png Wolfborn Guide

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Local: I wish more and more for my younger days. Time has been cruel, and I feel the spirits pulling me. I'll join them soon.
Local (1): My friend is thinking about joining the Sons of Svanir.
Local (2): Do him a favor and push him off a cliff. At least he'll die a real death, not die a corrupted idiot.
Local (1): Have you noticed how the Sons of Svanir take only men into their circle?
Local (2): I never thought about it. Is that because they don't like females or because females don't like them?
Local (1): I've heard a few of them talking. They say females cannot survive Dragon's tests.
Local (2): In my younger days, I would have taken that challenge.
Local (1): Praise Raven's wisdom that you're not that rash anymore.
Local (1): Dragon has no love for anyone.
Local (2): If that's true, then why is he drawing all these male hunters away from us?
Local (1): The first rule of hunting is to isolate the prey from the safety of the herd.
Local (2): And make our men easier to kill and consume. I see what you mean.
Local (2): What happens to a pack if all the males are killed?
Local (1): It scatters, or it dies.
Local (2): I think Dragon has our extinction in mind.
Local (1): Oh. I just experienced fear for the first time in my life.
Hunter (1): I heard about this giant hole in Divinity's Reach.
Hunter (2): Yeah. Big deal. There are holes everywhere.
Hunter (1): I heard there's something living down there. Something dangerous.
Hunter (2): Really?
Hunter (1): Yeah, the humans roped the whole place off.
Hunter (2): Cowards. We should check it out. I bet we could take whatever's down there.
Traveler (charr): How do you like living in Hoelbrak?
Prospector (norn): I don't. The buildings block the wind. I feel like a caged animal.