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Still Waters Speaking

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the point of interest. For the story mission, see Still Waters Speaking (story).

Still Waters Speaking

Point of Interest
Spirits' Refuge
(Bjora Marches)
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Still Waters Speaking is a kodan settlement off the shores of Drakkar Lake in Bjora Marches. The settlement is named after Drakkar Lake itself, and the whispers that come from the icy waters.[1][2]


The kodan who would establish Still Waters Speaking come from the northern arctic seas, having lived on their own Sanctuary whose name was lost to history. When Jormag rose, this tribe of kodan had to abandon their Sanctuary and built a ship of timber and sailed southward.[2] The ship was caught in the shifting waters and stranded the tribe, before the waters froze again. In the 160 years that followed, the kodan of Still Waters Speaking have heard the whispers from the still-dormant Drakkar, who had returned in the recent months with Kralkatorrik's death and Aurene's rise as an Elder Dragon.[3] Over this time, the kodan's numbers have been slowly decimated by Jormag's influence, leaving their Claw of Koda, Cloudseeker, bereft of the guidance of their Voice. Their experiences with Jormag have left them highly suspicious of outsiders, though with Drakkar's emergence, Bright Shore and his two companions were sent as envoys to eastern Bjora Marches to ask the Vigil for help.


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