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Knut Whitebear

Knut's the papa bear around here. Nothing happens without his grunt of approval.

Lizbet Fleister

Knut Whitebear is an elder of the norn, husband of Gaerta Whitebear, and father of Skarti Knutsson and Sigfast. The Great Lodge is his steading, and as the Master of the Lodge he is a defender of Hoelbrak, the settlement that has been erected around the lodge. The Great Lodge was founded by Knut's grandfather Asgeir Dragonrender, the hero who had severed the Elder Dragon Jormag's fang and led the norn south during the norn exodus.[1] Some might call Knut a leader of the norn, although in truth the concept of 'leadership' in norn society is poorly defined.[2]


Early years[edit]

A grand moot was held in Hoelbrak to celebrate the birth of Knut Whitebear, grandson of the norn hero Asgeir Dragonrender.[1] An unknown human, who was present during the moot, wrote down the words of a norn skaald in a letter that would eventually end up in the archives of the Durmand Priory. The letter explained how the skaald had told a tale of a person who had been chosen to follow Bear's path but who had ultimately found his true totem animal in Wolf instead after rescuing and feeding starving wolf pups which had been lying near the corpse of their mother.[3]

As Knut grew up, he eventually inherited the Great Lodge which his grandfather had built, and became known as the Master of the Lodge. He married the enchantress Gaerta Whitebear who bore him two sons: Skarti Knutsson and Sigfast. Knut raised his sons and acted as an arbitrator in disputes within Hoelbrak while Gaerta, driven by wanderlust, often left the lodge on lengthy hunts to build her legend in the wilderness.[4][5] The couple's years together, and Gaerta's hunts away from home, did not diminish Knut's passion for his wife even when other norn women desired him for his qualities as a strong hunter.[6] Knut viewed his sons fondly, and denizens of Hoelbrak would remark that the brothers were the light in Knut's eye.[7]

Priory scholars eventually discovered an old fireside song which contained a prophecy seemingly predicting Knut Whitebear's death while including the ominous phrase "...and the muttering voices will call for his blood." The scholar Finn, however, argued that his fellow scholars were interpreting the prophecy too literally and that it did not necessarily predict Whitebear's demise.

Tales tell how Knut proved himself to be a wise arbitrator of disputes among hot-headed norn while trying to keep Hoelbrak peaceful and organized. He named Ayslin Hovde the chief tradesman of Hoelbrak; Ayslin would ensure that prices were reasonable, that wages were appealing, and that the artisans and workers in the various trades had all the materials they required.

At one time Knut had to make a choice between keeping peace in Hoelbrak using violence or wisdom when he broke up a bar fight caused by a quarrel between two brothers who were divided over a woman. He knew the brothers were good and just eager to impress the woman, so he called them over and told them that the first one who could knock him out was worthy of the woman. The brothers were unsure, but stopped fighting each other and circled Knut. Whitebear never laid a hand on them despite proving himself a superior combatant, however. Instead, Knut dodged the brothers' blows, but praised them for working as a team as they attacked him. He let the brothers come at him until they fell over exhausted. When the brothers got their strength back, Knut took them aside and told them that the bonds of family were stronger than a passing fancy. The brothers took the lesson to heart and never quarreled again.[8]

Knut agreed with the norn elders on waiting for the norn of prophecy who would be destined to crack the Fang of the Serpent, the Elder Dragon Jormag's tooth which Knut's grandfather Asgeir had rended, before the norn marched north to confront the Ice Dragon. Some younger norn disagreed with Whitebear, however, believing that only the elders could stay behind while the rest of the norn either fought as individuals or pooled their strength together to confront Jormag.[9][10]

Despite his wisdom, Whitebear was not above acting on impulse from time to time. When a norn criticized Hoelbrak's defenses for being too weak, Knut kicked him out, right into a blizzard.[11] Sons of Svanir, a norn cult revering Jormag, saw Knut as past his prime. In their view, Knut should have died long ago and the Svanir should be the ones to kill him to prove their worth to Jormag.[12] Although Whitebear was aware of the cult's troublemaking ways, he tolerated the Sons of Svanir in Hoelbrak as long as they did not cause any trouble, and only had the Wolfborn punish troublemaking individuals, not the cult as a whole. Occasionally he would show mercy on the younger Svanir and let them back into Hoelbrak so they could atone for their actions.[13]

Edge of Destiny[edit]

The Dragonspawn, a champion of Jormag, terrorized the countryside around Hoelbrak. Every time the norn sought out the Dragonspawn's lair to slay the champion, the men returned as icebrood while the women did not return at all, and the Dragonspawn cast devastating blizzards around the Shiverpeaks in retaliation for any intrusion into its lair.

