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Early concept art of an airship.

Airships are, as the name suggests, vessels capable of flying through the air. The original prototypes were of charr design, but with the formation of the Pact and the offensive in Orr, other races, particularly the humans and asura, were able to contribute their own ingenuity, and the airships became somewhat emblematic of the Pact and the struggle against the Elder Dragons. The airships can be seen in the skies above Orr in battle with dragon champions of Zhaitan.

In 1326 AE, Aetherblade pirates commandeered several of these vessels and modified them while they worked with the Inquest, and their airship fleet has since enlarged to the point of enabling large-scale invasions across Tyria.

In 1328, most airships operated by the Pact were destroyed by Mordremoth during the assault. Airships that were able to be salvaged from the wreckage are being refurbished in the Lion's Arch Aerodrome.

List of airships[edit]

A Pact airship prototype.
Pact Fleet Airships
Other Airships