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Banner of the Ash Legion.

I live and die where secrets hide. I thrive where danger dwells. I'm a soldier in the service of the Ash Legion. I'm a blade in the darkness. I've earned the respect of my comrades and forged alliances I can call on in time of need. My legion teaches stealth. Patience. Deception.

Pact Commander in Fury of the Dead

The Ash Legion is one of the four High Legions of the charr, famed for their spies, stalkers and assassins. They were formed by the Khan-Ur's spymaster, one of the Khan-Ur's children.[1] Their current imperator is Malice Swordshadow. The Ash Legion troops in Ascalon are under command of Tribunes Makk the Silent and Torga Desertgrave, the latter being this legion's final authority in the territory due to seniority.[2] All charr military operations (including those in which Blood Legion and Iron Legion take part) in Fireheart Rise against the Flame Legion are under Ash Legion command, with Tribunes Cantia Fatestealer and Sorya Fatekiller being directly in charge.

Unlike the other legions, the homeland of the Ash Legion is currently unknown. The Ash Legion's emblem represents a black sun.[1]

Known bases[edit]

Black Citadel
Blazeridge Steppes
Diessa Plateau
Fireheart Rise
Grothmar Valley
Plains of Ashford


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