In 1319 AE, a particularly sizable icebrood horde, consisting of corrupted norn, attacked Hoelbrak. Knut himself participated in the defense of the settlement and fought alongside Eir Stegalkin, the dire wolf Garm, and other norn heroes.[14] Following the battle and seeing many of her friends being killed by the icebrood, Eir resolved to find a way to defeat the Dragonspawn for good. She eventually returned to Hoelbrak with the asura Snaff and Zojja who had offered their golems to help Eir and Garm in the hunt for the Dragonspawn. The party boasted about their upcoming victory in Hoelbrak before they left to confront the Dragonspawn, and Knut learned of their bold attempt as news spread.

Eir and her companions failed to slay the Dragonspawn who had turned out to be more cunning than they had expected, however, and the dragon champion unleashed a devastating blizzard on Hoelbrak and the surrounding countryside in revenge. Knut confronted the weary heroes as they returned to Hoelbrak and told them about the many lives that had been lost in the storm. Whitebear banished Eir, Garm, Snaff and Zojja from Hoelbrak, telling them not to return until they had found "real warriors" to fight the Dragonspawn rather than relying on mere golems.[15]

Eir and her companions returned to the Shiverpeaks two weeks later while accompanied by their latest recruits: the charr Rytlock Brimstone, the human Logan Thackeray, and the sylvari Caithe. Knut confronted them at the gate and was told that the party had formed a guild called Destiny's Edge. He learned how Eir, Garm, Snaff and Zojja had defeated the previously invincible gladiatorial trio in Lion's Arch and recruited them to help with the hunt for the Dragonspawn. After listening to Eir's story, Knut decided to give her another chance to prove herself while warning her not to fail again or the Dragonspawn's wrath would fall on all the norn.[16]

Destiny's Edge prevailed against the Dragonspawn and returned to Hoelbrak in triumph. Out of all the the people in the settlement, Knut was the most appreciative as he greeted the heroes. He placed an ermine cloak on Eir's shoulders and announced that Destiny's Edge would always be welcome in Hoelbrak.

When Eir pointed out that Whitebear should never have doubted her and that she intended to accomplish even greater things, Knut took it as a challenge. He led Eir to the Fang of the Serpent and asked her if she would challenge Jormag's tooth and prove if she was the norn destined to break it and lead the norn against the Ice Dragon. Eir hesitated, however, and focused Knut and everyone else's attention on the upcoming feast instead.[17]

However, Knut's words weighed on Eir, and she decided to challenge the fang later on in a public event. Knut eventually learned of Eir's attempt and that, despite her best efforts, she had failed to crack the fang and had left Hoelbrak to battle other Elder Dragons' champions to grow in strength and experience.

Personal story[edit]

In 1325 AE, Knut captured the great wurm Issormir in Lostvyrm Cave and brought it to Hangrammr Climb where he intended the contesters of the Great Hunt to battle it to prove their worth.[18] Knut and his sons Skarti and Sigfast attended the Great Hunt alongside Eir. As Master of the Lodge, Whitebear approved of the trophies the hunters had brought to him and Ido the Tanner, and stated that the hunters were both skilled enough to defeat their prey and wise enough to revere their spirits. They witnessed one of the participating norn contestants defeat Issormir and earn the title Slayer of Issormir as a reward for the feat.

Following the Great Hunt, Knut hosted the Big Brawl with help from his old charr friend Balteus Bloodletter and Eir. However, unlike previous years' brawls, he invited contestants from various races to participate in the event to decide who got to challenge the reigning champion Mikkel Toivosson. The Slayer speculated that Knut may have allowed other races as contestants in the traditionally norn-only competition in order to test the norn's strength against these races.

Knut attended the preliminary free-for-all to decide which two norn out of all the participants would be allowed to progress through the following rounds. After the Slayer had bested the combatants, Knut told the Slayer to either defeat the Son of Svanir named Nollarr, who had been causing trouble around the Shiverpeaks, or help the merchant Hekka Ravenswealth hunt down aggressive murellows.

After the Slayer had triumphed over the challenge and other contestants whom Balteus had gathered, the Slayer returned to the Championship Fight which Knut was attending. The Master of the Lodge was excited to find out which of the contestants won the competition as both the Slayer and Mikkel were full of passion and purpose. After witnessing the Slayer prevail in the final brawl, Knut announced that seeing the Slayer come back from last year's defeat and rise even higher than before was a lesson that every norn should take to heart.

