Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the city during the Battle for Lion's Arch release. For the city during the Escape from Lion's Arch release, see Lion's Arch (Under Attack!).

Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled)

13Waypoint (tango icon).png 25Point of interest.png 11Vista.png

Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled) map.jpg
Map of Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled)

Connects to
Gendarran Fields
Lornar's Pass
Bloodtide Coast

Battle for Lion's Arch concept art.jpg
Loading screen

The Breachmaker.jpg
Scarlet's airship drills deep into the earth beneach Lion's Arch as the city burns.

Lion's Arch invasion plan

The most diverse and cosmopolitan city in Tyria, Lion's Arch was a melting pot where all the races gathered and traded. Lion's Arch owed no allegiance to any race or nation, but stood on its own – and did so by virtue of its active navy, its financial strength, and the intelligence and cunning of its leaders.

Currently under occupation by the forces of the Molten Alliance, Aetherblades, and Toxic Alliance, this battleground version of the familiar hub city replaces Lion's Arch for the duration of the Battle for Lion's Arch release.



Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed, Captain's Council, Lion's Arch

We are taking back Lion's Arch!

The Lionguard have regrouped, and we are ready. With our allies from the Vigil, Durmand Priory, and the Order of Whispers, we will storm Lion's Arch, establish rally positions, cut down Scarlet's forces, and take the fight to Scarlet herself.

After a year of suffering, invasion, and death at her hands, we have Scarlet right where we want her. Come to Lion's Arch with your rage and your best weapons. Show no mercy to Scarlet and her damned followers. Today begins a battle that will be sung about for years to come. Fight alongside me as we take back our city and wipe Scarlet off the face of Tyria forever.

To battle!

—Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed

Area Area objectives
Bloodcoast Ward
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint
Vista.png 1 Vista
Canal Ward
Waypoint (tango icon).png Canal Ward Waypoint
Eastern Ward
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Eastern Ward Waypoint
Point of interest.png Coriolis Plaza
Point of interest.png Crow's Nest Tavern (Captain's Council)
Point of interest.png Lost Grotto
Vista.png 1 Vista
Farshore Ward
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Farshore Waypoint
Point of interest.png Tokk's Mill
Fort Marriner
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Claw Island Portage Waypoint
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Fort Marriner Waypoint
Point of interest.png Gunnery Range
Point of interest.png Main Haven Headquarters
Point of interest.png Vigil Centerhouse
Grand Piazza
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint
Point of interest.png Commodore's Manor
Point of interest.png Lion's Court
Hooligan's Route
Point of interest.png The Undermarket
Vista.png 1 Vista
Inner Harbor
Point of interest.png Deverol Island
Point of interest.png The Gangplank
Vista.png 1 Vista
Postern Ward
Waypoint (tango icon).png Postern Ward Waypoint
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Smuggler's Waypoint
Point of interest.png Lion's Shadow Inn
Vista.png 1 Vista
Asura gate (map icon).png Bouldermouth Vale Asura Gate
Puzzle tango 20.png Urmaug's Secret
Sanctum Harbor
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Sanctum Harbor Waypoint
Point of interest.png Consortium Gift Shop
Point of interest.png Lion's Gate
Point of interest.png Macha's Landing
Point of interest.png Moorookoo Village
Point of interest.png Moran Memorial
Point of interest.png Old Lion's Arch
Point of interest.png The Breachmaker
Vista.png 2 Vistas
Sharkmaw Caverns
Puzzle tango 20.png Weyandt's Revenge
Trader's Forum
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Trader's Forum Waypoint
Point of interest.png Black Lion Trading Company HQ
Point of interest.png Mystic Plaza
Point of interest.png Yomm's Merchantile
Vista.png 2 Vistas
Puzzle tango 20.png Troll's End
Western Ward
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Western Ward Waypoint
Point of interest.png Durmand Dig Site
Vista.png 1 Vista
White Crane Terrace
Contested waypoint (tango icon).png Diverse Ledges Waypoint
Point of interest.png Shuttered Gate


Battle for Lion's Arch poster.jpg
Liberate Lion's Arch from Scarlet's Forces

Neutralize Scarlet's armies in key areas!

Scarlet's generals are out in the open. Kill them.

Scarlet has unleashed her assault knights to stop the Lionguard.

Battle with Scarlet is in progress.

The portal to the platform is open. It's time to slay Scarlet.


Speaking with Captain Ellen Kiel at Fort Marriner
When we clear the path, go make Scarlet suffer for what she did to Lion's Arch. Ashford's murder, the destruction, everything.
Talk more option tango.png You're not coming with?
I won't lie; I'd love to chop Scarlet's crazy head off of her shoulders, but the city isn't secure. I'll stay behind, make sure nothing follows behind you.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Captain. Scarlet's not getting away this time.
Talk end option tango.png Will do.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

(At Postern Ward)
Kasmeer Meade: The legacy of a lunatic.
Marjory Delaqua: Calling her crazy diffuses the blame. This isn't madness; this is evil. Straight black. Blacker than a moonless night.
Kasmeer Meade: Get those survivors clear! This are isn't safe. Move them to the order camps outside the gate!
Kasmeer Meade: Go on. Go with...the Lionguard. Why are you staring at me, Jory?
Marjory Delaqua: I'm just admiring you.
Kasmeer Meade: Is this really the time?
Marjory Delaqua: Not like that. I'm admiring how strong you've become since you showed up, looking for work. You're amazing.
Kasmeer Meade: You're a good influence.
Marjory Delaqua: (chuckle) You aren't nearly as commanding when you blush.
Kasmeer Meade: After this is over, I think we should take a vacation. Somewhere warm, where nothing wants to kill us.
Marjory Delaqua: I'd say we've earned it. Where do you want to go? The Grove? Rata Sum? Back to Southsun?
Kasmeer Meade: Not Southsun! I said somewhere things don't want to kill us. I still have nightmares about karka.
(Near Fort Marriner after Prime Hologram.png [Group Event] Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate (80) fails )
Captain Ellen Kiel: (groan)
Heal-o-Tron: Be—still. You—are—injured. This—unit—will—heal—you.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Damn it. Scarlet...she can't get away with this.
Heal-o-Tron: Other—operatives—have—advanced—to—negate—Scarlet. She—will—be—killed.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Not the point.
Heal-o-Tron: You—want—to—delete—her. This—unit—wants—to—see—Scarlet—deleted.
Captain Ellen Kiel: But you stayed help me?
Heal-o-Tron Others—will—delete—Scarlet. You—required—aid. This—unit—acted—accordingly.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I...thank you.

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