The Tower of Nightmares

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the zone. For other uses, see Tower of Nightmares.

The Tower of Nightmares

1Waypoint (map icon).png

Tower of Nightmares map.jpg
Map of The Tower of Nightmares

Connects to
Kessex Hills

Tower of Nightmares loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


Central Chamber.jpg

Central Chamber

Confront the Toxic Alliance's massive structure and conquer the enemies within to prevent ruin from devouring Kessex Hills!

— In-game description

The Tower of Nightmares is an instanced zone in Kryta. It represents the interior of the tower at Viathan Lake in Kessex Hills.

Getting there[edit]

  • Speak with the Vigil Tactician at the Thunder Ridge camp in Kessex Hills and head into the Tower of Nightmares.
    • Private instance can be created with a squad at any time, with up to 50 players.
    • Public instance can be entered at any time, to be matched up with other random players who went in at about the same time. Maximim player count unknown.


Area Area objectives
Central Chamber
First Level
Waypoint (map icon).png Tower of Nightmares Waypoint
Heart of the Tower
Living Story waypoint.png The Nightmare Incarnate
Living Story waypoint.png The Nightmare Ends
Second Level
Third Level
Unending Nightmares
Living Story waypoint.png Nightmare Chamber

Interactive map[edit]



The Tower of Nightmares (meta event)
First Level:
Second Level:
Third Level:


Ambient dialogue[edit]

When downed
Scarlet Briar: Why don't you try begging for mercy? That could be fun.
Scarlet Briar: Aw, you stopped working.
Scarlet Briar: You never stood a chance
Scarlet Briar: Why don't you just give up?
Scarlet Briar: Don't worry. We all have to die sometime.
Scarlet Briar: Rats! Dying foes are so much more fun than dead ones.
Scarlet Briar: Tee hee.
Scarlet Briar: (laugh)
Scarlet Briar: (maniacal laughter)
When afflicted by Toxic Pollen
Scarlet Briar: Breathe deeply. In. Out. Living. Dead.
At event start
Scarlet Briar: Let the fun begin!
At Defeat the toxic wurm queen event start
Scarlet Briar: Time to feed the worms!
Event success
Scarlet Briar: Wow, victory. I'm almost impressed.
Scarlet Briar: Aw, you spoiled my fun. Now I'm going to have to make a special project out of you.