Around this time, the Gear warband led by Ballista Geargrind arrived in Hoelbrak, demanding to recruit the Slayer who had lost Ballista's valuable tank during a drunken joyride with Mangonel Gearstrip. Only Ballista's respect for Knut, who had decided to get involved in the dispute upon learning about the warband's accusations, kept the arguments from escalating into violence. Knut ordered Eir to handle the matter peacefully, and Eir in turn helped convince the Slayer to work for the Gear warband until the Slayer's debt had been paid. Instead of getting angry at the Slayer for nearly jeopardizing Hoelbrak, however, Whitebear decided to use the commotion to his advantage by making three skaalds work on "The Ballad of the Wayward War Machine", inspired by the Slayer's drunken mishaps, for the next moot.[19]

Later that year, news spread to Hoelbrak about dredge attacking the Durmand Priory facility of Scholar's Cleft and slaying a Vigil patrol, leaving behind bodies with strange wounds. Priory, Vigil and Order of Whispers representatives were arguing about what approach to take and asked for someone unaffiliated with the three orders to provide them with an outsider's view. Knut knew the Wolfborn had to remain neutral in the matter in order to not favor one of the three orders over the others, so he sent Skarti to ask Eir to represent the norn side to the orders. Eir refused, however, as she believed her time as a hero had ended after her failed attempt to defeat the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, and she instead suggested the Slayer to act as the norn representative in her stead. The Slayer helped the orders defeat the dredge, which Knut would eventually learn.

In the same year, Knut began training the Wolfborn with extra intensity as he slowly came to realize that neither he nor Hoelbrak would be safe from the Elder Dragons.[20] He also ordered Skarti and Sigfast to stay in Hoelbrak and postpone their hunts so they could keep the lodges safe.[7] Rumors began spreading about friction forming between Knut and Sigfast, while Skarti was torn between his father and brother on whose side to support. Although the topic of the dispute was said to be secretive, Sigfast suggested that he had taken issue with the way the norn were not being proactive enough in reacting to the growing threat of Jormag.[21][22][23]

The Priory reached out to Knut as they needed to ask his permission to start excavations at Lake Mourn in order to recover old, painted pottery with images of Jormag. The scholars hoped that the paintings would give them a clue to the Ice Dragon's weak spot.[24] Queen Jennah sent Lady Sarah Marduke as Kryta's ambassador to meet with Knut and discuss the future relationship of humans and norn.

Living World Season 1[edit]

In 1326 AE, the Molten Alliance assaulted settlements in the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon and forced several charr and norn settlers to seek refuge in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. In response, Knut sent scouts north to assess the situation, and those who managed to return told stories of burned homesteads and a sizable number of corpses. Worried that Hoelbrak might be targeted next, Whitebear had the norn bolster the area's defenses.

During this time Knut sent a letter to his old friend, Tribune Bhuer Goreblade of the Iron Legion, asking Bhuer if Imperator Smodur the Unflinching knew anything about the attacks and what the imperator's stance was regarding how to handle the threat posed by the invaders. Whitebear admitted that he and Smodur had had their differences but hoped that they could cast their petty disagreements and "ancient" rivalries aside to join forces against the strengthened enemy.[25]

While taking in refugees and finding places for them to stay in along with Eir, Knut met with the young norn Braham Eirsson who asked him to send some Wolfborn to Cragstead which the Molten Alliance had been targeting with attacks. Whitebear could not spare any of the Wolfborn as they had their hands full with the refugees, and Eir tried to sway Braham to stay in the safety of Hoelbrak.

Angered by what he perceived as Eir and Knut's cowardice, Braham announced that he would return to his home in Cragstead to help the people there even if he had to do so alone. After Braham had stormed off, Knut asked Eir about him, and Eir revealed that Braham was her son. Upon learning the truth, Whitebear calmly commented that Braham had Eir's stubbornness. While talking with the Pact Commander who had overheard the conversation, Knut asked the Commander to accompany Braham to Cragstead as a personal favor; the Master of the Lodge believed that the pair had better odds working together against the Molten Alliance than working alone.

After saving who they could, Braham and the Commander returned to Hoelbrak where they informed the norn about shutting down Molten Alliance operations in the region via raiding the Molten Facility. Braham confronted his mother and Knut once more and accused them of inaction which had cost lives of many norn in Cragstead. Knut admired Braham's spirit and praised the youth's resourcefulness although Eir worried that Braham was being too reckless for his own good.

