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Anvil Rock

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the landmark. For the WvW server with the same name, see World#List of worlds.

Anvil Rock


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Anvil Rock is a large anvil-shaped mountain peak located in the Shiverpeak Mountains which held great significance to the dwarves in the past. In the present day it has become one of Tyria's notable ley line nexuses.[1]


Early history[edit]

Anvil Rock was sacred to the dwarves because their legends claimed that the Great Dwarf had forged their race there.[2] For ages, dwarven clan leaders held summit at the foot of the mountain just outside Ice Tooth Cave in hopes of peace and the Great Dwarf returning.[3] However, this tradition waned by the time of the civil war between the Deldrimor and the Stone Summit factions and ceased completely after the dwarves had turned into stone and descended into the Depths of Tyria to battle the Elder Dragon Primordus's destroyers in 1078 AE.

In 1072 AE, several former Ascalonian soldiers confiscated a sizable number of supplies and deserted from a large group of refugees following the death of their leader, Prince Rurik, at the hands of the Stone Summit. A group of heroes were tasked with tracking down the deserters to get the valuable supplies back so the rest of the weary regufees fleeing from the charr invasion of Ascalon could finish their long journey to Kryta. With help from Cynn, Devona, and Mhenlo, the heroes chased the deserters to the Ice Tooth Cave at the foot of Anvil Rock and killed them after a fierce battle. Cynn, Devona, and Mhenlo ensured that the confiscated supplies were returned to the refugees.[4]

In 1079 AE, Gwen used the Scrying Pool to learn what had happened to the missing Keiran Thackeray. The visions made her realize that Keiran had feelings for her. Admitting that she had feelings for him too, Gwen wished to meet with Keiran who was heading back to the Eye of the North. Calculating that Keiran's journey on foot would take him past Anvil Rock, Gwen and a group of heroes hurried to the location where they successfully rendezvoused with him, eventually leading to the pair confessing their feelings for one another and getting married.[5]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1334 AE, Anvil Rock served as a notable ley line nexus which the Elder Dragon Aurene and her allies used as a lure to force the rival Elder Dragon twins Jormag and Primordus to battle against one another to the detriment of both.[1] Primordus arrived at the battlefield by tunneling through Anvil Rock, leaving a massive blazing hole in the mountain. After the two Elder Dragons' demise in the clash, the area was steeped with their dispersed magic, creating an aurora in the sky.


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