Living World Season 2[edit]

In 1327 AE, the Elder Dragon Mordremoth was spreading its influence over Tyria. Braham and the Commander reached out to Eir so she could help convince Knut to attend a summit of racial leaders in the Grove and discuss the growing Elder Dragon threat. Eir, however, pointed out that Whitebear was worried about Jormag and the Sons of Svanir and would not leave Hoelbrak until the Svanir's influence over the Shiverpeaks had been dealt a major blow. After the Commander and Braham had helped Eir weaken the Svanir in Frostgorge Sound, Eir promised to talk to Whitebear on their behalf.[26]

Knut heeded Eir's words and attended the World Summit hosted by the Pale Tree later that year. While in the Grove, he raised concerns over convincing several norn to join the Pact's campaign against Mordremoth and leaving homesteads vulnerable to Jormag's icebrood and the Sons of Svanir. However, the Commander was able to convince Whitebear that Mordremoth was a more immediate threat and that many norn would welcome the challenge to hunt another Elder Dragon with the Pact even though Knut was not certain how many norn would actually join the fight despite the chance to grow their legend.

The summit came under attack by the Mordrem, however, which targeted the leaders and damaged the Pale Tree. Knut fought against the Mordrem, viewing them as a worthy challenge, before Braham escorted him to a safer area in the Grove. By the time the Commander had driven off the Shadow of the Dragon which had been leading the attack, Knut declared that he would tell the tale of their victory over the Mordrem to his sons. He believed that the tale would inspire more norn to join the Pact for their upcoming invasion of the Heart of Maguuma where Mordremoth was suspected to dwell in.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1329 AE, a year after Mordremoth's demise, Knut continued addressing several norn who demanded sylvari to be banned from entering Hoelbrak once their origin as Mordremoth's liberated minions had become common knowledge. Despite his fellow norn's insistence, Knut allowed sylvari to access the lodges under the Wolfborn's protection as there had been no evidence of sylvari turning against other races after the Jungle Dragon's death.

Knut attended a vigil which Braham had arranged to honor the memory of Eir Stegalkin who had lost her life during the Pact's campaign in the Heart of Maguuma. Whitebear sent a letter to the Pact Commander, inviting them to attend the vigil as well. During a discussion that followed, Knut speculated that the reason Braham had neglected to show up for the memorial was that he was still coming to terms with Eir's passing and trying to find reasons that justified her death.

Knut gently allowed the Commander to honor Eir in the way they saw fit, whether it was via talking with Eir's friends and celebrating her triumphs or paying their respects privately. During the vigil, Whitebear was among the first to notice the Commander's charr ally Rox arrive with Garm, and he informed the Commander about it. As the crowd gathered around the weary pair, Rox revealed that she had spent a long time searching for Eir's lost dire wolf in the jungle. Knut immediately sent for a healer to tend to Garm's wounds, and he watched the Commander do their part to ease the dire wolf's pain as well. After Garm had been tended to, the Commander gave a speech to everyone present and asked them to honor Eir's legend with a toast. Knut was the first person to respond although he had to clear his throat due to being overcome with emotion.

As the celebration continued, Knut received a letter meant for the Commander and approached them to deliver it personally. The letter was from the Commander's asuran ally Taimi who urged the Commander to visit her in Rata Novus as she wanted to show the Commander a breakthrough in her Elder Dragon research. The Commander departed after informing the norn present about the details of the campaign in Maguuma and the circumstances surrounding Eir's last stand.

Living World Season 4[edit]

When the Awakened forces of the lich Palawa Joko invaded Hoelbrak and Wayfarer Foothills in 1330 AE, the Wolfborn—including Skarti and Sigfast—defended the norn lands and drove the Awakened back. After the first attack, Knut witnessed norn fighters roaming in Hoelbrak and throwing insults at Joko while they hoped for a good fight.[27]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Following the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's demise in 1332 AE, Knut decided to revive the Dragon Bash festival of Lion's Arch to celebrate the fall of Elder Dragons and hosted it as a grand moot in Hoelbrak. Knut contracted the skaald Bodmodr Svartkelson to write a welcome speech for the festival although he ultimately ended up changing most of the speech and paid Bodmodr with Zhaitaffy much to the skaald's annoyance. Knut had an asura record a hologram of himself giving the speech. He was unaware of how to present himself and which parts to cut out as he was not used to dealing with holograms. By the time the visitors poured in and finished listening to the hologram, Knut himself showed up to personally take them on a tour of Hoelbrak, anwering questions and enjoying the attention he was getting from the visitors.[28]


Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 1 (historical)

Living World Season 2[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png


If attempting to sit on Knut's throne
(If norn)
In case your eyes are failing you, this fine chair is already occupied, Slayer.
In case your eyes are failing you, this fine chair is already occupied, stranger.
Talk end option tango.png It would be rude to force the issue.


I hope this is important.
What do you need?
Hello, friend.
How can Hoelbrak's finest serve you?
Care and respect will serve you well here.

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